WHAT MAKES IT SO SPECIAL?! | Watercolor Painting-Book Kit | Painting Italy

so what this is – I was on Etsy and they were having a Black Friday sale and I saw this well basically it was a coloring book
and it was like $60 and it looked really really interesting so I want to show you
and hopefully it’s as cool as it looked and we’ll find out what makes it special
I bought it from someone in Ukraine so it took a month and a half to get here – oh! -the anticipation Oh its in a Cute box! well presented
look at that! – ew that’s bothering me – ever notice when you get something on Etsy
it’s just so much better than when you get it from Amazon –
I don’t know where to put this box… watercolour trip inside? are we going on an
adventure? ah nuts… I ripped it – so this is the Insparea (inspiration area) watercolor
kit oh it’s a kit? well that explains the price doesn’t it? – *opens box*
I’m missing
one!! I was about to say “Oh cute” but I realized: – oh…oh…that wasn’t dramatic boom! I’m missing the RU raw umber oh there it is I found him, here we go
all’s well! call off the search! – so here is the little palette as you can see
it’s got little drops of watercolor up on the top of a very thick piece of card
stock I think that’s the word so the colors that came with the set is violet,
lemon yellow, raw umber, burnt umber, olive green, Viridian, yellow ochre, cadmium
yellow, cadmium red, madder lake deep ultramarine, and indigo – and the cool
thing is *zooms out* bloop! – these were all put together to be used specifically with
this coloring book or as they call it a painting book – OH! PURPLE!?! ahhhh! merry Christmas
to me, okay! oh there’s little blending cards I believe – what there’s more? I
didn’t read the description very well did I? – making me look bad *hehe
-OKay, these others extra palate in here if you’ve run out of that one obviously – cute! it’s the same colors very cool and I believe this is kind of like a paint
by number thing but it also allows you to experiment but I haven’t looked at
the coloring book yet this is the coloring book we’re gonna look at that
in a minute let’s see what else is in here okay so I see a paint brush this is
a DaVinci I believe a squirrel imitation so no ‘squirrel-lies’ were harmed in the
making of this paint brush, it’s a number six round and then there’s also there’s
way more in here than I expected a number two round which I believe is also
the exact same brush, look at that fancy I love round brushes they’re my
favorite – alright and then it has some swatch cards, watercolor paper, alright
and lastly, that’s kind of funny – this is some masking fluid – cool and then what’s this?
is this wax? I believe this is wax so it’s like a
giant big chubby clear crayon so if you draw with that the watercolor won’t stick I
think, oh this is the most dainty maggots I’ve ever seen in my life – this is so cute
okay now the coloring book, the coloring book! all right so this is the main attraction we
have the painting book as they call it I got the one in English, obviously – there was
options, and it’s made out of watercolor paper and the cool thing is – oh! here’s
the author’s – the cool thing is it actually kind of teaches you how to use
watercolors so there’s some techniques I’ll have to read those and then there’s
like an area to test it out and practice so it’s like having a little teacher
again it shows you a technique and it gives you space to try it and then
here’s what I wanted to show you this is what I’m so excited about so on the
left side of the spread we have instructions as well as the original
reference photo of like this window then they give you a step-by-step
instructions on how to do it yourself and then give you two sketches to fill
in and practice your technique so you get two shots at it, isn’t that really
really cool? and all these photos are from Italy
this is a photo actually from 2016 that’s not that old – but they give you
one test try and then like your final try that you can’t
cut out and you know hang on your refrigerator – so you can paint this
window of the Riva del garda in three steps step 1 step 2 step 3 but each step
has about four steps so that’s interesting maybe I have just been over complicating
things…? – and in the tutorial it actually tells you the exact colors to use and
different little tips and tricks so I’m very excited to try this out and to
support a small business and artist so this is really really cool and I hope
you’re getting a kick out of this as much as I have I’m so excited to try this look at all
these they aren’t people which I would usually draw but I thought this would be
so cool to like teach me how to watercolor – oooh, the texture is so cool and the
cover page is really thick and each of the papers is really really thick – can
you hear the thickness? * flips through thick pages* I’m impressed I’ll have to try this out anyway I
couldn’t wait to open this and share it with you next I’m going to use it but I
literally just woke up and I haven’t had breakfast yet
and my tummy is a ‘gurglin’ I’ll be back when I have time for this which
hopefully be later today maybe we can do like a cool transition – ready?! *deep breath* Hey and we’re
back let’s finally use this thing though right oh and something I forgot to
mention is this coloring book was about $60 after the Black Friday sale – all right
let’s put our palette over here somewhere- here we go “advices from the masters”
I don’t know if we will need these, or these – let’s paint Italy shall we I’m gonna single-handedly paint all of Italy I didn’t know notice at the bottom
here Andrej is ranked among the top 20
watercolor artists in the world way to go, buddy! nice! what is that?
this guy right here nice alright so we should probably go through all the
practices alright the first lesson is a flat wash *whisper* probably need some water don’t ?I alright next it says “into wet” ‘a went into
wet wash painting on a wet surface for colors to blend easier’ okay so what you
do is you get your clean your paint brush
then you take a wet paint brush and then you grab your color and you just ‘bloop’ so
the term ‘lift’ means to lift your painting by removing paint from a
surface with a dry brush to correct mistakes – we’re gonna do a flat
wash (look I’m learning these terms) well there goes well that’s kind of cool I
didn’t know you had to use a dry brush for that but I can see it making more
mistakes than the ones it’s fixing ♪ Swatch and practice montage! ♪ I’ll need three of these ♪ do something like dis? ♪ art-ing intently oohhh! look at that! It’s magic! ♪ crayons +watercolor=omg ♪ ♪ ♪ cool I’ve used masking fluid before but
it was like a lot harder to get off this leg just rubbed right off I like it all
right so we finished a little study that they provided so the point of that is to
kind of understand what they’re gonna tell you to do in like the tutorial
section and for most of them I think I got it – ‘blur’ I didn’t really I’m not sure
entirely sure I did that right but I assume it just means to blur whatever
its gonna tell you to blur so I think I’ll get it when it’s in like the
context of a tutorial uh I wasn’t very good at lifting and then ‘partly’ I didn’t
really understand but I think that’s gonna mean that when it tells you to
color in like a certain shape it’s gonna say colored in just ‘partly’ which it’ll
have a picture to go with that and I think it’s gonna make sense hoping let’s move on to the next page let me get this to stay open – and now we can work on this window finally so we can always look back at the reference photo but let’s
follow the first step – let’s learn to watercolor shall we? – alright so step one
is add a wash of yellow ochre to the wall I can do this all right now we add a
flat wash – whew! that is a gorgeous color need to come right up to the edge – now what I
think we’re trying to do is get an even color so you’ll see there it’s lighter
in there it’s darker so I’m gonna try a little harder to get the same color so
you can’t let it dry while there’s still a lot of paint thing you gotta smudge it
around is what I’m learning here because once it dries it’s a little harder to
mix it together you see when I put it down it’s darker and bolder and then you
got like smudge it around and get an even coat that’s the best I could do on
a first attempt – it’s definitely patchy but I’m going to assume that the more you do
that the better that’s gonna look and I also notice that they put a much lighter
wash that I did so we’re probably gonna have to take advantage of this little
second attempt anyway next is add a wash to the window frame which we’re going to
mix: crimson red and the burnt umber so we’re gonna color in this inside section
with them that oh I think I got the right color here not too dark
next it wants me to add the flower pot leaves which we’re going to mix ‘olive
green” with the ‘burnt umber’ again and then mix those together let’s try it out
just add some like speckles it’s definitely not the same color I use the
right green? “olive green” there’s looks much darker — alright now next up is to wait
for this all to dry alright now that that’s dry, moving on to step two which
is add a wash to the windows of the colors YG and YO but I don’t see a YG,
I see YO… we’ll come back to that one but it says with a lot of water
we’re gonna wash the stone frame using RU – which
is raw umber and it says a lot of water so I guess I’ll put that on this pallet
hmm okay it says with three water droplets color in the stone frame, Tada! I think that
was my best so far that’s a little dark in this corner, pull that out – nice I think that’s my most even washed too! nice! okay next step flowerpot using CR and VB which is
crimson red and the burnt umber again add the wash stains on the wall using burnt
umber and with raw umber – this one, I’m gonna mix those together alright then
we’re gonna add the Shh-textures – Oh with a lot of water so let’s add some more
water to that and then add in these puppies some over here I’m also trying
to look at this reference and see if I see why they’re picking up certain
places but for this they’re just adding texture to the the background which
isn’t in the reference photo so this is just for creative purposes I guess and
since I painted in the background so darkly it you know it’s kind of hard to
even see them and then it says “add stains on the stone frame using
raw umber and burnt umber”… do this? that doesn’t look like the same color at
all? – alright I need to go back to do the windows which it said to mix YG and YO – yeah if you look at the palette it says you’re going to use YG plus YO, we
have a YO which is the yellow ochre we don’t have a YG we have this
one that has a lowercase G it shows an uppercase Y and a lowercase G what if it
means indigo? I’m gonna have to just go with indigo and hope for the best, but it
says mix indigo hopefully with yellow ochre lets see what that looks like – I guess it’s
pretty close still not the same color that they have
on theirs let’s add more water for that see if we can get a lighter color it’s
gonna add a little more indigo on top like-a-so – the next thing it wants us to do is
add a wash of shadows from the flower and the stone frame – yellow ochre and raw
umber it doesn’t say how much of each to mix but does show add a decent amount of
water so yes we’re gonna add a decent amount of water that’s a nice shadow
color isn’t it? *hehe* shadow, underneath here – all right and then the shadows on the frame are
using burnt umber and violet- we are shading here whooaaa that is a pretty color
of course it is, it’s got purple in it just add some crazy texture like it
shows in theirs so it looks like they used maybe this color I’ve messed up the
next step was to shade up here which was teased a different color and that was
ultramarine and yellow ochre – my bad – so gonna have to wait on that to dry and
then we can do that part but the next step is add a core shadow on the
flowerpot – I see yellow ochre is very popular in this drawing and then we’re
adding a shadow do this flower pot so now we can add shadows to the window and
for this we’re going to use indigo and Viridian yeah I think I was right I
think it was a typo and it was indigo that we were supposed to use look that went pretty well it looks good
I also shade the leaves with indigo and olive green – mix that with indigo we can add some shadows to this – not sure if that’s right that looks a
little weird I think this shadow here
oh that’s where this goes Oh I was wrong my bad
obviously our light sources over there casting quite a bit of shadow that
looks way better now doesn’t it? that made a definite improvement and this
looks really good on the monitor because he’s teeny-tiny, up close it looks a
little you know ‘blobby’ but I’m actually really happy with it I think it turned
out really cool I’m just gonna go and add anything I feel like it needs yeah
just because you know I do like that painterly effect that it has we’re still
waiting on — oh we have to color the flowers we have to wait for that to
dry and then we can color the flowers, I definitely am learning like how to make
shadow stay in the color scheme this is really really cool aside from like the
typos which i think are probably coming from translation errors maybe I don’t
know well give them a little bit benefit of the doubt but this did cost pretty
penny so I mean even though it costs a lot
it’s not perfect – I noticed almost everything was mixed with yellow ochre I assume
that’s how you kind of stay in the color scheme which is nifty, I’m learning something –
another thing I’m noticing in the reference photo here they used a much
more texture paper than what I’m using so that’s not like showing through or
they drew that way smaller that could also be yeah well look here you can actually
ask the artists for advice online I didn’t even see that “send them
an email or go to their website and ask for advice” *hehe
I should be like “okay hey what did I do wrong?” I think I know what I did wrong I
put too much paint in the background so it’s much more saturated and vibrant
than what they did and I think that would have made a significant difference
because the contrast would be a lot better so knowing that I kind of want to *whistles * try it again ♪ Watercolor sounds ♪Aggressive swatching ♪ making mistakes ♪ getting messy ♪ just overall drawing stuff ♪ ♪ yeah I love that! that’s so cool so there we have it
there’s my two attempts – we should probably take a look at the original
reference photo, step by step instructions, their final, and then my two
finals – which one do you like better I definitely made mistakes in both of them
because I am a beginner – I’m such a noob I think when I followed the instructions
more closely or at least tried to I kind of liked this one better
except for I like the lighter wash on the background with this one I think I
did a much better job there’s not those tons of streaks like there is in this
one I think in each of them I did something better than the other so I
guess I gotta keep practicing I definitely look better teeny tiny and
not up close there’s certain areas the picture that has better contrast and
this one and there’s certain areas of this picture that has better contrast wow this is really really fun and there’s still – look at them all! – there’s still a
bunch more in here that aren’t just a window *haha* I think my favorite part about
this coloring book is that it tells you what colors to mix together to get the
certain colors there were some areas where they didn’t really look the same
so I don’t know if I mixed wrong variations but I wish they had given a
little bit more instructions as how much of each color to mix but right now it
just tells you what colors to mix and you kind of have to just wing it and try
to get the right color but I found that really really helpful
because what I do like about these pictures is they both have something
that my drawings don’t usually have which is they have a very cohesive color
scheme and they look good you know together even though they’re using blues
and reds they don’t look super saturated and
crazy like they’re well blended and I’m learning a lot mixing these colors by
following these instructions on how to do that which is priceless to me and I
really like that they can give you this little tiny palette it’s extra water
colors if you run out of these to give you these too
um thingies which I assume you use and other tutorials yeah looks like it the
paper is alright like you see it it’s not like perfect paper
it’s definitely buckling underneath all of the water that I’m using but it’s
good enough to like practice the techniques I wonder if this palette
washes off and so you can reuse it because I filled the whole thing with
just this window *intense scrubbing* sweet! I think this would be a really cool present to
someone who’s just getting into watercolor – what would be really cool is
if they made one of these for like portraiture I would be all over that ohh! but
it’s surprising how fun it is to just paint in an Italian window though like
look at that ah! so this kit isn’t perfect but I really really enjoyed it
and I’m definitely going to use the rest of it get my money’s worth
let me know if you’d like me to film some more of these and see if I can
improve as I go through the book it could be a fun way to track my progress
if you’re interested I’ll have a link in the description to Insparea’s Etsy page
if you want to check out what else they have on their store – anyway, I hope you
enjoyed comeing along with me to Italy where we painted a window oh! thank you
guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a
♪ delicious evening full of waffles! ♪ BYE! ♪ so cute ♪


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