What’s in my PENCIL CASE? – 2017 edition ✏️

– Hi art friends! – [Adam] Hello art friends! – We’ve got our pencil cases with us today ’cause we said in one
of the earlier videos that we wanted to do like an updated pencil case tour. – [Adam] Yeah! We figured it’s such a nice day. – And we’ve been taking
a few Polaroids so, this is one that Adam took I really like. – [Adam] Look at that artsy Polaroid that I did guys. – Isn’t that so sweet? (laughs) – [Adam] That’s going on my fridge. – So, here is my pencil case. – [Adam] Oh. Let’s get
a good look at this. – I put so much stuff in it that it’s so difficult to like zip it up. You really gotta fight to get this. – [Adam] I’m so scared
of breaking this thing – Yeah. – [Adam] when we go
out and about recently. – That’s why I normally
only just half do it up. I’ll show you what’s inside. – [Adam] I’m kind of nervous to show mine ’cause I don’t think anything’s changed. (laughing) But yours actually has quite a bit. – Mine’s entirely different
most likely but yeah. – [Adam] So this video can be about you. – Oh, I still want you to share your stuff cause some people might not have seen your old pencil case. – [Adam] Saving the best for last. (laughing) But, what have we got? – So, this is a purple Uniball Eye Pen – [Adam] Ooh! – That I picked up after we went on a date recently. – [Adam] We did? You know a date always
ends really well guys when it ends in buying art supplies. – If you get your, the sketchbooks out your bag I’ll do some swatches to show. – [Adam] Oh, that’s a good idea! We’ll actually do a demo. – Yeah. – [Adam] Okay cool. – [Steph] What are you doin’? – I found a snail and I want to take a picture of it. (laughing) Like you were literally about to start doing
this pencil case video and I was like, there’s
a snail on the tree! Hm. I’m trying to level up my composition. – [Steph] Oh, are you
thinkin’ of the composition? – This has gotta be a good snail picture. – [Steph] That’s very artsy of you. – Okay, I’m excited to show you that one. – [Steph] Okay, so we’ll
wait for this to develop during the video guys. – [Adam] Yeah, we’ll give you
updates on the snail picture. (laughing) – [Steph] So here’s just some
quick little swatches, right? It’s really nice for doing like purple coloured line drawings. – [Adam] That’s really
dependent on the speed as well. There’s quite a bit of line
variation as well if you- – [Steph] Yeah, it has a
nice ink flow through it. But that’s a new little favourite of mine. – [Adam] And it draws
really cute smiley faces. – Another one is one that
you’ve probably already saw in my birthday video. – [Adam] Oh? – [Steph] Which is Mildliners. – [Adam] Oh yeah! I got you these. – [Steph] Yeah! Adam got me these. And they’re basically highlighters which you guys know I love. But they’re in much milder colours – [Adam] Kind of pastel-y. – [Steph] Yeah, a bit more pastel. And they’ve got two ends which I still forget to this day to use. (laughing) And I’ve got those in- they all came in like
a little pack together. So there’s this yellow,
orange, pink, green, and blue. – [Adam] Ooh! – [Steph] And I think that’s all of them. – [Adam] I’m pretty sure, yeah. And I wanted to get you the most colourful pastel-y ones possible. – Now, these are one of my
new absolute favourites, that I really don’t think
– [Adam] Oh, these things. – [Steph] I’ve properly
introduced you guys to. – [Adam] Yeah. – [Steph] They’re called V Pens and they’re disposable – [Both] fountain pens. – [Adam] Yeah! – [Steph] So if you see in here they’ve got a little fountain pen nibs. – [Adam] Look! It’s got a
nib and everything going. – [Steph] And I love that they have this little clear glass window where you can see the ink inside. – [Adam] Like sloshing around in there. – [Steph] So you can see
how much that you have left. And I’ve got these in a
whole host of colours, so that’s the red one. – [Adam] And as you can see guys, it’s basically a super cheap
disposable fountain pen. – [Steph] I mean it says
that it has erasable ink, but I’ve heard you need
– [Adam] Ah. – [Steph] Some kind of special pen for it which I don’t have so I really don’t know
how to erase with these. But I’ve got an orange one, and this one was so hard to find. (laughing) I had to look on all kinds of websites to try and sauce this orange one so that one’s really special to me. (laughing) So, yeah this is a black one. Adam was very sweet and he
bought me a blue one once when I bet he can’t even remember
buying me now. (laughing) – [Adam] Yep. – [Steph] This one I really like. That’s such a pretty colour. And we’ve also got a nice pink. – [Adam] Ooh! – [Steph] I’ll show you that. So yeah, I’ve got lots of
coloured inks on me now. – [Adam] You’re on such like a massive ink high. – Mm. I really am. – [Adam] Like ever since
the start of the year you’ve been like on such a big an ink like fest. – And I couldn’t part
with an actual highlighter of course it’s the blue one cause that’s the best one.
(laughing) – [Adam] Well, I’m pretty
sure that was something that you had in the
previous pencil case one. – [Steph] Probably. – [Adam] But then again I can’t talk cause I don’t think mine do. – [Steph] And if you can
see the colour comparison between the Mildliner and
this is a Stabilo one. – [Adam] There’s definitely looking like more washed out and pastel-y there. – [Steph] Yeah. It’s nice to have the mix of the two. This is a pencil that
I’ve stolen off Adam. (laughing) – [Adam] What? That’s the 2B one. I was looking for that like the other day. – [Steph] Yeah. It’s a really posh brand called Mitsubishi. You know I’m all about these
Mitsubishi pencils guys. (laughing) – [Adam] I think it’s a hi uni one or a- but basically any pencil by Mitsubishi is really nice guys. – [Steph] And this is one that I’m actually a huge
fan of using for myself. – [Adam] Oh, Colorerase. – [Steph] Red colorerase pencils. – [Adam] We did a video on
this not too long ago guys, if you can remember. – [Steph] I’ve completely
erased this down to a stump. But if you can see, yeah. They are erasable red pencils. Totally magic. – [Adam] Yeah guys. We’ll link the video where we explain why people use these and why they’re super useful. – [Steph] Up next we’ve
got a white gel pen and this is the best white gel pen in the entire world. It’s also a Uniball one. – [Adam] Oh? It’s a Mistubishi one then? – [Steph] Oh yeah. It’s Mistubishi. (laughing) They’ve got pretty good ink on them to go over colours. – [Adam] The pigment is very strong, yeah. – [Steph] I mean, this hasn’t
really dried for long enough to properly show it’s power. – [Adam] To show it’s power! (laughing) But yeah guys really good. If you use like tan paper or if you’ve got scheduled
blue black paper in, the pigment’s awesome. – [Steph] Yeah, they’re really cool. I’ve also got silver Posca pen with me. – [Adam] In point seven, that is. It’s quite a fine one. – [Steph] Knot point
seven millimetres, yeah. It’s a really tiny one. – [Adam] One of the finer tipped ones. – [Steph] When it catches the light, it’s got a nice glimmer.
– [Adam] It shimmers! There it is. – [Steph] Ah! I’m dropping everything. (laughing) Up next we’ve got I think it’s a Pentel Brush, it’s all in a different language on it. – [Adam] I think it’s Japanese. – [Steph] Which doesn’t help. Oh, right. There we go. It’s Pentel. – [Adam] Oh yeah. – [Steph] It just says Japan on it. – [Adam] Ooh! – [Steph] And this is
like a dark ink wash. – [Adam] Oh wow. Yeah that’s. – [Steph] I’m quite a fan of this. – [Adam] That is quite dark. But very pretty too. – [Steph] And I’ve got this little Micron Fine Liner. To be honest, this isn’t in a line width that I normally use. I normally like a knot point five. But I just grabbed one to go out and draw with so I’ve got this one
with me at the moment. – [Adam] Is that the one that we used when we went and drawn Barry the Pigeon? Did you use that one? Or did you use it when we went to the snow place? – It was in the tree video. – [Adam] Look how stuffed this is guys. (laughing) – [Steph] Oh, there goes me glasses. (laughing) – [Adam] I want in Steph’s stuff! – [Steph] Oh, where is that picture that we were developing? – [Adam] A snail. Yeah. Is he on there? (gasps) No! – [Steph] It’s not on there? (laughs) – [Adam] Way too dark! – [Steph] Okay, we should show your pencil case now then I guess. (laughs) – [Adam] We should after
that terrible photograph. I’m gonna totally take another one. – The snail might have run away by now. – [Adam] Honey, do you know how snails aren’t fast. – Are you excited to show
what’s in your pencil case? – [Adam] Not as excited as you. Are you doing a dance? – I’m like a happy goose! (laughing) – [Adam] Okay guys. I hope I’ve got something
in here that’s new. – [Steph] So this is Adam’s pencil case. – [Adam] Guys seriously, I
just want to show you guys. (yelling) That I’m not being crazy. There is totally a snail here. See? There he is. This is the shot that I envisioned. This is how it’s supposed to look! (laughing) So just pretend this is on a really pretty Polaroid thing. Okay. I just had to get
that out of my system. – I got distracted by a really large bee. (laughing) Anyhoo. The pencil case tour with your pencil case. – That we’re totally supposed to be doing. I can’t even remember what’s in here. (laughing) – [Steph] Well that should be exciting. – Okay, I think there is at least one new thing in here. – [Steph] (gasps) Really? (yelling) Okay everyone, hype yourself up. – I’m sure when your last make sure you watch till the end. (laughing) Oh recently- Okay, this is a genuinely new thing. There’s more than one. (laughing) Recently I’ve been tying out these. These are Derwent Graphic Pencils and they come in ridiculously high grades. – [Steph] Oh yeah. That’s a 9H. – Instead of the really soft grades that I normally use. Now this is really good for doing like initial sketching and stuff before you go in and tidy
it all up and everything. This has been super useful and because it’s so hard it’s super easy to erase it’s like it barely. If I show ya it’s like it’s barely even there. – [Steph] You grabbing my sketchbook? (laughing) – [Adam] Yeah, and your glasses. – [Steph] Hey. You don’t need my glasses. – [Adam] But, if I give you a
quick demonstration of this. – [Steph] Oh, there’s a lot
of your hand shadow in here. – [Adam] Can you see? It’s- – [Steph] Oh yeah. It’s very light. – [Adam] There. – [Steph] It’s cause it’s such
a hard grade pencil though it’s light in real life. – [Adam] It makes it super easy to erase. If you mess up, it doesn’t leave any marks. – [Steph] Do you have an eraser? – [Adam] I do! This is just a regular, I think it’s Staedtler? I’ve never been sure. – [Steph] Staedtler. It’s kind of hard to pronounce with the T and the D near each other. – [Adam] It’s meant to
be one of those erasers that doesn’t leave shavings. But as you can see. – [Steph] It leaves a lot of shavings. – [Adam] There’s quite a
few shavings from Staedtler. Also, I mean Steph’s already covered this but I’ve been totally gettin’ into using Colorerase recently. – [Steph] Yeah he is! Normally colorerase isn’t
really his kind of thing. – And again, I think you guys
might have seen this pen, a video before. – [Steph] Oh yeah! I remember this. – But these are just so ridiculously cool. Like clickly erasers. – [Steph] Yeah, you know how you get like mechanical pencils? This is essentially a mechanical eraser. – And it’s made by Tombow which actually make
amazing erasers anyway. So, if you’re up for a really small eraser this is amazing. – [Steph] They come in different
sizes as well, don’t they? – Yeah they come in, it comes in a chisel tip like that but it also comes in like a small sort of like cylinder shape. If you imagine like a mechanical pencil lead how it’s quite thin and round
– [Steph] Yeah. – It comes in a shape like that. But they’re both really good. I actually have both. But the other one I
must have left at home. Something else that I’ve been really into again, and I never thought I would until I found this actual brand of mechanical pencil. It’s by Rotring. – [Steph] Ooh! Yeah, I remember you getting this. – We actually went somewhere, again when we went out on a date and we found an art supply shop. We went in and just bought something. I never thought I would find a mechanical pencil that I actually enjoy using and if you’re kinda like me and prefer using traditional
like wooden pencils, give this a try ’cause I was really pleasantly
surprised by this thing. And I actually use it quite a lot in the stuff that I post on Instagram and stuff now. Last, but by no means least, to be honest I’m just glad I had this many things to show you. (laughing) Is one of these. This is made by Derwent and I’m sure you guys might have seen something like this before. It’s so simple but so amazing, especially because I like
using wooden pencils. It’s a pencil extender so you go from a tiny little pencil. – [Steph] Yeah? – To something a little
bit more easier to use. You just plug it in and then turn it- – [Steph] Plug it in. (laughs) – I don’t know. What’s the technical term for putting a pencil inside of a barrel? I barrel the pencil. And you just screw it in so it tightens up and you’ve got a pencil you can use again. I carry around like I mean that one’s not so bad. – [Steph] I hate askin’ to
borrow a pencil off Adam because he’ll hand me something like this. – I always have so many of these. Like these little stumps. See, even crows hate them. (laughing) – [Steph] That crow’s been
loving your pencil case tour. Oh no, they’re all having a conversation! – He’s brought his friend, he’s like have you seen these pencils? They’re amazing! – [Steph] Are you trying to get a photo with that snail again? – I’m determined to! – [Steph] Oh he does have
quite a curly little shell. – And he has such pretty
colours on there as well. That’s why I want to try
and get a picture of him. Are you ready? – [Steph] That might be what it is, if you’re too close it goes blurry. – No, it wasn’t too
blurry, it was too dark. All I want is a photograph of a snail, is that too much to ask? (laughing) – [Steph] Oh, there’s a family coming up. (laughs) – Maybe they’ll help me take a picture of the snail. – [Steph] Probably not. – [Steph] Subscribe for more art videos, ’cause we’re posting a
video every day this week. – Every single day! – [Steph] I’ll put a playlist of all the other little ones from this week. – What are you looking? You’re looking the wrong way! The playlist is over here! – Where is the playlist? – [Steph] Doodle Date! – Doodle Date! – [Steph] Bye! – Bye guys! – [Steph] Kind of diggin’ around in there. – It’s because everything’s the same!


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    1:17 “um I found a snail and I want to take a picture of it”

  • e r r o r

    V pen stands for vampire pen cuz the red “ink” is blood in my book lol 🧛🏻‍♀️🧛🏻‍♂️

  • sundaescoops

    Adam stopping the video to take a picture of the snail is so precious

  • MiddleAgedManda

    Does anyone know the name of Adams pencil case?

  • amaya lobato

    you guys are so wholesome i love you

  • AngelOcean

    Can you do another one of these videos?

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    Dang it, you guys are ridiculously cute.

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    My favourite comment in the video “err I found a snail”

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    Eeeeeeeek, Adam has the same brand of mechanical pencil as I do! fangirl scream


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