Watercolor Pencils : Watercolor Pencils: Shading Tips

Another thing you can do with water-color
pencils, rather than cover the entire area, what I’ve found really, really handy to do,
is, if you’re up trying to fill a small, tiny spot next to something, or you just want an
interesting effect, this is a really good way to get a line and shadow at the same time.
So, you’re going to make your line, and then rather than go over the entire line, you’re
going to load your brush with the tiny tip on it that we talked about. You’re going to
come right up next to it, and you’re going to run the water, right like that. So you’ve
got a nice, sharp line on one side, and then the rest of the color is flowing into your
paper that way. So it’s a really good effect for borders of things, for…for any different
things, for what I use…I….I can only imagine what kind of effects you could get with…with
flowers or whatever else you were painting doing this. So, you take your line, and you
can do it with a thick line as well, but typically I like to use this particular effect with
a thinner line. So you’ve just got your one line like that. Run your color up next to
it. This is one example when you do need a really nice brush to keep that point. And
you’re going to do it that way. That way you’ll have your wash all on one side, and the other
side stays clean. And that’s how you can get a really interesting effect with just one
water-color pencil line and a good brush.


  • 310796

    can i use a normal plain paper???

    this vid is so useful!
    thank u!

  • nia g

    no its best to use thicker paper normal paper cant wistand the water you but on it

  • bugeyedmonster2

    I would be careful with normal paper. It buckles and warps and gets wrinkly when you use watercolor on it. I suppose you could try some of that heavy cardstock, but just try a sheet or two and see how it responds.

    Watercolor paper is best. And the heavier weight the better. 90lb will buckle still. I'd recommend 140lb or higher.

  • Sartistic

    Wow long time ago…


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