Variable and SVG Fonts in Illustrator CC 2018

There are two new, intelligent Open Type font
formats available in Adobe Illustrator CC 2018. One of them is called Variable Font and the
other one is the SVG Font category. I’m going to show you both of these in this
video. First let’s start with the Variable Font. It’s an amazing new concept, which allows
us to interact with a complex Font family, and instead of looking for the right version
of a font we can just tweak three attributes, which you can find from the Character panel
through this icon here. So if you choose a Variable font, which you
will find here in this category, at the moment we don’t have many of them, but whichever
has a little icon next to it with VAR, that is a Variable font. That is going to let you choose these three
options: Weight, Width and Slant. With which you can very quickly adjust the
fonts from a very thin or ultra thin version to ultra black version, and we can also condense
the fonts or increase the width of them. Not only that we can also add Slant and even
control how much of slant we want. So there are lots of variations here and again
this is just so much faster and easier to use than to go through all of these different
variations and find the right type for us. So let’s say we wanted to have a much more
condensed font, maybe a little bit bulkier and with a subtle slant on it like that. Now I could do that very quickly and easily. The other new font type is the SVG-based font,
again look for the little icon here the Open Type SVG option and one of the examples is
the apple colour Emoji or Emoji One. Now these are best to be used with the Glyphs
panel, which you can find from the Type menu>Glyphs. And there you can scroll through and see all
the different vector graphics saved within this font. You can either type with this or if I use
for example 1, 2, 3, 4 I can see already the numbers coming up. But if I start typing, it’s not going to actually
give us these characters, because we need to know their codes. The easiest way to add them is by double-clicking
on them. And what you will see is that each of these
characters are independent vector graphics, so they can have multiple colours, gradients
even and in case of this Emoji set, we have the different skin tones as well for the same
characters. So we have skin tones here that we can choose
from, so they are available just like on a smart phone. Of course if you want to use these as graphic
elements from this point on we can always just click on Create Outlines here in the
Properties panel and then we can also just click on Ungroup and that way we have independent
elements created from these. So once again these were the Variable and
SVG Fonts in Adobe Illustrator CC 2018.


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