What is Paint Reducer & Activator – What They Do and When To Use Them – Kevin Tetz at Eastwood

let’s talk about activators and reducers
an activator is an interchangeable name for harder or catalyst and it’s a
necessary component of modern paint systems primer systems and clear coats it’s what chemically cross-links that
product and turns into something very strong so don’t leave it out or you’re
going to be buff and bubblegum or stripping it off with some kind of a
solvent now reduces give you options when it comes to temperature the size of
the job or the speed in which you want the job done and give you more tools in
the toolbox to do the job right so don’t forget to go to eastwood.com for more
information or download the eastwood paid app from your Apple or Android
store and get this information on your mobile device


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  • Tamike San Mig

    can i ask,can mix reducer to textile paint or fabric paint?

  • imhungry208

    I havent seen that guy since muscle cars tv show

  • takbongchubby 019

    sir! the reducer and the thinner are desame?

  • CWCcougar

    despite the title and description you do not explain what reducers are for at all.

  • cb.Bebop

    I came here to find out what a slow, medium, fast and temperature differences are within the reducer. I left the page disappointed. Thanks for the false advertisement.

  • Laidback andhumble

    Very deceptive title

  • SuburbanHobbyist

    So according to this video you must ALWAYS use an activator when you are painting. Really? So no matter what kind of automotive paint I'm going to spray I should put some activator in? I don't know much about painting cars (hence the research and why I'm watching) but I have a feeling this isn't accurate. Aren't activators JUST for paints that require it? If a poor dude was to pick up some urethane basecoat from somewhere that is a simple one part basecoat and threw that activator in there wouldn't it ruin his paint job? You guys really should check your content. Or maybe I'm wrong and you use activator for all paints regardless of what type it is.

  • David

    He said at the end "Go to Eastwood and get this information on your mobile device."

  • GT -R

    I really need to know what happens if you use the wrong reducer. I have a reducer for 24-30 degrees celcius. What happens if I use it for 19 degree weather? Does it just take longer to dry?

  • brandon granados

    that is added only to the color paint to strengthen it right? And not the gloss right?

  • Ford Fanatic

    So I added like 200 grams extra hot weather reducer to my single stage g2 polyurethane paint. 1093 paint hardener 3/1. And my paint dried to the touch in 15 minutes xD my poor paint gun… I'll never add extra reducer again


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