WHAT’s In The BOX – UNDERWATER Challenge ft. ShyStyles | #Roleplay #Fun #Sketch #ShrutiArjunAnand

I remember this song whenever I wear this bell shaped sleeves I’ve brought for you another daring challenge video and I am doing this challenge with Saima show your love so just hit the LIKE button and get this video to 100,00 LIKES you all liked our that Golgappa challenge video which I did with Saima so we decide to do another fun collaboration video and If you like to see us together then hit LIKE & SHARE this video also we’ve done a challenge video on her channel as well the link of which I’ve given in the description box so don’t forget to watch that video and also do SUBSCRIBE to her channel now I am gonna tell you what’s this Underwater Mystery Box Challenge ? so in this I’ve brought some stuffs for her and some of stuffs I too brought for her then we put that stuff in this water tank and we’ll make the other one blind fold & then she need to be identify that stuff on by touching to them and those who’ll recognise the stuff obviously be the winner so who’ll start the first? obviously you ok lets do rock paper scissors shoe I won so she need to guess the item which I’ve brought for her this is first time for her but I’ve experience of it as I’ve done a mystery box challenge earlier so did you like this challenge video? tell me in the comments below also SHARE this video after watching this video now its turn to watch another challenge which I’ve done with her do checkout the LINK in the description box also SUBSCRIBE to Sama’s youtube channel will see you in our next video till then


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