Watercolor Pencils Tutorial : Learn to paint a cheese cake in 5 minutes 水彩色鉛筆教學 : 五分鐘學會畫奶酪蛋糕 (芝士蛋糕)

[Real Time] Use different shades of red to paint the red cherries starting from the lightest red Instead of painting white color later on, I leave the lightest parts unpaint Therefore, it is very important to mark all the lightest parts before you start painting it I paint a layer of yellow before the red in this part, so that the color of the cheese cake can show through While erasing the pencil lines, I start painting the color to the cake with the color cream [Real Time] Use dark indigo with a small circular motion to give an uneven texture. I realized that the angle of the plate wasn’t quite right, so I erased it and redrew it [Real Time] This is how I add water to the painting I start with the lightest red to the darkest red and remember to clean your brush before moving to another color Remember to wait the paint to dry completely before adding another layer of color Use a dark naple ochre to create the texture of the cake This warm grey was too dark, so I decided to erase it. You can erase a color before adding water but once water is added, you cannot erase it Adding more colors to the painting especially around the corner of the cake Use walnut brown to mix with the dark indigo that I have painted earlier on will give a black Adding ultramarine on red can give a even darker tone of red Continue to add colors to build up the painting until you feel satisfied Finally, I add a thin layer of grey, dark chrome yellow as background and add some dark chrome yellow final touches to the cheese cake


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