We Have NEVER PAINTED A JON BOAT – Learning How To Spray Paint

Hey! Welcome to my first Jon Boat video. I’ve never painted a boat before we’re gonna use this… – “it looks a lot better” “Did those sticker lumps come off?” The first time we used… This $4 pitcher from Meijer… to put the paint in. Then we put the M.E.K. in there too. We mixed it and then that way we could easily use this to pour it in the gun. The second time my dad got a little gutsy and thought… We should just pour it all into the gun and mix it in there.. And then we got sprayed! “What are you doing!? You’re gunna miss. You’re pouring off the side!” “Keep going…You’re you’re pouring off to the side of the gun. I’m trying to keep the gun in the middle.” You tell me when because I can’t see from this angle. “Alright..Stop!” That’s good? It’s alright though…we figured it out now.. I think that was part of the first issue.. I think the fan on the sprayer wasn’t wide enough because we had to spray it pretty close up – – About three to four inches away and it was really thin, so it was kind of hard to overlap 50%. As you can see some of those lines. I thought that this was gonna be a little bit darker grey initially when I got this AlumaHawk. You’re probably wondering why did I paint this grey? Why didn’t I paint it some kind of camo color? Why didn’t I paint it somethi – you know – why didn’t I just repaint it dark green? I don’t do any duck hunting and I was inspired by Anthony Jones on YouTube. He painted his jon boat grey. He’s also done some cool modifications to his casting deck that I’m gonna be sharing as well. That was also a first-time build. My dad and I built some pretty unique features to that casting deck that I will be sharing with you on… another jon boat video, but we got to get a second coat on this because there is some spotty… spots… and uhh… Yeah, that’s – yeah, we got to do it again! I think once it fully dries, it’ll look… I don’t think we’ll see those lines anymore. As long as it’s coated everywhere, right? “It’s gunna look grey!” So it’s the next day we let it dry What do you think were some of the things we learned? We learned that we probably should of thinned it a little bit more with the M.E.K. “We couldn’t get a wide enough fan on it.” Yeah, the fan wasn’t wide enough like I said earlier. I think if we would have thinned it a little bit more… We talked to my Uncle Martin. He said that he thinks we should of thinned it a lot more to get a better fan. So I think when we flip this over and do it again on a nicer day – it’s pretty rainy today…. So the next time we do this on the other side, we’re gonna try it and see how that works. Yeah, a wetter fan because it was going on kind of dry, so that’s why we had to do two coats! We originally thought we were only gonna have to do with the one coat. We sanded this down with 80 grit with the electric sander… ..Orbital sander… and then… …Just sanded everything we could. Every nook and cranny and then we sprayed it off – *Washed it off* And then we wiped it with wax and grease remover, which I didn’t show… We probably could have got even more dirt off when we used the wax and grease remover but… We didn’t get too crazy with it. It was amazing how much came off… Some of the dirt amount on those rags were pretty heavy! So hopefully the paint sticks it looks a lot better than it did before! If you enjoyed today’s video, please give it a “Like” and I’ll…. Possibly post another – no, I will be posting another… Jon Boat casting deck breakdown video. I’ll link it up here when it’s done! And then there’s some other random video down here if you want to check that one out. I’ll see you in the next video!


  • Haulin Ash Outdoors

    Nice project Vinnie, its a challenge to get paint to flow well sometimes….you did good!

  • True North Angler

    Well done Vinnie. Turned out really nice.

  • FishinTheMittin TV

    Boat is coming along great bud not long and it will be in the water!!

  • John Klopp

    Cool, I need to paint my 1448 too! Currently trying to get my motor running and then would like to build a deck. Looking forward to the progress. 👍

  • Michael Davis Outdoor Adventures

    Cool, I can't wait to see the finished product. I bet it will be awesome

  • Karl Graf

    Your Dad, gutsy? LOL. Loved the way you mixed the paint and the thinner IN the paint reservoir. That like how Kirk used to fill his YZ tank with gas then pour a little 2 stroke in there and bounce up and down on the front handlebars. Great video though. Nice paint job.

  • Donald Hallmark

    Nice job guys

  • Extreme.Outdoorsmen

    Badass project vinnie!! Excited to see the boat all finished 🙏🏻

  • Dejay Rezme

    Sexy car wash sequence haha

  • Sophia Kaufman

    Hey remember me

  • Online Outdoorsman

    Look forward to seeing how this project progresses! I bet you will have a lot of fun in this rig 🤠

  • J Allred

    I like the lighter color better, cooler in the hot sun. Good job.


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