Web Administration and Design

This is a second career for me. My first
career, I was working in fast food. I was in there for over 20 years, straight out of high school. and I had to retire, unfortunately, at 37. And I found myself without a future. Handicapped and I thought I would never be able to work again. I chose Web Design because I’ve always loved computers. Web design gave me an opportunity to have a job that was sitting and it worked around my mobility
limitations. My instructor was amazing. I first started with just the idea of just
getting a diploma. And I didn’t think anything further about going and getting an associate degree. And my instructor was pretty much telling me what I could do and that my disability wouldn’t be a hindrance. She pushed me, she motivated me. I’m in my final year the school of my last semester. I got my job through my adviser/ teacher at a local company. Owner is a graduate of Pitt Community College. What I learn in class now I’m able to apply that at work. When you’re working at fast food, you’re making order and that’s gone. You don’t even see it again. But now I get to to build things and then look at what I’ve
done and it lasts. And it’s more gratifying. That makes me feel proud.

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