What is Animation Painter? PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial – #QuickTip05

Hello everyone! Welcome to my channel Best of PowerPoint and
in this all new quick tip series. Today I am going to share a very useful feature
of PowerPoint with you all. And the name of this feature is Animation
Painter. So, as you can see I have inserted 3 images
in my slide and I want to animate all the three images exactly the same. Beginning with the first image, lets add fade
entrance effect to it. Open the animations pane and open the effect
options. Under the timings tab, select start after
previous, Set the duration to one second and click okay. Now let�s add another animation effect to
this image and this time I will add teeter effect. Again, open the effect options of this effect. Select start after previous and add delay
of about 0.5 seconds. The final animation effect which I am going
to add to this image will be the fade exit effect. Again, open the effect options, select start
after previous and set the duration to 1 second. Let�s see what we have acheived so far. So, the image makes an entrance, teeters up
and down and takes the exit. Now I want that these three animation effects
be applied to the other images too along with the same properties. One way is that I can add these effects separately
and set the properties of each effect one by one. However, it will become very much time consuming
if the number of images is very large. Therefore, I will use the very amazing feature
of PowerPoint called the animation painter. Select the base image from which you want
to copy the effects to the other images and under the animations tab you can find the
animation painter. Click on it and then click on the desired
image on which you want all these animation effects to be copied. And its done! Similarly copy the animation effects to the
third image. So basically, it is just a copy and paste
tool for the animation effects. Let�s see what we have achieved now. Perfect! With just a click of my mouse I have applied
same animations with their respective properties to all the other images. Not only images, you can use the animation
painter for text and other objects also. And this saves me a lot of time when I have
to apply a large number of complex animations to a large number of objects. So that�s it guys. I hope that this video was helpful to you. Please like and share this video and don�t
forget to hit the subscribe button. Thanks for watching and see you in my next

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