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Hey Youtube! Welcome! You found me! I’m Spencer.This is Sketch-A-Day Where every day, I record a new video demo showing you how to draw, how to sketch and how to understand the world around us. So why don’t you take a look around, check out the videos below and see if you find something you like In the meantime, here’s what you can expect to find EVERYDAY on SKETCH-A-DAY MUSIC and SKETCHING Drawing with your shoulder is all about using your shoulder here as a pivot And your elbow as well MUSIC and SKETCHING Here we go. Here’s a piece of plastic So this you can imagine represents the picture plane So it’s a transparent plane between me and what I see So if I have an object here and I’m looking at it This object is between me and the picture plane Never, you know, just throw away your art stuff Because you can always find something useful and bring it back to life. Learning to draw is learning to see, and that is so true. An imaginary line that extends from your temples Out to the left and to the right to infinity Ohhhh that was not good [awkward]


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