We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!

oh hello everybody! what’s up welcome
back to my channel! hi how are ya? Now in today’s video are they ready oh my god
today Nathan and I are off to the Taco Bell hotel it is the Bell and resort now
I think the whole world knows about this now
it’s so great I never thought something like this would be like there I’m doing
this it’s so cool it’s so unreal so you guys we are going to talk about we have
an amazing relationship with them and the fact that we got invited on opening
night I’m so mean yeah I’m like jumping up and down so you guys today we are
going off to Palm Springs and we are going to stay for the first time a night
one of the Bell so let’s get ready to get the hell out of here and get to Palm
Springs okay so it’s time to pack some makeup and clothes we have no clue what
is about to happen no no I haven’t even seen any pictures of anything so I’m I’m
gonna be completely surprised yeah you ready Zach oh yeah we’re all huge talk
about fans of course now everyone we just gotta make a quick disclaimer that
all views in this video from me and Nate are strictly our thoughts and opinions
only and do not reflect Taco Bell okay so now it’s time to pack up some makeup
some clothes and get in the damn car we have a two hour drive and I haven’t been
to Palm Springs in years and named Zach I’ve actually never been never been only
maybe drove through yes so uh it’s gonna be interesting because it might be
harder than their virus hyper sauce today because it’s a hundred and eight
degrees there yeah so so we’ve been seeing so basically we’re gonna be
wearing diamond necklaces and sunscreen only got a keep cold exactly okay so
let’s get that heck out of here oh hi guys welcome back to the being a bold ok
so hello we’re going to the Taco Bell hotel we really need to reel it in and
we’re some sick fashion so I don’t know what to bring with that temperature you
guys I’m like looking at all my new louia baton and I’m like do we bring her
you think that granola little huh I don’t know it’s gonna be so hot there I
feel like we may not wear any clothes at all so I don’t know
oh we’re not this hi this is Mike hey so Louie Vuitton jacket I do know this we
need to take a Birkin like hello it’s Taco Bell you can go our nanny’s a girl
what are we feeling I think we should peek in yellow I literally just got this
little lemonade Birkin right here so I think we’re gonna use her today yes cute
making me thirsty okay let me find an outfit be right back where is the final
look for Taco Bell yes is the Bell ready okay let’s get the hell out of here I
need to grab some makeup because I am NOT looking like this the entire time
and let’s get out of here okay we definitely need to get a little bit glam
today now in this type of weather and temperatures you can’t really get into a
full beat without melting off um so I’m gonna grab some essentials
first of all sunscreen hilum air reparative face Sun lotion SPF 30 don’t
try me grow anti-aging and sunscreen so I’m gonna lather this on all of our
faces later foundation what lasts in this type of heat I get asked a lot all
hours my wife sell is such a good one so we’re definitely use her hi i’m morphe
jeffree star star berry mint how you doing first of all okay of course we
have our sponges we’re gonna bring the new Pat McGrath primer Bobbi Brown Laura
Mercier and also magic star powder and then oh my god you guys we need to talk
to you I cream we need to go Durant high white cell oh okay we’re going back to
the Tom Ford badass and then the elf waterproof length and volume when the
bottom mascara like hits the skin and looks hideous I hate that an elf is a
good one I mean I really don’t need to go crazy because it’s going to be so hot
fake eyelashes oh absolutely not warm out here
this is probably called comparative mom Springs all right we got our overnight
bags we didn’t pack much just a makeup some underwear and some sunscreen all
right are you ready ready
let’s do this oh hi traffic how you feeling baby we
have like a two and a half hour drive I’m so excited we were just looking and
allegedly there’s so many like things to try today there’s new things on the menu
there’s new food items are you ready yeah
there’s allegedly a new Baja blast soda that’s only available at the Belle
that’s insane right that’s so cool yes okay well let’s get the hell out of
LA and hopefully it won’t take us all day then all luck you guys it’s the same
part is me oh my god you get two subscriber you I love it by baby
just like I know you well I know your karma stain of course one of my
subscribers as the same car that is so cool
oh hi guys there’s another lever DD Horace on the freeway right in front of
us that is so funny literally three on one Road hi Ruby sue
my colour score oh no – she’s feeling this oh my god we find it literally about to pissed myself so we
stopped in the middle of nowhere I wanted to get where we are Oh
oh my god there actually is this not planned
okay I’m my bladder so bad against I love me okay um I can’t wait I
need a Bob last name like we just get on the damn road I will this guy matter huh
whoa they were that yet no okay well I’m the
watermelon obsessed let’s grab her okay we got a snack we are almost of offspring famous
windmills is that what they’re called their traffic has been so crazy we’re 20
and it’s how come on oh my god I think we’re almost here you
guys whoo it’s hot out so we just roll down the window Oh
oh my god a rainbow flag yeah oh she’s welcome okay doing the heat test oh my
god whoa the wind is hot the wind is so hot
oh my god nine hundred B yeah cool oh my god okay so this is what’s happening right now guys
she says if you’re from another country girl the Celsius on that I don’t know
what it is but jesus take the wheel oh my god all right holy Sh hello how
are you sir good how are you yeah he’s inside there oh my god we are officially
here this is my dream baja blast with little watermelon
popsicles good the world okay there we go
first impressions into our room this is the moment that we’ve all been
waiting for when I first heard about this I died so we are about to check in
to our room we’re room 125 my god oh my god I’m
mile-high a mild start how are ya hot sauce pillow packs nice
the best pillows I can’t let you go look at this the bow oh my god this is so
cool oh my god I love it no hotels always had like shitty artwork random
finally a good one oh okay we got some snacks that what do they got over here
okay Taco Bell napkins we have the Bell everything if you’d like to take on a
piece of the Bell yes we would oh there’s a robe in here mate find the
road holy shit oh you have to source these
bins we’re burning the robe when I get home this is it honey oh yes okay
yeah mugs for the Baja blast we got pencils we got notepads look at
the phone I’m like how can a good cheese quesadilla plane thank you okay
you have snacks we got popcorn oh these are so good you never had these though
that fine they’re so good they started Thun them in stores last year
mm show some presents Eggman koalas are really good oh wow
yeah Doritos we don’t know her we know Taco Bell chips that’s about it
come on let’s do a little unboxing work it’s funny drop minis we got an entire I
love this the welcome guy oh I’m so hungry get in here
what is this this is a cooling towel wet the towel thoroughly with cold water
wring it out and it has a really nice cooling effect on the neck it is 108 out
9 oh my god there is the bell tacobell’ sunscreen lemare’s canceled yeah do we
eat at the bar like do we just get into bikinis or what should we do let’s think
about it I might even live in a bathrobe for a minute oh this is cool name yeah
yeah so that’s quite quite warm out getting a little parched what is it oh
there’s drinks in here oh wow the bomb blast yes it is please baby
women it’s not a mirage drinks and snacks in your room bro I have so many
memories like the first time I tried Bob last I know it’s just soda
I was shook it tasted so good and I literally this and CodeRed or my tried
and true so I talked about thank you okay I got my Bell robe on I’m living
for it now I packed some makeup is so hot out like but we can’t go really so a
little foundation a little hi how are ya nothing major and you little bit of eye
shadow if we brought miss morphe jeffree star the artistry palette okay hello
extreme sunlight now I cannot go to the Belle pool party without a little bit of
foundation on I magically wet her so we brought some extreme sunscreen but
talkable already has some so lemare I’m sorry girl it’s a wrap you know what I
have I really want to try this I might try to matter your name I have the new
k’kaw skin perfecting body foundation this is supposed to make her skin look
like airbrushed me really yeah I want to know if it works so many people
requested it and this is all it’s been sold out forever so let’s see what miss
Kim K has in the works we got our talked about sunscreen on I’m really scared of
my pores looking crazy so we’re gonna use a little Pat McGrath skin fetish
I’ll hang it up there wait like instant now we’re gonna see if this all ours
from YSL can handle the heat what edition are you wearing today okay I’m
just gonna do two pumps because I’m not trying to be like in full be you see that I here knows that oh yeah
come on highlight new Jeffers our product launching later this year hi
okay um I don’t want to wear it much it is so hot out like a gloss great I mean
that’s about it maybe semester and like a drop of eyeshadow how hot getting the
border is many I probably say it’s about like eighty five ninety degrees I didn’t
put my phone in but that’s usually what happens out here where the end of the
day I think is really hot alright literally I’m okay
I lied I’m picking one more color we got all these brushes they brought alright
I’m gonna dip into a designer label right here hi and now we’re just going
to tuck that in the inner corner all right I want to do a little bit of
gold glitter on the lid so I am dipping into shade millions right here it is
depressed glitter in my palette now I have long nails so I’m a little just
gonna put it a little bit right there and we’re just gonna press it right
there on the lid hey yogi the adhesive you don’t need a brush you literally
just take it and press it on the lid okay I definitely need my own setting
mist right here a little star berry if you will and then to really seal in this
makeup I’m gonna go in with the rich luxe collab with Gerard cosmetics this
is a dream Sifl scented setting spray hi are you kidding me this is really
supposed to lock in makeup and it’s orange are you kidding me wrong brand
here Oh oh my god I love mixing setting sprays
okay you guys everybody for the bowl yes let’s do it oh my god okay before we get
to the pole we have to try out this Kim K foundation this is in shade light
there’s a shimmer one and like foundation foundation okay season so we
have a few purposes I want to write and I have the brush oh I’m starving so
we’re gonna just try this on your leg let’s see if it really works allegedly
this is gonna give the appearance of face Joan here we go oh she’s getting a
tan today miss thang well maybe you never know let’s not judge here Eddy
this is shade of light there’s no way what oh I am really pale but like I mean
you what you are fair the house but girl oh my god this is not your color honey
no yeah I kind of covered it but that’s just not the right color
yeah I’m shocked I need to talk to Baba first impression sighs thank God all right guys we were just in the pool
for about an hour and it feels so good in there
they made us some amazing drinks some non-alcoholic watermelon coconut lime
heavenly Buster drawers we don’t know her by ear look I’m in Hawaii right now
amazing okay you guys real quickly there’s a food menu this is what we’re
here for y’all we wanted eight all right so they have exclusive items on the menu
let’s talk about it via waste this fish tacos oh my god the
Palm Canyon melt toasted cheddar Club we just ordered two of those high cheese
addict right here we have this Caesar taco salad but look at my meal where
does it come with nacho fries thank you Jesus would you get many
Zak once you get vegetarian that veggie wrap oh yeah all right so we will do a
little taste testing oh I cannot believe it we just got so
much food and there’s music playing by the pool so we don’t wanna get be
monetized oh my copyright so we’re eating in our room
this is this this what was on the menu look at that oh and the nacho fries for
rush you guys the person that invented the nacho fries is here at the Bell and
tomorrow morning we are going to meet them so one a petit oh my god by the way
look at this the details are you guys good Wow okay first of all
this is the plane chatter when here’s a normal you want try normal one yep you
did my dip oh my god mmm yes good don’t there’s this it’s
like it’s like fried or baked cheese on top oh my god yeah man okay Taco Bell
day one it was crazy we’re so full yeah exactly so let’s get some sleep so we
can eat – boiler morning yeah are you guys told well it’s gonna
prepare us breakfast the chef who makes a lot of the menu items will be here in
the morning I gots an honor so let’s get some beauty sleep and we will see your
hands off the belt hello good morning everyone
Wow I could probably sleep for another 10 hours but Taco Bell said hi sweetie
you need to wake up because we’re going to let you in Nathan in your crew try
all of the new exclusive Taco Bell breakfast items here at the Belle and
I’m like let’s do it us eight hundred mighty good over here yes rich Lux is
favorite person on the planet right here assistant lane alright first of all look
at her morning bouquet hi how are ya oh my god the food’s coming Zac okay the
food is here y’all whoa that looks unreal yes not the burrito whoa that is yes this is
our Chavez a smoothie my god okay Nate I want you to meet Renee hi nice to meet
you boss he invented nacho fries you know so good to see you quick question
sure thing we do a little sound off avocado toast what’s all in here yeah so
this is grilled multigrain bread the avocado is cured with Meyer lemon juice
oh my lemon zest so it’s really bright this is totally seasoned puffed sorghum
it’s a little mini grain but a popsicle in a miniature popcorn watermelon
radishes and then these little red Krispies are the Diablo puffs they’re
basically chicharrones okay with our Diablo seasoning packet but they are
vegan okay okay this is our yogurt Greek yogurt with honey
honeycomb I coconut almond granola and obviously fresh seasonal fruit and lemon
zest delicious these are our pancakes I’m a pancake these are cornmeal
pancakes okay they have melted butter strawberries these are candy pistachios
and this is a Meyer lemon laquetta it’s like sweetened condensed milk with Meyer
lemon juice in it so it’s really like bright burrito which is okay only would
have read Klein’s you’d have it knows bacon cheese sauces on the side now
Madison’s really looking forward to the – these are our fire chip Chalukyas okay
we made them with our you see we have the retail fire sauce packet and cheese
and chips so we want to do it till the chaos with those so it’s tossed with a
charred tomatillo salsa oh and then on top of obviously over
easy a queso fresco grandma we got the guy it looks unreal all right enjoy
thank you guys all right you guys that was crazy the inventor of nitro fries
just made us all their brand-new meals okay good
horchata smoothie let’s go down the line first first impressions
that’s like never have never tasted it’s really it’s like perfect actually
exactly if you want to try it it’s delicious okay what are you doing the
yogurt first let’s all this time yeah I’m gonna do the pancakes because I’m a
breakfast oh it’s gonna be really spicy I don’t do
spicy so Madison’s doing that how’s the yogurt baby just delicious it sure I might just make one by anima students
ready for it oh wow it’s that kind of sweet but really mild
like that strawberries in the middle oh my god guys good
Wow I’m so will suck Oh so nate is about to try the new avocado
toast here we go I’m gonna get Maddie a piece take a huge bite you yeah how are we feeling actually really good
I’m never like tasted this stuff with an avocado toast before hell really aesthetically looks unreal crunches got a little bit of how do we really that’s really good
the little guys on top yeah the flavor okay
huh oh yeah we have another breakfast burrito yeah Nate has an appetite you
better work hug that baby I like it looks delicious yeah Cheers Leoni oh wow I’m already getting full because they
never really eaten this early when I first wake dog saying but I’m gonna
living for all this decking our train of it shouldn’t I have a vegan shows are
you into yogurt yeah all right first impression
looks so cool you usually eat up concepts that’s pretty good though
I like it surprise so there’s the little addition closures
Yeah right it’s cool and it’s not just like basic yeah yeah okay favorite I
think is the cornmeal pancakes for me I really do like the cornmeal pancakes
whoo they’re so good right there just tastes like it
literally tastes like a cornbread yeah exactly they like sweeten it up a
little bit Maddy go well yeah uh Canada Gardner favorite what time is it it is
it’s only 10:00 it’s only 10:45 in the morning and it is Oh
ten hundred just hit a hundred perfect yeah so before we drive back to
Calabasas there is a gift shop on the way out I really thought we need some
essentials there’s brand-new exclusive Taco Bell sign-in glasses Gucci you’re
gonna have to have a seat for a minute girl so we’re gonna clean up here have
10 more more chocolates and thank you oh hello
you you where did we start you guys nate is
dying for the purple the power say yeah Mogi so cute look at these these are
sick fiery swim ashore
look we’re doing small in these yeah they’re so cute a bit softy Maddy
saucy girl if you don’t talk about your mom I need
that right go Maddie imagine outfit okay we’re
wearing these in the car great then we got to do a mug this is so cute Wow all
the details I’m living that’s so cool I got this
I love it that’s so cool you guys this has been crazy we’re gonna have to do a
recap like in the car on the way home but wow what experience okay it’s time
to go back to how about this Palm Springs you’re unreal this video has been so crazy so epic I’m
still full from this morning but you guys it’s time to head back to Calabasas
it’s been such a crazy journey every slight I’m tired but it was so unreal thank you
talk about so much for having me at Nathan and back in Madison we had the
best time ever thinking for all the gifts and we will never forget this
experience so it’s hid for a nap and a hint so I love you guys so much we’ll
see you on the next one


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  • Hope Sharman

    107° F is 41,6° C .
    you can thank me later for looking it up.

  • amy ballou

    under a taco bell hotel’s spell…i never realized how irritated i was by hotel minibars until seeing this video…hundreds of dollars for a room and they wanna charge me fifteen bucks for a can of diet coke…nawp.

  • Dawntashia Alexander

    "omg a rainbow flag! yeesss! ouuu she's welcome" i love jeffery lmaooo


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