We Got Eyebrow Makeovers From A Nordstrom Beauty Director

– Hi guys, I’m Zena. I’m the editorial director at HUM. – And I’m Kevin, the beauty
director at Nordstrom And today we’re talking about
– today we’re talking brows!
– brows! – Oh my gosh, brows, why
are they so important? – Brows are super important
because they frame your face and everybody’s seen them on Instagram when they’re perfect and symmetrical but don’t worry, those take
a lot more than one minute in that Instagram video so don’t feel bad. You can do a clear brow
gel and have a little bit of a boy brow or you can
have that perfectly arched brow, it just depends on
what you’re comfortable with. – Okay so you’re gonna
show us how to do it, we’re gonna bring in a
few girls from the office who have been dying to get
their HUM brow makeover on with you.
– Oh I love it, yes. – So, we’re gonna get
started and see how it goes. – Let’s do it. – Hi, I’m Temeka with HUM Nutrition. I’m a member service rep. – Hi I’m so excited to meet you, so tell me about your brows. – Yeah, my brows are a story
of their own as you can see. – A story of their own. – When I was younger I
used to watch my dad shave and so I saw him shaving one
day and I took the shavers and shaved my eyebrows
completely off, all the way. I’ll never forget, my mom was
like “what are you doin’?” – Oh my God. – And some grew back, but not all of them. There’s cuts, permanent cuts In them. So every morning when I wake
up I have to fill them in. – Mhmm, I think today what we’re gonna do we’re gonna use a Diorshow brow styler which is an amazing
pencil, but it’s powder. So it’s very delicate and you
can do actual hairstrokes. So I’m gonna show you how to use it now. – Perfect. – [Kevin] So what we’re gonna do is use the Diorshow brow styler which has an amazing
spoolie on the other end and people always forget about this but you have to brush up your brows. You can see clearly what you need to do. So when I’m looking at her
I know I want to make a line come down and shade. So typically when you’re doing brows You wanna start here. You wanna go through the
iris, that’s your arch. And you wanna end right
where your eye ends. Kay? So those three points. If you want you can actually
make little dots to guide you. Kay? And so what I like to do with
the brow pencil from Dior It’s very fragile, so you
don’t want to use a lot you just want to use a little
bit, and there’s no wax so it doesn’t feel like your
brows are going to be cakey and then just start here
making one direct line to your arch. Everybody can do this, boom, boom. Straight line, kay? Then you’re gonna go down and back around. Kay? So, boom, boom, boom,
kay so that’s my shape. And then what I’m gonna do is
fill in, almost scribbling. She had a concern that
there’s no hair here but we’re creating fake hairs
that are gonna look natural once I carve the brow. And I want you to remember
that all of these Instagram tutorials that are one minute long that make you feel terrible
about your own brows? It’s not reality, they’re
cutting it, there’s lighting. Just take your time, give yourself a break and always uses the back to
kind of airbrush it away. Now, you may be thinking, “wow,
that’s an aggressive brow” but what I’m gonna do is I’m
going to take Nars concealer which is one of the
top selling concealers, and I’m going to carve her brow underneath and clean everything up. So this is the Nars
Radiant Creamy Concealer. This is very popular for the under eyes but I also like to carve
the brows with this. So I’m gonna take a brush and
gently take some concealer. This is just a shade lighter,
a hair lighter if you will, than her actual skin tone and all I’m gonna do is clean up and kind of create the shape that I want. Do you see that line? Wow. Carvin’ the brow. And then you can even bring this down to kind of create a
base for your eyeshadow. Or you can just leave it
plain, going to the gym. – (Temeka laughs) – [Kevin] You have a gym crush
on the treadmill next to you, you just want to look cute. Kay? And then on the top,
this is where you don’t want it too different from your skin tone. You don’t want it to look too painted. Kay? I’m gonna pull it down
and carve that brow. Blending it into the hair. Okay, clear brow gel from
Anastasia Beverly Hills is just going to really
hold this for all day wear. And give you a little bit of a shine. And now what we’re going
to do is even her out so you can go on with
your dat HUM Nutrition. – (Temeka Sighs) (Background music gets louder) Okay so we’re done with your brows. We gave you a little bit of highlighter and you’re ready to go back to
work. But first, the reveal. Are you ready? – I’m ready. – Oh are you scared? – I’m a little excited.
– A little scared. Okay perfect, a little bit of both. So check yourself out. – Okay. I love them! – You Love them? – [Temeka] They’re actually full! – (both exclaim) – [Kevin] Good I’m so glad. – [Temeka] Oh, thank you. – You look good. – Hi I’m Brit and I’m the
graphic designer here at HUM and I really need some
help with my brows today. I told myself that 2019
was going to be the year of handstands and the year of brows. Handstands probably, I don’t
know we’ll see if that happens but brows, I think we
can tackle that today. – Yeah, I can’t even touch my toes so I can’t help you
with that handstand part but your brows are going to look amazing. (Laughs) – I think my biggest thing
is I have really light hair and so I never really know how much color to put in my brow, how
much to fill them out. I mean I like a little bit
of a statement and definition – Yeah. but I guess it just, you know I feel like when you’re doing
your makeup in the morning you’re like, I don’t know
how much is too much, Or I don’t know when to stop. – That’s why you have to have two mirrors. You always have to have a close up mirror and a far away mirror so
you’re never startling people when you leave your house. – Got it. – But I hear you, you wanna look defined, – Yeah! – you wanna be framed. Blondes sometimes have Invisibrows. You never wanna have Invisibrows. You always wanna have color, and I think when you use a
pencil you can achieve that and its all about how
much pressure you use. – Okay. – So I think I’m gonna use the
original Diorshow pencil 001 which is nice because you
can use it on a blonde or a brunette and the harder
you press the darker it gets. – Okay. – And then I’m gonna carve your
brow with this thing called Airflash, have you heard of that? – No but it sounds fun. – It’s like airbrush makeup at home. – Ooo. – Do you want that? – We like that. – We love that. – [Kevin] All right so what
we’re going to do is we’re gonna start with the brow styler
and just push up all the hairs so I can see the direction I wanna go in. I’m gonna take the other side
and I’m going to create a line from here to here. Super easy. Lightweight brushstrokes,
and that just gave you a little structure. – [Brit] Mmhm. – [Kevin] And you’re gonna
go down, back around, and scribble the back
because you want the back to be a little more
defined than the front. I’m gonna brush it away. Always use the Spoolie to brush it away. – What’s a Spoolie? – [Kevin] The Spoolie is
the little handy-dandy. – Oh, that guy. Okay. – [Kevin] Yup that guy in the back, right? That you probably haven’t
used before, right? You just were like this is
convenient for what reason you don’t know. So you’re just going to
keep brushing it through to the desired shape. You’re gonna get a date
tonight I just know. We have to take a new
profile pic for Bumble. – Can you be in it? – Yes, you’re gonna get so many dates. – All the super-likes. – Oh my god I love it. Let’s see. – [Kevin] I mean that to
me just already looks good. What do guys think, yeah? – But here’s the deal, so you can – Kay. – You can use just that and
honestly you look great. This is like your Trader
Joe’s, This is your gym, and you have a crush on the
treadmill guy next to you. This is your like I wanna throw my hair up in a little ponytail, – Mhmm. – Run to do some errands
or meet a Bumble date. – Okay. – Right? – That’s what this is. – Right. – If you want more and you’re
going to the club tonight with me and this cute little motojacket then you can use Airflash. – And what I love about Airflash – Ooo. – Yes. – This is, this is amazing, I love it. – Airflash. – Airflash. Its your entire foundation
in a can, or you can use it to carve your brows
which I really like to do because it has a lightweight feel to it and it literally makes you
look like you got a brow wax (Whispers) but you didn’t. It’s like dry shampoo for
your face and your brows! – [Kevin] So what I’m going to
do is I’m going to shake it, – Okay – [Kevin] spray it, and
if it was your complexion you’d buff it and then
you really would love it but for this I’m going to
go right under your brow. And your shade 100 for reference. – Mhm. – [Kevin] The lightest shade of them all. The fairest of them all. – The fairest. – [Kevin] Yup, so I’m going to go under and I’m just gonna go. you have a little extra
hair going on underneath which is totally normal and fine. On top I’m gonna do
this just so you can see what that looks like. And then I’m going to
buff it into the skin. Kay, close your eye for me. Buff it into the skin, and
the once I see the shape that I get I’m going to
go back in with the pencil and you’ll have the
beautiful, wispy, perfect, Bumble date brow. – Yay! (Kevin laughs) – So I’m going to add a little more here and because you have
airflash on your skin now its going to be a little easier to apply. Okay again, I’m doing
wispies at the front, a little more concentration at the back and then just buffing away the excess and her brows are already really wispy so you can see defined, natural. But I gave her a little bit of
a lift and she’s ready to go. Voila! All right so we’re gonna even you out. (Background music gets louder) Okay so we’re all
finished with your brows. – Mhmm. – We gave you a little bit of highlighter. I think you look really
good and ready to go on your new Bumble date so
let me know what you think. – Okay. Here’s the reveal. – (Gasps) I love them. – [Kevin] Yeah? – [Brit] They’re so good. They’re like so defined. – [Kevin] I love you, you
are so good, this is so fun. – Aww, I love you too. Can you come do these everyday? – Can I do on your Bumble date? – Oh my gosh how fun would that be? – It would be weird. Ill sit at a different table. Ill be like (Whispers) He’s great. – And then I just be like I don’t know give you hand signals. – Hand signals. – Throughout the time.
– Like help, he’s terrible. Or good job, get out of here!
– Or be like, fix his brows! – Fix him he’s broken. – Aren’t we all. – We are. – Okay Zena so tell me a
little bit about your brows and what you wanna achieve. – Okay, I think I honestly have
a little bit of brow hubris which is to say that I thought
my brows were really great and then, you know, when we
we’re planning this video someone pointed out,
they said, well you know you could probably fill
in here and maybe there. And I was like Oh my God
she’s right, they’re so uneven and I have good grow but
they’re not totally even – [Kevin] Mmmm. – And I feel like it still
makes a pretty dramatic difference if they are to be filled in. – Mmkay well I’m just
gonna tell you right now that you have perfect brows. I’m just letting everybody at home know. I’m kind of fan-girling because
I watch you on the YouTube. – On the YouTube, On YouTube, and I’m just
like she’s so pretty, and you’re actually
really pretty in person. – Oh thank you. – Its not just filters, I swear. But you really do have great brows. So what I would like to do
on you when you see backstage and you see editorial work they
don’t do the Instagram brow. And when I look at brows
like yours they’re perfect so I don’t want to ruin
them by putting too much product in so what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna use the Anastasia Brow Definer which is great because It has three points. You can use it flat and do strokes. You can use the pinpoint
which I’m gonna use right now and do little hairs, and you
can use the other end as well. And then the other side again is a Spoolie that you can brush through which
I’m gonna be doing a lot of on you because I want
to keep it super simple. So let’s start with a
little bit of the tip. – Kay. – [Kevin] So what I’m going
to do is I’m just gonna do a little stroke
starting at the beginning. You want the front of the brow
to be a little bit more wispy continuing on and
filling in brush strokes. Always stopping, pushing up,
airbrushing that product away and you want the end to
be a little more defined. Everyone’s always like
you want your brows to be, what did they say, what is the
thing they say for the brows? Brows should be sisters not
twins, its like I can’t. (laughs) Unless they’re like
super distant neighbors, (laughs) You’re good, you just – They need to be in the same country. – Yeah and the same zip
code and you’re good, I really think that’s fine. And you can do a little bit to make them a little more symmetrical
but again, yours, like even just that and a little brow gel, look at that brow. Yeah, lookin’ good. (laughs) – [Kevin] Lets get your other side for me. This time I’m gonna use the flat side and I’m literally going to
drag it through the brows. This is like shading, instead of brow hairs we’re shading. She has very, very
prominent hair, it’s darker against her porcelain
beautiful, un-aged skin. (laughs) – [Kevin] Not one wrinkle. Could it be all the probiotics
in the new HUM vitamins? (laughs) – [Kevin] Skin heroes. I use that, I’m just telling you right now my skin looks great now. – That’s so good. – [Kevin] I truly think
it’s the Pre and Probiotics which I learned Pre feeds the Pro, right? – Yes, yes!
– [Kevin] I’m a doctor now! (laughs) – [Kevin] I watched your videos, I swear. I really did. So what we’re gonna do,
we’re gonna fill in the gaps right there and it
literally doesn’t even look like you did anything. – It feels like you didn’t. I also, you know I think some
people sometimes don’t know how hard to press. – [Kevin] The pressure. – I just wanna say Kevin is using like Bob Ross painting little happy
trees on my face right now. (laughs) – Bob Ross? I love it. – It’s not like a (forced
grunting) Its like – I’m not angry right now.
– No you’re not angry it’s – I took my HUM vitamins I feel great. – Yeah, yeah. – What is the one for stress, Big chill? – Mmhm. – That’s why I’m doing this
I feel Bob Ross in a bottle, Big Chill. That’s what that is. Okay so I just gave you
a little bit more arch. Yeah, I’m into it. What do you think? – Do we love it? – [Kevin] I love it I was
gonna carve your brow but – I think they love it,
I can’t talk to them but I think they love it.
– Do you guys love it. – They love it, okay. – Yeah? Okay, great. – Okay. – So let’s do a little bit of brow gel. – Kay? – Kay. – Anastasia Clear Brow Gel and she really is the queen of brows. Anastasia started this whole
movement and she’s here in LA. – Mmm. – [Kevin] Did you know that? – Is she like the most popular brow – [Kevin] She’s the brow queen. – product to, yeah. – [Kevin] She is the
queen, let’s just say it, she’s the Queen of Brows, Kay? So these two product are
hers and she actually I believe she came up
with the golden ratio. All right are you ready
for the big reveal? – I’m ready to see ’em. – You look like a
totally different person. – (laughs) You shaved them off didn’t you? – It’s like I don’t even know
who I’m looking at right now. – Okay, lets see. – Check it out. – Oh yeah! – Wow, it’s like nothing happened! – (laughs) No it really is amazing though just how even subtly
filling it in will still just help frame your face much better. It just looks more – It looks polished. – I look polished, I look cleaned up, I look like I could go to
a fancy dinner right now – Oh! – And tell someone their
business is what I feel like. – Wow, she’s a businesswoman with brows. – I’ve got attitude
with brows on that’s it. – (laughs) You look great. – They look so good. Thank you so much Kevin. I feel so empowered in my brows now. – You look beautiful. – Thank you. – Beautiful before, beautiful after. – If people want to find
you where can they look. – Oh you can find me on Instagram @Kevglam – K-E-V-G-L-A-M – Amazing, we’ll put
it right there for you. If you guys liked this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up,
subscribe to stay up to date with more beauty updates
from us and we’ll see you very soon. – Thanks guys. (Background music gets louder) – What is this video? (laughing) Its the best video I’ve
ever done in my life!

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