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What’s up everybody? Welcome back to the Chemical Guys Detail Garage. Today, we are going to be answering one of
your commonly asked questions, and that’s the difference between a foam cannon and a
foam gun. What’s better to choose, a foam cannon or
a foam gun? Well, over here we have two of our newer TORQ
products. They are both TORQ. What we have here is the TORQ Snow Foam Blaster
R1 next to our TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon. These are both great to add suds, lubrication,
and prevent any kind of scratches or swirls while you’re washing your vehicle. Some of you guys are restricted by noise or
you’re in an apartment where you don’t exactly have space for a pressure washers and things
like that, so that’s why you with something like the TORQ Foam Gun, which is simply something
you attach to your garden hose. It creates a nice layer of suds so you are
not scratching the surface. It’s gently removing any kind of abrasive
particles and also this doesn’t have any restrictions on noise and you don’t need a gas or electric
pressure washer. It simply hooks up right to your garden hose. Now, over here, if you’re looking to step
up your detailing game and you want to create a nice thick layer of foam, that shaving cream
layer, go with the foam cannon. The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is one of our
newer products and what’s awesome is that it has this adjustable fan pattern so you
do horizontal or vertical foaming and you can also do any size shape vehicle to give
it a nice layer of suds. You can use this with any kind of pressure
washer, whether it’s gas or electric as long as it meets the requirements between 800 and
3500 PSI. Now, it also has to play into factors of gallons
per minute. You want to work with about 1.4 and that’s
just enough to give you a decent amount of foam and you can go all the way up to 2.5
(or was it 3.5?). 1.4 -5.3 gallons per minute. Now, whether you use a gas or electric pressure
washer is your choice, but in my opinion, the gas pressure washers gives you more suds,
is a little maneuverable but it’s also louder and it’s a little bulkier so you have to pick
and choose which one you want to go with. You can use either one of these, either the foam cannon or the foam gun. You can use it with your favorite wash soap
to remove abrasive particles of dirt, bird droppings, or anything else that’s on the
surface that could harm your finish, while safe removing it without scratching it. So, if you guys want to learn more about these
products, head over to our website chemicalguys.com, or to your local Detail Garage to get helpful
tips and tricks from some helpful employees. We have locations worldwide, so check it out
on our website and find one in your region. If you guys liked this video, be sure to give
it a thumbs up and as always, we’ll see you next time right her in the Detail Garage.


  • DaeHan2321

    Can you do a video on a regular foam gun vs tactical foam gun?

  • D Mac 209

    Cannon is rated up to 5.3gpu??? Lord

  • David Ellis

    I prefer the MTM PF22 foam cannon! It is also cheaper though!

  • BigD1395

    I personally use a foam gun. Works just as good and didn't cost as much.

  • Riley A.

    Please don’t ever stop making mr pink for the foam gun/cannon

  • TheRequiemist

    Nice video…..think you guys should do a video show the difference and durability of spray wax vs paste wax.

  • Ozzfest760

    What's with that person in the background? I couldn't focus on the topic lol

  • MTobin1000

    very cool video Nick….which is better, eh?…..next you're going to ask me which child I love more…son..daughter…daughter…son……..oh my head hurts…..lol

  • Eddie Aguirre

    What electric pressure washer would you recommend?

  • christian ojeda

    Lmfao the guy in the background 😂😂

  • Reasad Farsad

    Honestly guys. Nick is the best. But I would love to see some longer proper detailing videos showing tips and tricks!

  • Alex California

    I live in an apartment and I don't have a garden hose.🤔

  • laxbeach23

    How do you judge if you can just use this vs using this and a contact wash? Like if you’re in between washes, and just want to clean up real quick? I know that friction of the contact wash is necessary to remove some things.

  • MusicBros101

    Do ya'll have a video explaining how often to do each step of the detailing flow chart? Like how often should you polish? How often should you just wash? When you maintenance wash after a full detail what steps should you do and what steps should you not repeat?

  • Dub

    Can you make a video on “InstaWax” please!!

  • Jason

    In the past month I've asked the people at chemical guys a lot of questions about products, proper ways of doing things and what products would be the best for my truck…Well yesterday I put it all to use! I used clean slate to remove any remaining wax or sealants, it worked great! Then I used the clay block and lube to get the surface nice and smooth! Then I used V34 and V38 and Wow! It took away the swirls and most of the scratches and gave it an extremely nice shine. Next I put a coat of jet seal on and finished with Pete's 53 wax. I wanted to do a coat of blacklight glaze but ran out of daylight! My truck has never looked so good! It looks better than the day I bought it! This was my 1st time ever polishing this vehicle and the 1st time doing it with a DA polisher. I'm still in awe on how great all the chemical guys products worked. You guys truly make some good products. Thanks to anyone who answered my million questions, your tips helped out a lot!
    Thanks again Chemical guys and gals!😉

  • Michael Sylvester

    Great tips

  • Nikhil Kumar

    Can the foam blaster used without any pressure washer or necessary requirements?

  • TypeUsername34

    Sooo… whats better??


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