WATERCOLOR + COLORED PENCILS = ??? | Mystery Art Box | Scrawrlbox Unboxing

The June Scrawlrbox just came in the
mail today so let’s open it up and see what’s inside and then make some art
with it! [percussive & positive music] so right off the bat I see the menu with the list of the art supplies, I
see a Scrawlrbox sticker – this time it looks like a lime green to an
emerald green watercolor wash, so I’m expecting to see some watercolors – oh
yeah here we go, we have a watercolor palette – this is the Daler Rowney travel
set of twelve colors and one paintbrush I like the size of this one, some travel
sets are like really big and clunky but this one’s thin and slim (that means the same thing…) Then we have this little tiny paintbrush oh wait wait wait wait wait wait I’m like what are these notches? oh those are more paint! they like click in
it looks like just pressure holds them in there’s no like click or notch – there we
go and then I think this is removable each
pan actually lists the color name on maybe you need bigger hands then mine? ummm [struggles] let me reference the documentation here: it just shows it removed [whisper yells:]
COME ON OUT!!!!! I cannot get this out well it shows that this little segment with all of the pans is removable so
that you have more space to like swatch out colors now a big difference between
this and some of the other travel palettes that I’ve seen is that the
brush is not a water brush so it doesn’t hold water in it anywhere so you will
need to transport water in a separate container this sticks right in there
and then closes – Cute! I don’t know how to get that pan out of there though also
there’s an itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny little Posca pen, it’s actually 0.7 millimeters we have a duo sticks fruitella it looks like it’s pop flavored like
soda oh wait soda and is that a lemon? oh it’s so squishy [eats] okay I know what that is! It kind of tastes like Dr. pepper and lemon it’s actually
pretty good then we have three pencils here this is an erasable pencil
not sure what’s going on at the tip of it you see how it’s like white and then
red Oh so this is an erasable colored pencil “especially designed to be
erasable” it’s very cool so that’s like a Col-Erase colored pencil competitor – I’d
like to have one that erases better than those so that would be fun to test then
we have this green polychromos faber castell pencil and this brown one oh
this is ‘earth green yellowish’ and this one is ‘Van Dyck Brown’ and here is the
art print of the month I really like the softness of it with the pencil lines and
the watercolor washes oh and then there’s pencil like over top to add
shading – This is drawn by Johanna Fi or (fye) [wonders audibly if she is pronouncing it correctly] but you can find them on instagram at
‘milktu_’ and then for paper oh this is thick and it’s got a nice tooth
to it this is the Langton Prestige watercolor paper and it is 300 GSM and a
hundred percent cotton ready for it? [melodious wobble] and the choir [harmonious and melodious wobble] this stuff just feels nice can
you see the texture? we’re supposed to fill those with water and then use them
as reservoirs I think I filled them to high – go ahead and swatch these out so
far I really like the way they activate they get very soft and easy to like pick
up the pigment let me see if I can get like a close-up so you can see just how
soft it is those two colors look exactly the same or is that just me this one’s
‘burnt sienna’ and then we have ‘black’ there we have the 12 colors I’m also a pretty
big fan of the brush except that it is pretty small it’s gonna be hard to fill
large areas lets see if this is a erasable test that out mmm it’s about as erasable as a Col-Erase
colored pencil especially if we compare it to like these Prismacolors
these probably won’t erase at all for reference let me show ya [erases gently] ohwait what what?! all right those seem to be just as erasable good to know I’m a little
dumbfounded, I don’t really know what to say then we have our white Posca paints really well over the colored
pencil – the watercolors not quite dry I’ll test those when we get there but I’m
pretty sure it’s gonna work, Posca works pretty well on almost any surface
I really really like this drawing and I kind of want to do like a ‘draw it in my
style’ especially since I see all of these colors except for the blue colored
pencil it looks like they used a blue colored pencil but like they used a lot
of green colored pencil and brown colored pencil and those are the two
colors we happen to have that’s what I would like to do and we also have like
the red for cheeks although it looks like these more of an orange let’s give
that a shot I’m gonna start with the ‘erasable’
colored pencil and try and draw it very lightly so that if I need to erase it I
can erase most of it so let’s try first I’m just going to sketch out the
character looks like her one legs out a little most of her weights on this leg
her head is looking to the left – I think this will be a really good way to test
all the art supplies too I’m gonna turn the head I kind of like
the idea of it looking up and to the right just draw a big circle we can
chisel it away if we need oh she’s wearing a turtleneck I didn’t even
notice that so this arm is kind of just hanging loosely and then this one is
holding a flower pot then she has some bangs lightly erase some of those lines I don’t
quite need anymore oh and then there’s the plants going around her oh yes the
seams on the sleeves are right past the shoulder my favorite to draw shade
behind there, add a little depth I’m gonna change the shape of the plant
maybe cut down the number of leaves oh! her earrings! I always forget accessories like glasses and earrings not sure why..? I really like how straight the hair looks in this drawing but mine keeps
ending up a little bit more voluminous I really want to try and imitate some of
the ways that Joanna drew the hair because that’s definitely something I
struggle with personally because they do it so well [tears up with jealousy] the hoop earrings are kind of
getting lost in the hair so I’m gonna have to make a decision here I want to
make them bigger so that they not like creating that tangent here with the edge
of the hair or if I want to leave them the way they are?? probably should try and
fix it enlarging them just a bit so that they poke out of the hair well this is
where that pencil not quite erasing is coming in to play see there we go is that better? a little less clogged not sure I like it better I just need
to straighten out that planter here and then I think I can start adding in some
colors I think I want to sharpen the pencil and redo the hoops cuz they just
look really thick compared to everything else
try that got a little pointy one let’s see if I can draw them smaller not
perfect but I think we’re gonna need to move on – start trying to find the colors
so it looks like there’s a yellow for the shirt oh we would wait I think I
want to lightly erase everything first so that we don’t end up with a really
orangey looking drawing, Joanna’s drawing isn’t all that orange it doesn’t
smudge around hopefully now we have the white Posca so we don’t really have to
worry about leaving those stripes when we color those but let’s go ahead and start with the yellow while the brush is really clean
try to find it it’s almost add a little bit of this looks pretty good — I might add
a little bit more yellow yeah I like that okay let’s go ahead and color in
the turtle necklace with that avoiding anywhere where we want to draw that
plant or hair or anything like that and then when that dries we can go over it
with the brown pencil gonna add a little bit more raw umber I add this color down
here to this arm in the back you can get just a small bit of contrast there I can
also use it to shade a little bit I don’t know if it’s the paper or the
watercolors but I’m really enjoying the way this is working every time I try
watercolors I fail so miserably and I know I’ve only used one color so far but this
looks the way it looks when other people do it! and now we’re gonna use blue – letsee
which blue do you think? this one’s very pastel so I think we’re gonna have to
mix a lot of water to either the cobalt blue or the ultramarine then maybe even
add a lot of water to it so that we can get a lighter tone maybe just add water
directly there looks pretty close yeah let’s do it I’m gonna avoid over there
it’s almost dry but I don’t want to take any chances now the cheaper the watercolor paper the harder it is to layer without it lifting
so that would be interesting to see if this paper works well under that kind of
pressure I think we’re gonna have to wait for it to dry and then add some
more blue for the stripes because we don’t have a blue pencil we do have the
white Posca so I’ll be able to do those lines right next up let’s do the hair
looks like they’re using a very light maybe just yellow ochre and then for
shading we might be able to use raw sienna or light red depending on how I’m
feeling the yellow ochre is very orange compared
to the hair maybe we need to add…. what would I need to do?? just mix it with this yellow we have maybe that’ll lighten it up and then add
a little bit more water as well and that’ll lighten it up even more we can
try and use that for the hair and of course we’re gonna use that brown pencil
on top of it which is going to make it look a little closer to brown anyway — No
see that’s way too yellow mmm try adding some of that red I liked need more water mixing
colors pretending I know what I’m doing okay that’s definitely more close to the
color I want though oh and I have that red pencil behind it which is gonna make
it look even more reddish so Brown over top might help with that too — now to do
the skin I’m gonna have to wait till the hairs dry cuz I just don’t want to risk
it bleeding into itself but we should be able to go over the blue again and add
some of these stripes not quite darkening up the color yet I’m using the exact same
color and just laying it see if that’s good enough I just want to see how this
drys like it looks good right now when it’s wet but when it dries
might be completely different — those are some fun pants I love them next we could
probably do some green so I’m actually gonna just add this green, it’s our only
green, to this blue — oh yeah that’s pretty and then we’ll try and do some yellowy
greens later on too start with this turn the page (or twist it I should say)
turning the page kind of means something different usually doesn’t it? I’m gonna
add some yellow, grab some more yellow and add it straight to the green oh yes
perfect that’s exactly where I want it just mix the colors and get a mid-tone
between those two, kind of fill in some of the white space, and then our dark
green will hopefully darken up some more and add even more contrast when we get
there oh and we need to color in the flowerpot just this color now grab the green pencil start
outlining some of these plants just to see what it looks like it’s interesting
I like that I like it not being like not using a fineliner
do need to sharpen it though it’s getting a little shabby kind of falling
in love with this pencil overtop watercolor look it’s just so soft these ones kind of stick out a lot of others I’m gonna add some over here so
it’s not so lopsided oh we can do the plant that she’s holding too do feel
like you have to push really hard to get the amount of pigment I want from these pencils not sure if that’s normal all right there we go I think I’m gonna take
the brown pencil and outline some of the oh look how pigmented that is I forgot
how dark it was outline everything just go over some of these lines
preferably the ones we like – wonder if I can use this to sort of darken up some of these
stems too? — sharpen it again something tells me I’m gonna have to keep this
pretty sharp fingernails it’s so easy to get an accidentally too fat line just
here so I can get a better angle it’s not looking too bad I haven’t done the
face yet I’m a little nervous about getting the skin tone right so I thought
I’d go ahead and do this first I will have to practice drawing more dainty
thing so that I can get those hoops right maybe next time her hair’s definitely
more like a dirty brown and mine’s a little closer to the blonde but I think
it works okay everything’s pretty much a dry now so I’m feel pretty safe trying
to go about and doing the skin now I watched a tutorial on how to get a good
skin tone and they say should add a little bit of blue but like not a
certain type of blue and I can never remember what that certain type of blue
was… but you want to get a color like this that’s like yellow mixed with a red
and then depending on like how dark or light you want it and then you just add
like a little bit of blue but you don’t want much like a tiny smidge then when
you mix it in it up.maybe can also add more red let’s
see what that looks like See – look how much more vibrant that looks
compared to the one we had before the color we had before
let’s try that one and if it’s light enough we should be able to get a pretty
similar tone I’m hoping start here try to avoid the eyes we do have the white
Posca but I’m gonna try and keep the paper as much as possible
just do one even wash so that it doesn’t look too choppy before we start adding
in some like Pink’s or Reds to the cheeks and the lips and the nose maybe
just use that same color and darken up some of the features first before we add
more red or pink blend it out a bit we have that red erasable pencil that we can
use for extra blushes and then we’ll obviously go over that with pencil add
details alright I definitely want to let that dry before I touch it — add some shading
here while I’m waiting for the face to dry maybe some shadows from the plant
all right I definitely want to sharpen the pencil and then try and do the
facial features – if I need to I can always like maybe add even more blush we’ll see
zoom in so you can see this face in all its glory [zombie moaaan] then we’ll try to add some
eyelashes those eyes ended up a lot bigger than I wanted them to be whoops! – now for
the nose and it looks like her mouth slightly open you can see the teeth so
we’ll have to use the white pen the Posca pen for that I don’t love this
face at all [erases the face] grab the brush add some more red could even add some of this
it’s like the fingers try using a Posca pen make sure it’s prepped add some highlights we have to add the white stripes might have to do a couple layers looks a little transparent still need some
practice with the whole watercolor thing but I am falling in love with that
pencil as a line art look I’m really happy Scrawlrbox sent those together so
that I could try them together for the first time it’s like so soft and like
illustrative I love that I think a lot of the problems I have with this drawing
would have been solved by drawing larger so maybe if I had drawn directly on the
new piece of paper and drawn you know bigger because I was only able to
sharpen this to so much of a point so a larger canvas would have really
benefitted me I think or maybe just lack of laziness so that I could just if I
had sharpened it every time it got dull yeah there’s my version of oh I should
write their name on here @milktu_ I just loved it I need more practice I do want
to Thank you guys for watching! I hope you enjoyed watching me unbox the June
Scrawlrbox and use the contents to make some art or recreate some art would
be more accurate if you’re interested in looking more into Scrawlrbox and the
subscription service I will have a link in the description where you can check
them out – thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week and hope
you have a delicious evening full of waffles! BYE! [music gets louder] [music carries the video out to it’s conclusion]


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