Watch Me Draw #1 – Dragon in Prismacolor Colored Pencil (Sped Up x10)

Hello! This is one of my first drawing videos! Sadly, Mistakes Were Made. The entire recording is out of focus! But I uploaded it anyway in case someone wanted to see it. A clear image of the drawing is at the end of the video. I won’t make the same mistake next time. Until then, enjoy! First outline in a light color, pink. More solid outline in darker, but still light color, blue. This hind leg section looks like a mess, but I will fix it later. Simple shading Darker color for darker shading, purple. Tail-end design. Base wing color, blue. Adding detailed spikes. White colored pencil to blend colors and to fade colors. Going back with colors in areas that I still want bright. Adding shadows. Blender pencil has no color, it blends colors together without fading them like the white colored pencil. Drawing needed more color, so added a little yellow. and red Finished! Time to sign it with my initials. Setting it up to look pretty for a picture. Picture!

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  • Mayzart

    I hope you enjoyed this! Let me know that you'd like to see more by liking the video!

    And let me know here in the comments what you liked about it!


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