Watercolor Pencil Painting – Watercolor Pencils Tutorial for Beginners – Step by Step

Hey guys welcome back today we will do a
watercolor painting of a Dahlia flower. Actually I’m going to use a watercolor
pencil for this. You could combine your watercolor tubes as well as your pan sets
with these pencils, but for today’s painting I am going to use watercolor
pencils throughout the painting. If you are watching my channel for the first
step I’m Madhula the artist behind ‘Madhula Creations’ And I do post video tutorials
every single week so please subscribe to my channel. Let’s get started For the flower I am going to use a
yellow, peach, pink, dark pink and red for the background and the leaves I’ll be
using light and dark greens along with the gray and black as necessary. For the
entire painting I am going to use only this brush. This is a three bar zero
Raphael brush. If you don’t have this brush you can go ahead to use a size 10
round brush and a size double zero round brush. All the materials used here are
given in the description box below so if you want to purchase it, just go ahead
and click on the links. I will be starting off with a outline sketch of
the flower. So I am going to draw each of the petals there so that we have an
overall look of the flower before we start to color or paint. If you are
watching my channel for the first time I do post video tutorials every single
week so please go ahead and click on the subscribe button and also click on the
bell button so that you get notified as soon as my videos are out. I’ll be using
watercolor pencils throughout this painting First let’s finish off the background
and then we’ll start with the flower. For the background it is going to be light
and dark greens with gray and black. So we don’t want an elaborate background. We
are going to keep it simple This flower might initially seem hard if
you are just starting out to paint. For those who are just absolute beginners
you could choose simple flowers like a lily or a daisy and a try the same
technique. This technique is same there whatever object you choose or what a
flower you choose. Jjust implement this technique and see after that you could
move on to this flower. Even though it seems very hard it’s not that hard.
Take your time to draw the initial petals so once you set them on place it
should be very easy to paint So for the flower we’ll start with the
center of the flower and slowly build it outwards so there are two ways of doing
it either you could completely color the flower fully and then use your brush to
paint it up or you could do it petal by petal. For this painting I am
going to do each row separately. First I will finish off the center paint it up
and then move to the next row and finish off those petals and so on. This gives me
an overall look and feel for the entire flower. This will also allow you to
correct your mistakes at the earlier stage of the project instead of doing
everything at one go finally. Iin case you wanted to change a little bit of colors
you will know as long as you do the first or the initial petals. You need
not color it very dark as of a normal color pencil it’s enough to do it very
lightly and then once you mix it with the water you will get a bright vibrant
colors So these pencils you can use for our
detailed projects or you can go ahead to do abstract works as well You could also combine the watercolor
pencils with your normal watercolors either it could be a pan cake set or your
normal tubes. It goes along with with all of these together. So the petals are
going to be yellow to pink shade so I am using a yellow for the underneath of the
petals and slowly I built towards the darker pink. Once it’s finished each of
the layers I’ll paint it with the water to activate those colors and then I’ll
move on to the next layer. For the shadows I am using a gray and a black
wherever necessary These watercolor pencils can also be
used as normal color pencils that is without water but ideally if it’s with
water it gives a brighter color. And you need not have any special paper for this
it works best with almost all watercolor papers so choose any watercolor paper
and then you can work with these pencils If you are having trouble with
controlling your brush or the tip of the brush for finer details in any painting
then you could use these pencils to fill in all those details. You could actually
finish the entire painting with only the watercolor pencils or you could also use
it for only the finer details in your painting. Same as a pencil by varying
pressure you can control the amount of color transferred to the paper so if you
are giving more pressure to the pencil more amount of water color will be
transferred to the paper so when you paint it you’ll get a darker, in a sense
it’s very easy to use these pencils because it blends well also you can
layer on top of it, for example in this painting I am layering the shadow part
after finishing the base layer. So it is easy to layer and it also blends very
smoothly I am continuing to work on each row of these petals till I finish the
final layer. I love to work on so much close objects like this flower in a
close-up position because it has lot of details to observe and when painting
that we will be able to see the beauty of the nature. It’s very beautiful to see
how each of these petals curve inside and how it is being layered around. Each
petal is unique yet to they look so beautiful and natural and
they have a symmetry in themselves even though each of these petals are kind of
different. Working on close up objects gives you a larger learning curve
because or you tend to concentrate on so much of details when painting. I again go back to the background to
make it more part of the image by adding little more darker values there and
finally adding the shadows for the petals Hope you enjoyed this video please go
ahead to click on the like button and give a thumbs up if you like this video
and also share this with your friends Let’s spread the joy of painting.. see you
in the next video..bye bye.. Happy Painting!!

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