Vamos inovar juntos – Kyvo Design-driven Innovation

Kyvo was founded as a consultancy firm to support large corporations in their innovation efforts and strategies Our fundamental expertise is Design In our human-centered approach, we dive into the context of the business and its client looking for understanding what are people’s real needs In two days, we had many results, it was very productive. something that, in other paths, would have
taken much longer, it would be much harder. We design as many ways as possible. First by prototyping services, then delivering solutions that are
tailored for the company’s values and for the users’ real needs. In the last years, Kyvo has supported big brands in creating products and services that are really relevant for people. The perspective you have, you have something more clear, easier to use. Your work was very surprising The competence to feel our difficulty and be able to lead us
based on what you believed We have a multidisciplinar team formed by anthropologists, psychologists
designers, engineers and journalists We enable innovation through 3 large pillars: Service Innovation Corporate Innovation Programs and Corporate Acceleration Programs More than a consultancy
Kyvo is an innovation platform able to help companies in every stage. In 2016 we started a partnership with
one of the largest global innovation centers named GSVlabs located in the heart of the Silicon Valley We are very excited with the possibilities of partnering with Kyvo and growing
the startup ecosystem in Brazil from 2016 and beyond. But innovation doesn’t stop there. Besides the Silicon Valley, we started
our process of expansion in Latin America The is a lot of good things coming up Let’s innovate together!

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