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*whapoosh* Top of da mornin’ to ya laddies, my name is jacksepticeye! and welcome back to paint the town red…. Now they haven’t added any new levels to the game, that’s what scenarios is here this menu is all completely different Um… So you can go in biker bar, disco, prison, pirate cove and sandbox. That’s all the same as it was before, and then the arena is down here… I don’t know what this is… Beneath? Coming soon. So… th…that that will be interesting maybe it’s a new level or something But I don’t know why it’ll be in it’s own menu? But now they have user created levels and this is why I came back to the game. Because I have gotten a lot of comments recently of people saying “Please comeback the paint the town red; It’s completely different” and I didn’t know they added this! I didn’t even see that the game got an update on my, my Steam list. So, you can go in here and play user created levels, and there’s, um, level editors and everything in the game now So… I downloaded a couple, I downloaded three? These were like the top rated levels on the steam workshop, I think this was the top? Yeah, they’re backwards in the order they were, so. Escape the Romans, Chin Zen’s Revenge and the Rock Concert. I’m going try this, cause this was the highest rated one on the Steam workshop Um… I wanna see, what, like is it just more levels? Or…. what is it? ‘Cause this sounds like the arena. The arena was all about the Romans, and like a Colosseum type of thing So… maybe this is the same thing. OHHH! Oh… It’s like a story! I’m in actual like CELL! Can I…. Can I do anything? Hey! Hey you! You, y-ya fucking smell! Ye smell like a shit! I was hoping that would, ah, trick ’em. Ah… Y-you smell like, ya smell like poopy doody! You wanna come over here and fight? Nah you’re just gonna look at me. What is this? OHHHHH!!!! I can make my through! I’m coming prison buddy! Hello? What’re you doing to that guy!? Dude – GUARDS! Guards! Actually it might be a guard that’s fucking him up. How the? Can I get through? Come on, I can’t get through fast enough. EEHHH! EHH! Get through, get through. My stupid fat fucking cube head is getting in the way! Don’t you worry friend! I’m gonna – any day now! He’s going to be dead by the time I get there. Ah ha! I did it! Did – But it says he’s happy? I don’t know. If he seems happy getting stabbed to death. Maybe I should save him. Fuck you! Fuck you – YES. Rise brother! The revolution is on! It is time for us to go to war against the guards! I’m hurt buddy, do you want a mace? You want a – Fucking hell, it’s a possessed mace. Okay, he’s going back into his cell. Oh god… um… Prison escape outside! I don’t think they’re buying it… Hey fellas! how – how’s it going? uh… good to see ya. great- news we um… uh, I’m NOT escaping, that was a lie. I don’t know who told you that… I’m actually I’m actually just looking for the bathroom! OW!!! Is my friend dead? No he’s fine… He lost a fucking arm but he’s battling on! what a fucking trooper. Can I – can I get health somehow? Can I – can I eat? I – I forget how work… [quietly] It doesn’t seem like there’s a way… You know what? Fucking doesn’t matter, who needs to eat?! Who needs…. oh, hello. KYAP! Ah! I fucking missed! You know some sort of cross-hair would be nice. Oh wait, that is the cross-hair. Ahaha! Oh I’m dumb. YES! I have an axe! Dude! Gerald! the – the revolutions on buddy! Down here! Well he only has fucking one arm… so he’s – he’s not much use to me. Okay get the spear… and… WOOSH! Okay that missed, could you toss it back? Up top? 10-4 good buddy? ah… fucking assholes. Ohhhhh jesus… oh and they’re all after me! Gerald! Get in there! Ha! Ah, he’s fucking dead. Aww, son of a bitch! What the fuck am I supposed to do?! I can’t fucking do anything! Get off the roof! I can’t do anything against the whole army! Or maybe I can… I can, fucking kill a good few of them. AHH! I was pressing the button to pick it up! PICK IT UP! Ooh uhhhmmm, we can talk about this! fellas? I’ll go back to my cell, no problems! Okay, I stabbed someone in the cheek. That’s fine, that’s good. WOOSH! Nice! All I need is a little piece. AHH! I thought you guy were dead! Shockwave ready! BAAAAAAA!!! That’s what you get! When you mess with the warrior! MOTHER FUCKERS! okay… they’re still alive… That didn’t do anything. He’s on the fucking roof! You all wanna go? You all wanna piece? WHOAY! I’m scared! I don’t know what to do! AHH! Fuck them up! There we go! Pung! PUNG! nice AH! Dude there’s only 7 remaining!! AAAAAHHHH!!!! I tried to kick ‘im Get KICKED bitch! RIGHT in the fuckin’ face! who’s still alive down here? I don’t know! I’m just gonna keep smackin’ the shit outta people Until they die – shockwave rrrrready! Niice! This is what I did. THIS is what happens when ANY of you cross me! DEATH! hhhmm There’s more guys over there – do you think I can get them to come over and like trick ’em and sit on this? And be like, “Oh! Sit on this! It’s a new type of chair!” Then he sits on it and dies? No? Prospects are not good on that one? Yeah, I figured. Oh, this is a big guy… Uh oh. Sir?! It’d be great if you could die! Ohh shit! Awh… He’s a big ‘un! Oh he’s a big bessie! oh he’s been eating his weet-a-bix, oh jesus Oh, FULL of protein this one! Shhhit. Running out of weapons… PICK IT UP!! Ya fuck Oh geez he just takes swords to the face! It doesn’t even bother him! okay, uh [Screams] That didn’t even do anything! Jesus Christ…okay. YES! Take that ya big balloobas bollocks! Fuck him up-stab him! Kick the shit out of him! Nyeh! Get ‘im! It says there’s more enemies left. But…I don’t see any. Ohh, wait. That’s ’cause Mr. Garbaldy up here’s on the fucking roof HEY H E Y Get down! I’m – imma fucking throw shit at this guy STAY STILL! We are sending for help. Sir? Oh je-oh shi-oh fucking jesus! Hello? Are you okay? I mean, i know the game is called paint the town red – – but I didn’t think I’d ACTUALLY be able to paint the walls red That’s awesome! Neat little feature! Oh wait I haven’t gone in this room. Is this the party zone? OH! I have to kill the other guy. Uh oh. Uh oh, are you strong? Uh oh. Sir? I can’t hit him. AH! He can fucking hit me though! OWW! Just close the door, yeah stay in there Ahh, shit. Uh-oh. He’s – he has a – he has a sword in his head He’s not dying! He’s some sort of invincible master! Son of a – KILL HIM! He’s scaring me! FUCK IT – I’m just breaking weapons off him Uh oh. No there’s more weapons down here. Ah-hah! You’re about to meet your DOOM good sir. Egh! Fucking hell! I don’t like this guy. He sucks and he smells. And he’s covered in blood and he’s NOT DYING. Yes! Got ‘im! Okay, let me pick up a sword There’s one enemy left… I don’t want to have to do this. Where’d he go? I thought I had to kill Gerald! Who’s left? OH. Hi. [laughs] Look at him! Sir? Are you okay? Do you need help? Do you need help getting down? I’m good at it! See? Sir – Nobody wants to play with me. This is why I can’t have nice things. Let me – let me just – ah…ugh. There. Let me just step over you there. There we go. Ugh. Se-sorry. Excuse me. Sorry everybody. Um… My condolences to your families, your loved ones. Um…but I’m awesome. Peace out! Nice one! Level complete! 9 minutes 16 seconds. 27 kills. Fucking COOL! These are awesome levels!! Chen Zhen’s Revenge – I didn’t know they were going to have like – some sort of like little story elements to them. Ohhh…. Starting off with a shotgun. Me likey. That’s a BIG yes from Jack. Club Beatdown. Man, I don’t wanna have to do anything in here. Club Beatdown sounds like a great place! Imma just go home. ‘Kay, you guys just have a fucking good time. I know it’s all about revenge and shit but I’m having – Uh…just have fun dudes! Oh. Ohh. Oh I walked – uh sorry. M-my mistake. I walked in on something I wasn’t supposed to – uh, let me just… Let me just close the doors here. Um. He-here we go uh, let me just close the door. Yeah – I’ll pretend I saw nothing! See you later! I’m going over here to dance! WAIT! Isn’t Chen Zhen… The Bruce Lee character? From Fist of Fury? Is that what I’m doing? I don’t know, I feel like I’ve walked into a bad place – – You are a TALL motherfucker! Do you slap with da Bass? Hey – [laughing] Aggressively dances towards you. You having good? You having good time? You having fun? You fucking better be or I’ll break this bottle across your head. No no! Keep playing! Keep playing, don’t let me interrupt you! [music changes and starts again] I INTERRUPTED – I interrupted. I’m sorry. I am sorry – DUDE! I FUCKING warned you. Step off! Stop – OH! I hit the guys behind you! OHH! This shotgun is fucking awesome! These guys are having a – – having a sweet little tussle in there! Oh, hello! Umm. Okay. Fucking SHOOTING him in the face didn’t work, but somehow throwing the shotgun at him did. That’s it dude. You just keep chopping that meat. You just keep chopping that meat – sounds like a euphemism. It’s not! Oh, you want to go? You want to fucking tussle? You can’t even get out over the bar! Imma just… BEAT the SHIT out of you with this chair from here. OH JE- god sorry. [Acting drunk] I’m-I’m having a bit of a problem with this drink I asked for a martini, not a gin. *Slobbers* C’mere! Aww shit, it’s big bass man! FUCK! What do I even – go away! Go away – ah! Stop it! Imma beat the SHIT out of you with this! Did I get him!? I fucking did! C’mere – OH YES. Telling you man! Just BEATING people with a shotgun is enough these days. Okay. Sorry – pee break! Excuse me. Excuse me…Imma go toilet! Dude, DON’T fucking look at me while I’m going to piss! Get out of here! Leave a man to pee in peace! Yeah, you fucking son of a bitch! Oh golly! All I wanted to do was take a cheeky poo! Oh, no, this wasn’t ME, I don’t have some sort of “blood in my urine” problem. This is – DUDE! Urinal cake is the best weapon. Secret weapon! Watch! I didn’t mean to! I didn’t mean to! Come on, bro! Hiyah! Bitch! Who’s in the mood for some electroshock therapy?! No? I mean, you’re not SAYING “No.” I’m gonna just have to judge by your actions – HEY his fucking HEAD came off! That dude just TANKED it! Nnn…yeah you didn’t fucking tank THAT, didja bitch? Here you go! gg.. ohhhhh. Oh you are CLOSE to a tasing. Lemme just – lemme just get up in that biz. Yeah!! Fry! Now I’ll show ya how to make a drink! Okay! Who wants a drink? Y- you! You wanna drink? Whazzat – was that Scotch on the Rocks? Okay! Uhhh. Here we go! Uhhhh. Wash my hands first! Here we go! uhh, muhh, duh, MICROWAVE! Meat! Here! Scotch on the Rocks! Hold the, I – uh, Coke! See? He wants it! He went running after it! I’m only joking. Here’s your real drink. He – here’s your real drink! Come and get it! Sir? I’m going to have to keep pouring drinks for this guy until he picks them up! And then he just passes out! Well, I better still get paid! That’s it! I’m going fucking “Bruce Lee”on their asses. Nunchucku, go! “poonk!” Haha! “cloonk!” Oh yeah! I’ll play the drums! I’ll play the shit out of these drums! Watch! my – my – Ohhhhh I didn’t break the game! Okay, good. SEEI told you I could play! Have you guys resolved your differences? Dude, that’s unfair! A chair is not – NO A chair is not a fair fight. Get UP and use your fists. Come on, now, fair’s fair. Um, Sir? Sir, I am not your enemy. I am not your enemy, Sir! Get the FUCK back in there and fight! Oh, that’s it! Ohhh I am a hit from death. Imma have to fucking teach some manners! Commere! Commere! Sons of BITCHES. Yeah, that’s right! That’s fucking right! Who – which one of you is alive?! One of you is still alive. It’s you! okay, GOTCHA. There we go! Yeah! Sing into the microphone! Fucking karaoke for us! Ya cock! Solve all your problems in life – just punch someone in the ass until they die. Okay! Everybody downstairs is dead, but it hasn’t told me that there is “X” amount of enemies left. And I’m one smack away from dying, so that’s really b – Hi! Whh…what..what are YOU doing? You okay? Seems to be! “Berserk Ready!” Nice! Did you die? I don’t want you to come back and kick me in the ass. He dead. Ohhhhhhh…. There’s a whole upstairs. Well! Time to hit the ol’ dusty trail. Did your face explode for me? Yes!? Thanks. Commere. Commere. I don’t have – an infinite amount of time to be able to kill you all! So if you’d all line up, in an orderly fashion, That would be fucking GREAT. That’s fine. The game can just fucking break all it wants, then. Sir? Wake up! Wake up, Sir! Sir? Sir? You’re sleeping! You’re dreaming! You’re thinking about shit! Ummm. Oh fffffor the love of fuck. There’s THREE – ahhhh!!! Hi! There’s three fucking floors to this place! Wugh! Christ! ahhh Christ! Somebody dropped a sword down here! Gimme this! Gimme this! There we go! Wugh!! Ahhh! Captain Afro! Not you, too! K, we’re doing good! We’re doing good! We still have – – SOME fight left in us! This sword is still useful! kay! Okay! That’s good! That’s VERY good! If everyone could just KEEP dying! That would be very good! Yes! As long as this sword doesn’t break…! Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! Even breathing in my direction would actually kill me now! Fuck! Sword broke! I need something else! I have this cube!! I’m not afraid to use it! He fucking dodged it! Okay. Okay! Okay Okay! Okay Okay! There you go! Bye! Did that kill him? I don’t think so! Um Ohhhhh Jaysus! Fucking Christ! How BIG is this place?? Ha! Where did Daddy Long-legs go? Commere! Woosh! I harpooned him in the head, and nothing! He didn’t even flinch! Fook’s sake! Noooooooooo! Nooo! The epic quest of Chin Zen has come to an end! Ohhh! The humanity! Kay! Well that does it for this episode of “Paint the Town Red!” Man, those levels are fucking cool! I really loved them! I’m really glad they added a level editor. ‘Cause it adds a whole new, like “Level” to the game, quite literally! Like, when some of the other levels – ’cause it – the developers are taking a while to actually get some more levels made So it’s nice to be able to – that they made a level editor to hand it over, kindof, to the community so we can tide ourselves over and the game just doesn’t get stale then. And those levels are actually really good! That one… was actually really hard. I didn’t realize how big the whole place was or I wouldn’t have been so brazen at the start of it and gotten all my health taken off. But, I’m going to do more of them! I might even go back and try to finish that one. I don’t know! Kay, let me know if there’s any levels that you guys have seen made that you want to see me play, if they’re really good. But anyway! Thank you guys so much for watching and if you liked it, PUNCH the like button IN the face, like a boss! And, high gives all around [wapoosh! wapoosh!] Thank you guys, and I will see all you dudes in the next video! “Welcome everybody! The way I get people to go into the pool is to hit them with a towel! Hahahah!” “I’m a giant! OHH You know where I – I’m a Godzilla! Hahahah Destroying downtown Tokyo! RAWWWR! Hahahah” **CC reviewed by QuinnGamesTV Chin Zen will rise again! Fear me!


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