what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi, how are ya??? now in today’s video we are revealing two.. not one, not
one but TWO brand-new jeffree star cosmetics products now I know I have
been teasing these velour lip liners for a while as well as the brand new supreme
frost highlighters but today we are revealing all the shades we’re gonna
swatch everything, we’re gonna talk about the formula of the price the smell the
touch everything so besides that how the hell is everyone been you guys it’s been
a crazy here I can’t believe we’re like a few months away from another year
starting I’m like girl so as you guys know we are about to dive into holiday
now most brands that are in retail after launch holiday of course in September
but you know jeffree star cosmetics is a little unique over here so we’re gonna
be following that traditional calendar and I will be launching my entire
holiday collection the first or second week of November so stay tuned for that
we got new palettes new supreme frost palettes I know you haven’t even seen
the first ones yet and there’s already a palette so there’s a lot more coming but
let’s dive in to this reveal alright now I know my sneak peak the product a few
days ago the packaging everyone went crazy on the internet and it’s you know
makeup takes a while to make I wanted to do something really special for my lip
liners now a lot of people just do a standard cap they call it a day I wanted
this to feel like a jeffree star cosmetics lip liner so so we have over
16 shades launching and the unit car in looks like this it is very reminiscent
of the standard liquid lip of course it’s a lot taller it has the stars going
down the box of course we have all the info now the lip liners will be
retailing for $16 they are cruelty free they’re vegan they’re creamy they are
very pigmented they’re very soft and they have extreme long wear which we’ll
dive into in a second so here is what the box looks like now as I said there’s
over 16 shades and they all coincide with liquid lips that I’ve made before
so you guys know this is the first initial launch and then I will
put out more colors later on in the future but as you guys can see here’s a
little sneak peek we have red rum allegedly dominatrix unicorn blood we
have some of the weird ones like Dirty Money, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, blue velvet
and of course I got so many requests when I said I was making lip liners
people were like you have to make a black lip liner to match weirdo girl you
guys know I always listen and I took the feedback and we made a really cool black
lip liner now a lot of people are saying are they safe for the waterline well
guess what I have nothing in my waterline today because we are going to
show you that yes they are I saved just like my liquid lips so let’s starts
watching now they all come very secure in this unit carton I did mine upside
down so you can still see the shade label this is shade Calabasas now when
you take it out it is stuck in place in the unit carton very sturdy so it really
doesn’t like doesn’t really move around so you’re not gonna hear a lot of
rattling now when you take out the lip liner oh here is what it looks like BAM
now a lot of you have seen this all over the internet Instagram Twitter
everywhere but here it is on camera for the first time ever and I am so excited
now when I was creating this I wanted it to be very like you know one should be
edgy it wanted to be very me kind of like a royal chess piece
meets I Dream of Jeannie and it’s very like hi welcome back how are you it’s
very like 1d and that’s exactly what I wanted and of course the color caps are
all like that on the end to coincide with the shade and here is the cap of
course so when you take it off voila here is what the pencil looks like right
away you’re gonna see of course this is a standard pencil this is not one that
you twist and it comes out I wanted something that was also gonna be artist
friendly for sanitization now I’m gonna show you guys after I use this that you
can use this of course with the sharpener I wanted this to be very user
friendly and so many of my artist friends who do makeup or like girl
retractable czar not sanitary they’re harder to clean we love something that
we can just sharpen and be on the go so that is why I created a sharpener Bowl
pencil first of all I’m just gonna swatch this on my hand for you guys this
is an unused one you will see right here swipe coverage BAM that’s it you don’t
gotta go over it a million times this is a very long wear formula so it can be a
little drying when you prep your lips of course lip balm is good
use a Geoffrey start lip scrub or any lip scrub for that matter of course and
they are really really creamy so that was literally one swipe let’s go in a
little bit more so of course you can see they are one swipe coverage they’re
buildable and girl a lot comes off when you do that so we’re just gonna let this
sit here for a second on my hand all right now you may go Geoffrey what is on
your lips I am wearing celebrity skin at the lower lip liner with a Charlotte
Tilbury lipstick I’m sure you’re like Geoffrey why are you wearing your own
lip we will show you a demonstration in a minute but I want you guys to know
that you don’t have to wear my lips with the lip liner any lipstick goes I hate
when brands through that you have to use this with this I’m like girl you can do
whatever the hell you want so let me wipe this off that will be right back
alright I just wiped off my lips and also I want to show you guys here is
calabasas to swatch we did here is my clean finger it’s not gonna move baby
all right so let’s do a little demonstration I have calabasas of a
lower lip liner right here let’s bring out our star mirror now a lot of people
have been asking where are the star mirrors I just restocked a bunch of
colors so if you are looking for them link in the bio all right here is
calabasas let’s apply her I love to just really outline the lip
and accentuate it a little bit under here and I kind of like to take it just
feather it up so you get kind of like that little ombre moment and then we’ll
go in with the liquid lip momentarily all right now that it’s applied I’m
gonna grab like the cheapest pencil sharpener I have but this is a little
tiny guy I took the top off because I want you guys to see how this works all
you got to do obviously you guys might have sharpened a pencil but in case you
wanted to see it sharpen all you got to do of course is give it a turn once or
twice and then BAM she is resharpened all right let’s get
out in calabasas liquid lip of course now when I created these lip liners I
really wanted shades to match with my current line it’s crazy my brand turns
four years old this November and it’s just been such a whirlwind of such
greatness and I can’t believe we are here where we are right now and next
year I’m launching way more products we are finally going to be doing a full
color story this product took off so crazy and it changed my life forever so
if you own any of my lipsticks thank you for being a part of this crazy journey
alright let me stop running my gums let’s swatch calabasas now you guys know
I liked it spill on the lips and it will be on all day and it’s just that easy literally one
dunk covered at the entire mouth if you’re like if you’re someone that has a
problem lining your lips with the DOE foot lip liners are a savior of course
so we’re just gonna let this dry but yeah it was just that easy so here’s
shade Calabasas alright the liquid lip and the liner
have been on for about 30-40 seconds and girl we are dry we are ready to roll
of course there is nothing really on my finger I’m like not really a tiny bit of
the liquid lip you see right there but this liner does not budge or move of
course if your lips get dry throughout the day or if you’re someone that’s a
girl I’m a little nervous about long wear products just throw some lip balm
right on top or a lip topper a lip gloss whatever you want I’m just gonna
demonstrate for fun this is be honest hacia luna lip gloss watch this you just
throw it right on top mm-hmm I’m done look alright I just quickly removed that
now it’s time to put on another shade all of these shades you guys have seen
before on my website I’m not gonna swatch a16 lip liners on my mouth I know
a lot of girl like girl why not they are all shaved you guys have seen before I
am gonna run down the line I’m gonna throw up some pictures right now of some
swatches I’m after I do this so you will see them on four different skin tones
but let me grab celebrity skin voila let’s apply celebrity skin all right now we’re gonna apply this
with a normal lipstick I have been wearing this shade for the last year I
love Charlotte Tilbury and this is in shade
Kim kW I got this off of Beauty lush calm which hi they sell my brand so get
into it all right so of course you guys might apply a lipstick after lip liner
but let’s do it ooh perfect colors together I know once the lipsticks on of
course you can manipulate it with the liner if you want something like this
like this or of course that works if you have any harsh edges or the lipstick
covers the liner you can go back in and I just kind of like to flick it and
feather out eyeliner how are you right now before we move on to the next
product I do want to swatch a few more for you and I’ll list off all the shades
but I’m gonna throw up some swatches on for different skin tones here are all 17
shades BAM right here now as you can see they look amazing on everyone I am so
proud and happy of how this product turned out and of course I’m going to
throw up some images from the campaign I had so much fun with this and I can see
I just can’t wait for you guys all I’m just so giddy I just can’t wait for you
guys to play with these just see them in person now out of all 17 shades of
course you know we have to do some weird ones so here is shade dirty money to
match the liquid lip which is so fun and oh my god we have to put these in the
waterline too by the way you’re not ready for that
now my favorite nude I get asked this all the time in interviews what is your
favorite nude lipstick mannequin is my go-to from my own brand and of course we
had to make a liner to match that hi how are ya alright you guys let’s pop one in
the waterline and then let’s go over all the shades now I want to do a fun one
where you guys are gonna be like whoa we can actually see that so I’m gonna pull
out shade and a nicole here and let’s pop her in the eyes let’s open her up I
need two hands for this you guys don’t have to pull down my waterline so we’re
gonna zoom in right here in this area and I’m going to just pop this in right
here all right there is Anna Nicole in the
water line Wow it actually took this look to like the next level now if you
saw the staying power on my hands imagine in your water line girl it is
not coming off oh this color looks so cool together I’m
gonna get Ian excited now of course every shade is ice safe there’s no
burning there’s no weirdness if your eyes are very sensitive though be
careful it is very long-lasting now let’s go over all 17 shades now we have
shade Leo we have posh spice we have Scorpio we have Redrum we have
mannequin we have Calabasas we have blue velvet we
also have dirty money we have Anna Nicole we have allegedly dominatrix
celebrity skin unicorn blood Breakfast at Tiffany’s weirdo doll parts in
drogyny OOP that is a lot of shades now I do want to quickly open up weirdo and
can be used as a black liner or of course a lip liner so let’s watch that
right sorry of my hand swatches I know our flops sometimes on my channel but
there is the black it is pitch black like midnight and for all my Goths out
there you’re gonna live for this and that is it for the velour lip liners I
am so excited of course everything in this video will be launching September
28th on my website and with all my retailers so now the wait is almost over
let’s reveal the supreme frost alright you guys let’s talk about the supreme
frost highlighters now I want to get this out of the way I do of course have
several highlighting products or probably like Jeffrey what is the
difference between this and the new one now of course this is the original skin
frost in a very massive pan when I launched a highlighter I wanted it to
make an impact and girl bitch it had people shook it comes with a lot of
products probably more product than you’ve ever need in your life most
people don’t hit pan if you do you might wear it every single day and I love that
now the difference between this and supreme and liquid we of course will
show you in one second but this one is a standard highlighter powder highlighter
then of course I came out with the liquid frost recently which has been
doing so well thank you guys for such the love and
support on this baby now a lot of people were laughing in the Trixie Mattel video
because they were not sure how to actually use this meaning how do you get
the product out you just slide this up one two three and of course you undo it
and the product is now in here a lot of people were just trying to like
get it out and it’s like girl you got it go like this
good morning then all of the product comes out and of course then you can do
your magic and cover and coat your entire existence this is also in shade
ice queen it has such a cool iridescent moment now Beauty lights let’s talk
about the lighting in here they’re not always the best for showing up
highlighting they don’t show off the glimmer so we’re gonna dim the lights
here in a minute and if you’ve never seen the unit carton BAM
the supreme frost come in this now I know you can’t feel it through your
phone or the screen but this is a soft touch matte box so it is very just just
feels good to the touch this formula was something I was working on in the lab
for fun I wasn’t sure if it was ever gonna come out I know I sneak peek this
a long time ago we were putting it all over a models body on set and a lot of
you were like girl what is the difference well I wasn’t sure if I was
gonna come out with it yet and I’m like okay we have a lot of highlighters I
came out with the liquid and I was like should I do another one it was already
made I made five shades so I said you know what I’m gonna test the waters and
I want to see for all the people out there that really love to highlight this
is for you now of course in the future I am going
to really extend the shade range if you guys love the formula but I kind of
wanted to test the water so we are launching only five shades with this now
of course there is shades for everyone here but we are gonna go down the list
here and here are at the five shade names we have snow globe hypothermia
frozen peach money honey and wet dream of course I am staying in tuned to my
sexual winter frozen ice vibes and let’s open one up and let’s see what’s inside
all right here is the supreme frost whoa so here she is it comes in this stunning
baby pink chrome compact and of course you see the highlighter right through
the we’ll call it the viewfinder had the of course to the compact now when you
open her up BAM there is the full pan and it has of course the star logo with
a bunch of little baby stars in there if you can see it in the light I am gonna
do some different light tests here so you can see it better but here she is so
here is shade hypothermia this is so stunning it has like this crazy brown
blue like almost dual chrome but it has this crazy new pearl that my lab has
been working on and it’s blinding like these are so blinding so what is the
difference between the skin frost and the supreme now the supreme frost may
look a little smaller but it has a beautiful finish that is like ahhh it’s
like a glitter gel hybrid so this doesn’t actually have a pan underneath
it is a gel hybrid that is baked in Italy this is my first product that was
made overseas as well as the lip liners so when I started to create this I fell
in love with how it performs now let me just take my clean finger we’re gonna go
over this once and twice and here is what it looks like you see how
reflective and wet that looks oh my god now I am gonna of course put this right
here now in this light you may be like Geoffrey I don’t know if I can see oh oh
no you can see that it’s very blinding so we’re gonna dim one of the lights
down right now we’re just gonna see if you can even see it better than what it
is alright so there it is with one of the lights dimmed down you see the
reflection it’s still not giving it like holy shit how it looks like in real life
so I’m gonna apply one in a minute and show you guys but there is the first
shade now the second shade which I am dying for is called money honey it is
this beautiful iridescent gold green based alien undertone and it is probably
my favorite shade from this collection now let’s just do a little one-two now
there is what that shade looks like oh yes I am going to put that on my hand
right here right next to it BAM and there is money honey
woo now you can apply this really with your finger which I know that might
shock you because a lot of your like Geoffrey you don’t really apply makeup
with your fingers if you want real full intensity
let’s just do it right now I like that it’s tapped with my fingers go right on
the high plains of my cheeks of course and just place it right there oh there
you can really see the green undertone sometimes in the pan or with the
lighting it’s a little hard to see but as you see just take your finger and all
you got to do is place it like that I’m gonna go over work because I’m a
highlighting horror BAM that is it it is very reflective it has like this just
really reflective shininess to it now let’s talk about the price these are a
few dollars more than the skin Frost and the supreme Frost will be retailing for
$32 and I’m sure I’ll see if you were like yeah why is this more than that
then the skin frost let me tell you this has a very expensive ingredient in the
formula it is a Korean glass pearl not pearls from the ocean but a man-made
pearl it just has more expensive ingredients that’s really what it is and
it’s just a way that applies it’s very easy and it just has that extra like Oh
wet moment to it wow this looks stunning now I am gonna show you this is a little
uh Nastasia highlighting brush let’s take it with this and a little goes a
long way so you see that that’s all you need now let’s go above the brow bone
well see that I barely barely touch the skin and it is just like a mirror now if
you were someone that’s like Carl that’s too much highlight well first of all why
are you watching my channel secondly here’s a tip take a damp Beauty sponge
and just press it into the skin and it will kind of dull it down if you want
that effect and it really just kind of presses it in there oh I love how that
looks let’s move on to the third shade which is frozen peach now I know I just
showed you to blinding shades this one is the more will say dull but we’ll use
the word dull very loosely here it is the probably the least blinding one all
of the other ones have the same base I wanted a one that was a little more dim
for the people that are like we don’t want to be looking like lighthouses
queen let me take my clean finger and let’s just go over this oh hi honey
how are you this one is really pretty and it has a of course peach undertone
I’m just gonna swipe this right here but it’s not gonna really read that well on
my beauty lights because of the way it is but that is a little more like a
dulled down version now the next shade is called wet dream it is the perfect
medium gold blinding color and hi honey I live for the shade now I’ve been
wearing this alot secretly people don’t know that I’ve been wearing it but if
you’ve seen me on Instagram lately and I have this weird highlighter on girl it’s
this one now this has very reflective pearls in it and you can see it is
blinding now the fifth shade I know it may look a little similar in the pan but
it is very different on the skin it is called snow globe and it is very like
winter wonderland it is a lighter version of wet dream now I am going to
take this right here and let’s swatch it right there BAM alright now I’ll show
you these swatches in the low light in a minute but I am gonna apply shade wet
dream right here on the other side of the face this is a morphe 510 I’m just
gonna do a little literally ready for this guys that’s all you need alright
got my hair out of the way and I dipped into a shade wet dream and
here it is on the skin there she is and now we’re about to dim one of the
lights in the beauty room I may look a little crazy go
oh there’s money honey I was like how do we show off the real tone of this
highlighter look at that also on my hands everyone here are the other shades
there’s hyperthermia there is money honey and the middle one got kind of
messed up I think for me holding the mirror I am so sorry I do want to show
these off in the low light there is hypothermia here is frozen peach it is a
little more of course dim than the other ones but she’s so pretty look at that
mmm now I think you guys get the gist of it let’s return back on the lights all
right I also want to do a little experiment where we shut off all the
lights and I’m gonna show you guys how these look like with just like an iPhone
flashed and I want you to see how this looks in complete darkness all right now
I’m gonna turn on the flashlight on my iPhone and put it directly on my cheeks
so whoo you guys can see the full effect of how it looks it’s very glittery
it’s very blinding and girl it is stunning
now here is of course the highlighter and there is good morning money honey
here is hyperthermia here is frozen peach now I want to show you the
difference and hold these up here is snow globe and then here is I’m gonna
try to do all three of these oh my god where’s Nate when you need him oh so
here’s all of the gold tones as you can see they are very different this one is
a lot darker that one is lighter and the one in the back good morning
all right now let’s turn on all the lights alright you guys there is the
reveal for the velour lip liners and the supreme frost highlighters what do you
guys think I keep looking in the monitor and I’m just like oh my god this has
been such a hard secret to keep I’ve been wearing this on and off a little
secretly and it’s been so hard because a lot of people have been like what have
you been wearing well the secret is finally out and supreme frost will be
coming out momentarily oh I’m so happy and proud of these you
guys I hope you love them as much as I enjoyed creating them
of course sound off below what is your favorite shades what are you excited for
I’m just give me your honest feedback like you guys always do all right you
guys here is the tea one last time both products are launching September 28th if
you’re watching in the future girl they’re here of course we have five
supreme frost highlighters are retailing for $32 and these of course are vegan
they’re cruelty free and they are amazing also of course we have the below
eye lip liners which we just swatched a bunch of them in 17 shades retailing for
$16 everything we’ll be launching on jeffree star cosmetics of course and all
of my retailer so who’s ready thank you so much for watching another reveal I am
so excited for the future we have so much more coming and the Jeffress our
foundation next year buckle in aren’t you guys BAM
see ya


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    Me: do u have like an electric cause those r expensive
    (jeffree in the future) I'm gonna make my own pencil sharpeners

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