right in ear drum Good morning everybody. Hey guys. My throat is kind of hurting, so this is how I sound. I’m doing my homework. Yeah, I’m not feeling great. Becca made me some tea. So I’ve been drinking that trying to make my throat feel better, and we’ve been working on some math, Are you getting your math done? Good. It says circle the combination that is in each group. What is the difference? That is the greatest. Eight on this one. Good job. So we’re just finishing up his first grade books. We still haven’t quite finished those yet. Just kind of work with them off and on through the school year. Yep, we’re working on that and then after we’re done with this we’re gonna pick up some second grade books for both James and Corbin. I’m actually at 7th grade. I don’t think so. He’s going into second grade. You can read a fourth grade, but not seventh grade. Not yet, you’re getting close. He’s smart, like I can read chapter books. That’s right. couple of old grannies here We got some wigs. That is the worse one of all of those. Let me see it on you. I’m so old. That’s so funny. Wait you need these. This is what we’ll look like in 50 years. We need to pull it back just a little bit. I’ll probably won’t have a beard. Wait I wanna try this one too. Wigs freaks him out. I don’t want that. I think that’s your style in your future. Good job keep going you’re almost done. Where are we going dude? Library So we’re working on some school work today. Because today is the school day. And we might go to the library for school every school day. We read books there. Let’s if we can find some good books in the library. James show me what books you got dude. We got a Thomas the train book, Sharks book and the Moana book. That’s what James picked out. Corbin what did you get dude? Scorpions on the hunt And Pooh’s graduation That’s kind of a choice there. Killers Scorpions, and Winnie the Pooh And then I got some other educational books dolphins and frogs. Butterfly another sharks book and a seed to plant. Planes planets Martin Luther King, Jr. Thomas Edison Trains and Personal management, I don’t think I meant to grab this book. I wanna look at this, does that one look cool? Today I want to show you a new trick that I can do. I’m gonna be putting it and insert it. recording Hello guys. Do you want to see this track? Look right here. What we’re gonna be doing is going around this two times. doing some and then going through there, and I’m going through there and then coming back and then doing it again. Get him We’ve been doing this for a while he got me. No water guns in the house. Go get him No water guns in the house. Come on out, no. Who is it? No coming in the house with water gun. Open your mouth close your eyes. There comes a big surprise. No water guns in the house. You got the camera. Gets them every time. Let’s go to beat those boys. To beat those boys? To defeat those boys. I’m not playing. Hey No spraying on cameras Okay, I’m gonna put the camera down so we can have some fun. And you will be the king. And I’m gonna be the princess. And shoot the guys. Okay We have to put the camera down. Okay, this is where we normally hang it. See you guys later. I got to be part of the fun. Hang on I’m setting it right here and let me record. Don’t squirt my butt. Not my butt stop it. They got me Okay, you can have this, go have fun. I’ll fill it up, see that part? Take that up like and we’ll put water in it. And it’s full if the water doesn’t go into it now. Now go get them. Let’s go get them. Who is it? It got a little bit wet the camera. It was on accident. It’s really dirty. See? The little guys did it, it wasn’t me. Close my eyes and open my mouth. Why? Hey you guys. You’re getting me wet. Oh you’re so big. Is that funny? You have to be careful. Oh, do not stick anything in there cuz that could be dangerous. We need to Charlie’s ball. It’s gonna be really cool. Open the door Ryan. Okay Look at it. Is it blowing? Probably a beach ball a beach ball would work better to make it like float almost. So for many of you many of you will be getting ready to go to school right now. Or you may have been already at school. It makes you probably wonder What Corbin and James and Ellie… James and Corbin are home schooled actually. So that’s why. Wow Looks great. That’s really does look good. excellent job Lift me up Almost there Now lift me up I’m hungry. Guys we’re opening the package. You’re crazy Look there’s a package. That’s a really big package. The kids have been begging us to open up this package. Yup And I told them that we weren’t going to open it up until later and now they got all their school done we’re gonna cut it open and show the kids what’s inside. Very special surprise. What do you think it is James? A new electrical scooter electric scooter? No it’s not. Corbin what do you think it is? I think it’s awesome play toy. Do you think it’s what? An awesome play toy. An awesome play toy an electric scooter? What do you think it is? A pony? You guys are ready to see what’s inside? Is that what really it is? It’s a new mom. A new and improved. This is better than the last model. James does that scare you a little? No I just want to have a toy. You don’t want mom? Send me back to sender. We’ll gonna send it back, it’s defective. It make kids cry. Okay love you bye. We have an egg hatching. I don’t want to know what’s in that package. What’s in the box? It reminds me of Harry Potter. You look like harry Potter. Like a Harry Potter box. So it looks like I’m gonna go running again with my arm weights on but this time I’m not gonna wear my leg brace ones or the light leg ones cuz I’m still healing from it from last time when I ran and the weights rubbed my ankles in like six places. And it hurt really bad. So I’m gonna just run with these. Which is awesome, make me feel like a superhero. back again Did it, holy cow I look terrible. I was running really hard though. Charlie are you singing to Ryan? Go sing to him again, Ryan’s taking a nap after his run. Are you singing? Yeah Are you singing baby mine don’t you cry? If you haven’t seen what they’re watching, they’re watching our old lip-sync battles. I think we challenging that one that was a sugar from Maroon 5 and that one was really funny. But they’re watching that right now. They loved that. We did some like lip-sync battles a long time ago. I think we should do some more. They seem to be really fun and entertaining.

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