Watercolor Pencils : Watercolor Pencils: Maintaining Sharp Points

One of the things about water color pencils
depending on the affect that you want to accomplish, if you want to keep a delicate line that you
are going to just pull some color out of with some water or you are doing an edging or something
like that, you want to always make sure that the point of your pencil is really, really
sharp. Which means sometimes you can’t work as fast as you like because you are always
having to go back and sharpen your pencil. But that’s the affect that you want. So, make
sure you keep your pencil sharpener handy and keep that point on there, once in a while
it will break like that but that will be a good chance, I can show you now what will
happen you can see I can get a thick line and thin line out off of that. So, we’ve got
a thick line here and that might not be the affect that I am looking for. So, I want a
real sharp pencil because I just want that one line like that and there will be sometimes
when I’m working and that’s all I need is one line and I need it to be real thin. So,
that’s why I make sure I keep the pencil real sharp. You can go back in and you will get
a nice, nice bold line but it’s not too thick. Where as if you go back into this one, it’s
just a little thicker than you like it. So you want to know what affect you are going
for, and if you need a sharp line make sure you keep sharpening that pencil because it
will not hold the point for very long on this rough paper.

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