Virtual Classroom Design Mastery Series: Introduction

[music plays] Hi! I’m Jennifer Hofmann, Founder of
InSync Training, and welcome to InSync’s Virtual Classroom Design Mastery series. The modern virtual classroom calls for modern design. This program explores the design models necessary to ensure authentic learning can happen in the
virtual classroom environment. There are two parts to this series: Fundamentals
and Applications. But don’t be fooled by the word “fundamentals.” That doesn’t mean it’s easy. My favorite content happens to be in
this part of the series – ensuring learners are truly engaged using various
types of interaction, and true collaboration techniques. That’s how you
move from webinars to true learning in the virtual classroom. As you move on to
the Applications part of the series, you start to learn about how assessment can
happen in the virtual classroom, and how to keep your learners accountable for
their own success. It all comes down to the application of Adult Learning
Principles and instructional design. These critical foundations don’t go away
simply because we’re delivering in a virtual classroom instead of a more traditional classroom. The final project for this Mastery
Series is to create a program that your organization will deliver to your
learners. You’ll receive thoughtful personalized feedback about your design.
Our learners constantly tell us this is the most useful part of the experience –
actually applying what they’ve learned in a meaningful way. I’m confident at the end of this journey you’ll realize it was time well spent. Enjoy the ride! [music plays]

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  • Ronald Kantor

    Hi Jennifer: Dr. Ron Kantor here. I hope you remember me. I was wondering what happened to the rest of this series. Did you decide not to make a video version? Many thanks, Dr. Ron


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