What’s inside an Etch A Sketch?

– [Voiceover] Shall we begin? (light music) Let’s begin. – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln, this is my dad, Dan, and today we’re going to
cut open Etch a Sketch. – That’s right, finally. There’s going to be many
of you in the comments that are going to be like, yes, you’re finally doing this. I’ve been asking you about it for a year. We’ve seen your comments, I promise. But it turns out, it’s really
difficult to find somebody that actually knows how to
use an Etch a Sketch well. – I know how to draw a box but that’s pretty much
the best that I can do. – Good news is, this last
week we found a girl, her name is Madeline, she is fantastic at
using an Etch a Sketch. She showed us a few tips and in fact, the little
intro that you just saw with our logo, she spent about an hour making that. And the second reason why we’ve been delaying this video is because we lived in New Mexico for three and a half years and it was during the time
that they were filming the very popular show, Breaking Bad. Walt, the chemist teacher
turned bad drug dealer, takes an Etch a Sketch and takes the contents somehow and turns it into a fire that
burns five thousand degress and opens an actual lock. So I’ve wanted to find somebody that is smart enough to pull that off because I don’t know
if that’s going to work and also somebody that is crazy enough to play with a five thousand degree fire. – That’s why I’m here. I’m ready to crack things open and see what’s inside and I’ve got some ideas of maybe how to do the same thing Walt was doing there so we’ll see if we can get that to work. – This is Grant Thompson,
the King of Random. For the last five years,
he’s been making videos. Has over five million
subscribers on YouTube. His stuff is so creative and fun to watch. So first let’s learn a little
bit about the Etch a Sketch and then let’s cut these bad boys open. – Yeah. – [Dan] So for people
that are just starting, what are a couple of basic tips? – First start out by just learning how to make basic shapes. Just learn how to draw a circle, learn how to draw a triangle. You just got to get a feel for the knobs. – A circle sounds hard because you would have to move both knobs. – Yeah, that’s why you just
have to get a feel for them and at first it will be really shaky but the more you do it, the more smooth it will become. – So it’s funny because I was watching this
one video that she sent me and at the beginning it
has these little eggs and I’m thinking, it’s
Easter and it’s great and then this bird shows up. I’m like, it’s so cute. That’s nice. Then all of a sudden, it’s
this skull and I’m like, oh, it’s a skull. – Honestly, it was just a picture I saw and I just wanted to try it. – You just happened to have
the mini eggs just there. – Oh yeah, I always snack
on stuff while I sketch. Just passes the time. – So much fun to see somebody that actually knows how to use this thing. I feel much better about taking it apart now that we’ve actually done some really good things on it. We’ll put a link in the description below to either Instagram or YouTube and then you can go on
and see some of her work. So Lincoln, you ready to see what’s inside an Etch a Sketch? – Yes, I’m worried too. I’m worried but I’m excited. I’m mainly excited. – We’re in Grant’s workshop so you don’t have to be worried. He knows what he’s doing. – For one thing, I do not know what’s
inside an Etch a Sketch so I don’t know if there’s
anything important in here to break or not so we’re just going to try one corner and hopefully miss anything vital. – The good thing is we have six Etch a Sketches that we’re going to cut open today so we’re good to go. Grant, you have the honors. This is your place. Let’s cut the first corner off this thing. – Alright. (exciting music) – Yeah. – Yes. We got a little powder flying out. – Check it out. I actually just missed
the little rollers there or whatever they are. That’s probably about as
close as we could have got it. – Nice cut. – Yeah. – Oh, look at this little
gray powder right here. – That’s the powder in the Etch a Sketch. – Oh, that sticks. – If it’s what I’m thinking it is, it should not stick to a magnet so I got a magnet here we
can do a little test with so give that a try. Wave it over. Let’s see if any of that powder actually sticks to the magnet. Magnetic. – It’s not happening at all. – Why doesn’t it stick to it? It’s just not metal? – The only metal that
sticks to a magnet is steel. Steel or iron. Alright, let’s see if there’s
anything even in there. I just, oh, dude. That’s actually a lot
more than I expected. – [Dan] That’s a lot. – [Grant] It’s still going. – [Lincoln] Oh my. – [Grant] Wow, I guess they
pack these things full. – [Dan] There’s a ton in it. Good thing we bought six of them. So much in one of them. – That was really a lot
more than I expected. – Look at that. There’s like, you can see. – Oh, look at that. Look how silvery that is. That is crazy. Whoa. – Good luck cleaning that. That’s why we came here. So we didn’t have to clean this up. – Yeah, that’s honestly quite
a bit more than I expected. So I think we go enough
there for some experiments so I’ll tell you what, I’ll go ahead and start
getting work on this and seeing what it can do. In the meantime, why don’t you guys crack these things open and see what’s really inside. – Okay. – I’ll catch up with you guys in a bit. – Okay. – Alright. – [Dan] If you look inside
of the core that we cut, when I turn the knobs, you can see wires moving
on those little rollers. I worry that if we go
into the side too much, that it’s going to hurt those
strings and those rollers so let’s get the screen off first. Okay. Let’s give it a little tippy taps. See the smoke coming out? – [Lincoln] It’s flying straight at me. – [Dan] Oh my gosh. Did you see that? – [Lincoln] You cracked the whole screen. Oh, it’s a layer of
plastic then it’s glass. That’s why it’s so hard to hit that. – [Dan] That’s actually really
safe if you think about it because if kids drop it and it breaks, the glass will just turn
into pieces everywhere. Oh, look at that. Dang. There we go, Lincoln. Look what’s inside of that. When you turn the knobs, look at that little metal thing. – [Lincoln] That’s awesome. – [Dan] So what happens is you have this metal pointer right there. The glass typically is coated
with the aluminum powder and then when you twist it, it makes the scratches on it so whenever you’re done with it and you take it and you shake it, all the aluminum powder
that’s at the bottom comes up and it sticks to that glass and it coats it again and then you just start
scratching away at it again. And then those strings
that we saw earlier, you can see them in the
corners when you turn it, the strings are what pulls it along. – I actually didn’t know how it works so I had no clue what
it would be like inside. – [Dan] We kind of have
a bit of a mess here. Oh, no. Oh, look at my hands, dude. – What? – [Dan] They’re just
caked with this stuff. – Alright, so we cut all of them open. – [Dan] I can already see the hashtags that you guys are going to produce in the comment section. Stop Etch a Sketch violence. Grant’s going to need the insides of everyone of those so got some cups. Let’s pour the insides of that in there. Look at that cup. – [Lincoln] That is a ton. – If you can see it, there’s little tiny beads in there. Those are actually Styrofoam beads, polystyrene is what it’s called, but it’s in there to smooth out and re-coat the inside of the screen with aluminum powders. Because it’s not just all the aluminum, I wonder how the experiment’s going to go and if Grant can actually make the five thousand degree fire with this. – I hope it does. It would be really cool. – Yeah, it would be cool. – Check that out. Ew, dude. – Yucky. – Here we go. We came outside to see what
the experiment was like and we’ve done some crazy things. We’re not going to tell you whether the actual experiment
with the Etch a Sketch stuff worked. You’ll want to see this which I know you’ll want to see it. Go to Grant Thompson, the
King of Random’s channel. He’s going to have an epic video. Slow motion everything of how this came to be, how this was once five Etch a Sketches and now it’s this pile of melted plastic. – It’s amazing and it smells terrible. – It does. – We’ve been watching Grant for years. Go watch his stuff. He has amazing content, great videos. Totally unique. If you’re not subscribed already, go subscribe.


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