Watercolor Pencils : Watercolor Pencils: Layering

Something you can do with water-color pencils,
like we talked about earlier with layering colors, you can also layer with water-color
pencil, and get some different colors that way. You can mix your colors right on the
paper, which is typically what I do. And one of the ways you can do that with water-color
pencil, you would simply…it’s pretty self-explanatory, you would just lay down the basic color. And
you can do one of two things: you can go right in on top of that with another color and layer
that across like that, or, you can put a …do a wash down like we did back here. Wait until
it dries. And then layer a pencil color over that. So there’s a lot of ways to mix your
colors with water-color pencil. We’ll put a little water in that so we can see what
happens. Remember, these are the two colors, and there’s the one color by itself, the blue.
And then we’ve layered the purple on top of it, so you’re going to get a little purple
and a blue….nice purple and blue blend there. Blot a little of that out, and you can see
some of the color. And here’s some layer on top of a wash. So you get a very different
effect, and it just again depends on the kind of color that you want. So this is something
that you really want to practice with, and kind of get comfortable with and learn what
it is that you like. And that would be a really good way to layer different colors.


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