WALCOM slim kombat 1.7 / how to apply 2k primer

Hi I’m Jordan and today we’re going to be looking at the walcom slim 1.7 HVLP primer gun the walcom slim hvlp seems to be a good all-rounder. By changing the setup in the gun you can actually use it for many different things but at the moment we’re going to be using it with a 1.7 and this is going to be for high build primer but you can also change the setup to a 1.3 for example using it for basecoat if needed one thing i do like about this gun is that it doesn’t have a baffle behind the fluid tip so this means it is going to aid better cleaning and it will reduce any problems that could happen later on down the line. because there are no seals behind the fluid tip either so it is straight on to the body which is what i do like I’m also using a walcom gauge and it has a protective cover on the front to protect from overspray and if it is dropped it is protected so, i am just about to apply the 2K high build primer and the first thing to note is the primer that i am using is a very thick primer and i have not added any thinners to it. there is a reason for that and that is because i am testing the gun to see how well it holds us spraying a thick primer at the minute it seems to be doing very well bare in mind that this is a very thick primer and as you can see it is making the application very easy there is a slight orange peel effect on the panel but that is good. it is not too dry or coarse like some guns do when it struggles to apply the primer but in my opinion i think it is spraying very good for a 2k high build primer I am now going to apply another coat of primer on to the panel and that is the first coat of primer flashed off and as you can see the finish is good hopefully the second coat goes on as nice as the first also i am spraying at 2bar and all of the settings on the spray gun are open so full fan, needle wide open and pressure open so this is a very low maintenance spray gun that doesn’t need setting up. you can just put the paint in the gun and start spraying that is another good thing that i like also while using this spray gun i noticed that there was very little overspray coming from it and that is another good thing that i look for when testing spray guns you cant actually see the over spray even on camera and the last thing to look at is my application speed, i have said earlier that this is a very thick primer so this is applying it very nice for how fast i am applying the primer i also think that with a 1.5 setup this gun would be very good for wet on wet or sealer

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