Vampire Tutorial

Start off by painting your face, neck, chest, and ears white. Next taking light grey eyeshadow and a blending brush, blend it all underneath your eye and into your eye bags. Also, take the same color into your crease. Darken up every area you just put the grey with black eyeshadow Also, bring this eyeshadow underneath your eye and connect it, in your outer corners, to your crease. Pack on black eyeshadow all over your lid to make sure your eyes are as dark as possible. Use a flat eyeshadow brush and some grey eyeshadow again to contour the nose. Bring it all the way down the sides of the bridge of your nose, connecting it to the front ends of your eyebrows, sweeping it into your brow bone a little bit. Do the same thing with black eyeshadow. What’s different here is we’re bringing the black eyeshadow Farther into the brow bone and also taking it in the inner corner and way underneath your eye This will darken up the inner corners and just darken up the overall eye socket. Next, taking a fan brush you’re going to contour your cheekbones with the same color I like to use a fan brush because it gives me more of a defined line; and then, I’ll take a fluffier brush and buff it out This just makes it easier to get the contour perfect and then blend it out afterwards. Next, taking black body paint and an angled brush, fill in your eyebrows. This doesn’t have to be perfect because their is going to be a design on the forehead eventually, so just make sure they’re darker than the rest of your skin. Now, for the next step, we are going to be using a wig cap. you could also use a fishnet, it’s basically the same thing. The wig cap is just a little smaller, and also, the good thing about it is that it’s open on both sides so it’s a little easier to actually get on your face. Stretch the material over your forehead so the spaces in between the fishnet are big or small enough to your liking. Now I am using an Airbrush here But you do not have you use an Airbrush, you can use eyeshadow, you can use body paint. There’s many different ways you can stencil on the scales on the forehead, just pick any black product that you have accessible and stencil it on. The only thing I would say about using body paint would be make sure you use less water than you maybe normally would, otherwise, it’s going to bleed through the fishnet and you might get some smudging underneath. Again, you don’t have to use the airbrush here, but, what I’m doing is just shading my neck using black and shading each tendon. To help you, you can suck in your neck if you can. I know it looks a little gross. It does help with being able to see the contours of your neck. Again, you don’t have to use an airbrush, you can eye shadow you can use body paint, even, if you don’t use too much water Just use what you have. I’m just using airbrush a little more frequently lately because I’m trying to get better at it But you definitely don’t have to use it if you don’t have it accessible to you. After that, I’m going over with white airbrush makeup just to dilute the black and make it not so dark and make it look like more of a natural shadow. If you use eyeshadow you may or may not have to do this with eyeshadow, depending on how much you applied initially. And, to reinforce that, I am actually using a little bit of black eyeshadow just to reinforce the shadows and make them a little bit darker. Next taking black body paint, fill in your lips. You could also use black lipstick for this step. I started to do the blood and then I realized that the brush was way too big. So I went ahead and grabbed a different detail brush to add the blood. I decided to use body paint for my blood. Just because I prefer something that dries. You can use stage blood if you really want to, but I don’t like feeling like I have something sticky near my mouth or on my neck, so, you can either use stage blood or body paint for this step. I just prefer body paint. I’m just drawing out some drips and then I took a sea sponge, but, you could also use a stipple sponge, or even a crumpled up paper towel, and just added some splatter around the mouth, as well. Next, you’re going to want to add a lot of water to the paint, or, if you’re using stage blood, water down your stage blood a little and I’m adding some drips down the neck Next I’m adding in these fangs. These fangs are from scarecrow. You can typically get them at Spirit Halloween when the Halloween season gets a little closer, or, you can order them from

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