Hi everyone and welcome back to my
channel, and welcome to another video in my Bay Area Beauty series. Today I’m in
Walnut Creek going to get a spray tan. As a beauty blogger, I’m a little
embarrassed to say, I’ve never had a spray tan. I’ve done lots of like sunless
tanning mousses and lotions at home. Never a proper spray tan done by a
professional. So today I’m at Fresh and Frosted Organic Spray Tans in Walnut
Creek, she has a little studio space here on Boulevard Way but she also does home
calls so if you prefer to do your spray tan at home, I think she services the
local area here but you can check on her website for more information. Before my treatment I looked through the prep and aftercare guidelines for my
spray tan just so I’d be ready. The days leading up to my tan, I made sure to
exfoliate as much as possible and moisturize my extremities. This morning
for prep, I exfoliated thoroughly my entire body and then I shaved. I think
I’m gonna pass on doing the spray tan on my face today, of course it’s optional. Totally up to the client and what they have going on. For me, I just have tons of
bronzers and tinted moisturizers and other foundation colors to work with. If
you don’t have other foundation shades and that kind of thing at your
fingertips, you might want to consider getting your faced tanned while you’re getting
the spray tan. Otherwise you’ll need to have a lot of bronzer to kind of help
even yourself out. So this morning I also did not put on deodorant. That was really
hard for me because I’m definitely clammy right now, so hopefully when I go
in we’ll like dry off. I’m gonna show you guys a little bit of the process and of
course after. One other thing, I’m not wearing makeup today, just sunscreen on
my face, no body lotion, no body oil, and I’m wearing very loose clothing. The
whole reason I’m doing this is because I’m going to Kauai this week, so this is
part of my like Hawaii tropical vacation prep. So we’re gonna cut to some clips at
the end of you know the spray tan in Hawaii and I’ll let you know how it’s doing. So
without further ado, let’s go in! All right, so now that I’m back at home I
wanted to show you guys a couple of the products Darcey sent me home with.
These are really gonna keep you in great shape for as long as possible. So first
up is the Tan Extender, this is a daily moisturizer with a small
amount of DHA in it. These products are natural, this is made in California, and
it’s vegan. So she recommends using this a couple
days into the tan, definitely applying it maybe to some areas where you have drier
skin or where the tan begins to fade to help extend the life of the spray tan.
And then for the shower, I have the Glo Bar Soap, this is a tanning moisturizer.
This is made with goat milk and coconut oil, it’s from Orange County, paraben-free sulfate-free, all-natural. Something
that’s gonna not strip your tan but help extend the life of it. And last but not
least, sunscreen because apparently some sunscreens can eat away at your spray
tan. The branding on this is absolutely brilliant: White Girl Sunscreen SPF 30.
So I’m gonna be packing all of these in my bag for my trip this week. Alright, so it
is day 5 of my spray tan, and it’s looking really good! We are here in Kauai. I’ve actually been sick the last few
days, so I’ve been kind of laying low but I have been hitting the beach and using my Tan Extender in some areas
where, you know, I have eczema and patchy skin on my chest. The Tan Extender really
does help extend the life of my spray tan but other than that, we are looking pretty good! What do you think? I wanted to thank Fresh
and Frosted Organic Spray Tans for having me in to try the treatment. I am
obsessed! I don’t think I’ll ever go on another vacation without getting a spray
tan before hand. I just look so much more glowy in photos, healthy, radiant. I
absolutely loved it and would highly recommend it for anybody, for any
occasion. And as a very pale person I found the tone of my tan perfect. It
wasn’t orange, it wasn’t artificial, it was just right. I will link all of Fresh
and Frosted’s information down below, definitely check out their website. I
love it they use an organic-based tanning formula that has no mineral oils,
PEGs, no parabens, and it is cruelty free so definitely check them out and if you do
tell them I sent you! Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see
you very soon in the next one.


  • Artsy Cupcake

    I have never done an organic spray tan but like the idea of less chemicals on the body. Thanks for the tips!

  • PinkBeautyOnline Natural Is The New Luxury

    Never had one, thank you for sharing your experience.

  • MakeupByTashaXO

    Ooh I’ve never had a spray tan. I actually never tan lol I really like my pale skin and I feel like anything darker would look odd on me, plus in the summer I end up burning and then getting a small tan that lasts forever lol

  • Renae Olivia

    I’m obsessed as well with spray tans. I use an organic one too. Great video! 🤗

  • maria rona beltran

    Hey Chelsea, we sent you an email re brand collab from Vitchelo.

    Please check your inbox or spam. Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

  • The Swirles Clan

    Never heard of this hun looks good 🙂 Hannah


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