Viendo Como Farmacéutica

If that’s the rabbit, how does
the carrot look like? Excuse me? Yes, welcome to “Ouch” pharmacies
How can I help you? Doc, help us, please, Ma’am, I’m not a doctor You see, my son is sick And? No, mom, nothing is wrong. Let the doctor helps us I am not a doctor! Something like pus is coming
from all over his body The sheets. ¡Look at them! And the socks, stiff of so much pus Ew! Umm, ma’am
How can I explain it to you? No, don’t explain it to her. Ma’am your son is not sick, he just… Somebody, kill me! He’s spanking the monkey Mon-monkey? We only have
dogs in our house ¡No, no, ma’am! Your son’s…
boxing the one eyed champ! ¿You boxed again? No, ma’am, your son shakes hands with the milk man,
beats the meat, the five finger shuffle, sauces the taco flying solo, poaching the egg,
blowing his own horn, tugging the slug Painting cucumbers? Chokes the chicken? Pets the cat? [Meow] The cat? I don’t understand you Ugh, your son ja… Touches his di… And sometimes… That’s why– In the sheets! Sorry, Doc, but with that beep I couldn’t understand anything Your son masturbates, ma’am! Next! Hi, I need a pregnancy test It’s for a school work Yeah, sure, and motels are
for staying and sleeping! Five dollars. Let´s see… Here Thanks Ugh, the kids of today! Next! Doc, I’m not a doctor, sir. Does this look like a clinic?
How stressing! How can I help you? I need pills for Alzeheimer. Sure. Prescription? Here, It’s not very readable
’cause is doctor’s writing. Don’t worry, I studied hieroglyphs
for five years to read these prescriptions. Let’s see… Here’s the syrup.
Take one tablespoon after each meal. And this is? The syrup, for the alzeheimer! Who has alzeheimer? You! Who am I? Ugh! Next! You again, girl? Give me one of those magic pills No, girl! We don’t sell drugs here! Return around 20:00, through
the back door and I’ll help you. No, no! Not that kind of magic pills,
the other kind! Which ones? I need a morning-after pill Oh, Prescription! Prescription? I´ll give birth until
I get a doctor’s appointment Pres-crip-tion! Ugh, the kids of today! Next! I remembered what those
medicines are for! What are they for? Vitamins to grow up healthier
and stronger! Grow up? But, sir, you have more
than eighty years! Next! Hello
Do you have condoms? Get out, Chichico, you already appeared
in other sketch! Next! Hello? Hello? Good evening
Do you have medicinal herb? You know what I mean [Sound of disgust] Prescription I don’t get paid enough This is a cooking recipe! Ugh! Nex… Hey there! How can I help you? Is something wrong?
Does anything hurt you? Maybe your face for
being so handsome! Give me please some antibiotics,
and these chocolates over here. Are these chocolates for
your girlfriend, I guess No, I don’t have a girlfriend, they’re for
my grandma, I want to visit her later. He doesn’t have a girlfriend,
and he is kind, sensitive! He’s perfect! I don’t have boyfriend either Such a beautiful girl? Thanks Yes! He likes me! He likes me! He likes me! If you want, after visiting my grandma,
I can come here And we can grab a coffee Anything you want! Whenever
you want it! Wherever you want it! And what are the antibiotics for? For the Gonorrhea Next!! Dear students, have a nice weekend. As homework, I need you to see
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you better come with your parents! But tomorrow is Saturday! I don’t care! Ouch! Subtítulos por José Miguel Pinto
Escuela de Lingüística – PUCE


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