WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?! | Cheap Vs. Expensive Markers | Side-by-Side Demo | Ohuhu v. Copic

on my channel you’ve heard me talk a lot
about two different brands of alcohol based markers, the Copic Sketch, creme de
la creme, professional get-a-mortgage-out-on-your-cat markers, *hehe I Ohuhu, one of
the knock-offs I’ve praised them both in their own way
but today we’re finally gonna learn WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? I mean besides the
obvious price difference and instead of swatching them endlessly for a whole
video I thought I’d test them out the best way possible which is by actually
drawing something with them ♪ I thought the best way to compare them would be to
draw something and then color that same something twice; once with the Copic, and
once with the Ohuhh, so here I am just drawing out something..hehe – I draw a lot of
people so I definitely wanted to draw a person in this comparison video so that
you can kind of see how the different colors will work together and if they’re
patchy or not for you know skin purposes because I like to have a nice smooth
even coat for skin because I think a lot of you guys as well draw people so
you’re not gonna want to see me draw two buildings and see which of the markers
colors a better building when you’re gonna be drawing people in your own time
so I definitely wanted to draw a person so that’s what I’m doing today and I
really-I’ve seen on Pinterest a bunch of these women with these beautiful scarves
in their hair so I was very inspired by that and so that is why there’s not a
lot of hair here and I usually draw a lot of hair so if you want to see how
these markers work with hair you can probably watch literally any other video
that I’ve done but today it’s not gonna be that day I wanted to use a lot more
like I wanted to use a variation of colors in this and by adding a scarf in
where like hair would be I’m able to use a bit more of a saturated crazy color
that I might not have been able to do if I had done hair unless I liked wanted to
do dyed hair which is obviously always an option but it’s not what I did today
and once I had drawn the scarf all I really wanted to do is draw it like
these big poofy folds so I gave her this like over the shoulder shawl and then
that made me start thinking maybe someone who possessed some kind of magic
like a fortune-teller or a witch or something and then I gave her this like
fringe at the bottom of the shawl and I was really really happy with it so I
inked it and then I scanned it into the computer, printed it out twice,
and it was time to color it! Roll the split-screen! so on the Left I will be
using Copic markers and on the right I’ll be using my Ohuhu markers, I started
off with the skin it’s just what I always do I don’t know why…? I think maybe
because the face is made up of skin and if you mess up the face you kind of
mess up the whole drawing so I like to start with that a very important note I
should mention for comparison purposes is that I colored the Copic one first so I
picked out all my colors that way I chose what Copic colors I had and worked
from there because I have less Copic markers than I have Ohuhu, I have about 70
Copic markers, I think, and then with Ohuhu I have a hundred pack so there’s a few
more color options there so I thought I better start with the Copic colors that
way I can just match them with the Ohuhu so I think it’s very important to know
that the Copic is kind of the colors that I was choosing and the ones that I
really wanted to go with this particular illustration whereas on the right with
the Ohuhu markers that’s me trying my best to imitate the colors that I owned
of Copic markers so you’ll notice like with Ohuhu they’re a lot more saturated
whereas on the left with the Copic markers they’re less saturated and I own
every single Ohuhu marker and there isn’t one that matches that Copic marker I
don’t own every Copic marker so there is a possibility that there’s a Copic
marker that matches this Ohuhu marker but I don’t own that one – so I think that’s
just important for me to mention that I chose the colors on the Left first and
then on the right I’m trying to match those colors so if you’re looking at
markers and you prefer the colors on the Left, Copic is probably a better option
for you to invest in; whereas if you’re cool with the colors on the right then
Ohuhu are still a very good option as well so I did make a pretty big goof
that I need to mention because it’s going to be kind of obvious in the
appearance of this illustration for a little bit this is the Copic marker one, I
used a mix of the color e15 and e18 and blended them out so I could get a
nice mid-tone between those two colors for the skin and unfortunately I
mentioned this like awhile ago when I did my bullet journal video and it
specifically said that I need to refill my E15 and purchase a refill
but I guess I just spewd it out of my mouth and didn’t make any sort of mental
note of it at all so when I came to drawing this ‘ah hmm’ it’s a little low and
that is why it looks so patchy near the end of this illustration I go over the
entire skin with another base tone and try to like blend out the colors to
remove that patchiness but I needed to mention it because it’s gonna look
patchy for a little while and that’s not really a representation of the Copic
markers it’s just an empty marker so yeah anyway back to the comparison –>as
the picture progresses I’ll be showing you more differences with color but I
should also mention the cosmetic differences between these two markers so
the Copic Sketch markers the one on the left has a brush nib on one end and a
chisel nib on the other the color name is labeled on both caps and the barrel
and then on the ohoooo markers the ones on the right it is a white – it’s a little
bit more round of a marker so it can roll away a little easier it has the
colors only labeled on the two ends oh the caps color of the marker is not
labeled on the barrel so make sure you put the caps on the right ones I’ve
messed that up a few times and of course Ohuhu is currently only sold as a
bullet nib and a chisel nib so you don’t get that wonderful soft brush nib that
helps you blend out colors easier and give the you those nice soft gradients
that a Copic Sketch markers would moving onto the red color of the drawing I was
able to find a pretty good match to the Copic with the Ohuhu
so I used those on both of the illustrations and colored in the entire
shawl section of the drawing these markers were both markers that I hadn’t
used very much so you’ll notice the difference with patchiness compared to
like the skin it’s a much more even coat so the more you use the marker the drier
it’s gonna be and the more patchy things are gonna be which is why you’re gonna
need to buy refills and when it comes to refills
Ohuhu does not sell refills so that’s not even an option if marker goes dead you’d
have to buy a whole new pack, with Copic markers they sell refills for I think
about $8. I saw on dickblick.com for like five I think and you can refill the marker
like eight to ten times it says I just bought my first refills and they’re
coming in the mail especially e15 hehe so I’m excited to refill marker and see
how well it works when it’s like brand spanking new because I purchased my
Copic markers secondhand because they are so expensive so a lot of my markers
have received a lot of love and need a little bit more attention to get back
into their prime whereas with the Ohuhu I’m actually using a brand new set for
this drawing so those are all brand new markers sometimes Ohuhu does send a
marker and they’re a bit on the dry side like I don’t know if they’re just old or
something they’re a bit hit or miss but that kind of comes with the territory of
paying like 1/10th the price – if you’re watching this video to hear me tell
you which ones to buy I’m not going to do that I’m trying to do a very even
comparison so that you as the viewer can make your own assertions and decisions
and figure out which of these is best for you because depending on what stage
of life you’re at or your involvement in art the one that’s best for you might be
different so I just wanted to lay this out here and I give everyone the
information they need to make their own decision I will go over my final
thoughts at the end though – if you’re new to alcohol-based markers one of the
coolest things about them is the way that you can layer them so you’ll notice
I’m actually shading the red part of the shawl with the same blue color that I’m
using to color in her scarf that’s in her hair so it’s really cool the way
they layer and you can see them blend so it creates this almost grey color by
layering the blue on top of the red and I did that on both of the Ohuhu and the
Copic one – an interesting thing I noticed after doing these drawings back-to-back
is that when it came to the Copic marker I used just the brush nib and almost
never switched to the chisel except when it came to e15 and I was running out of
ink and I was just switching to hopefully find some ink in there whereas
with the Ohuhu marker I was constantly switching between the bullet nib and the
chisel nib depending on what size of area I’m trying to fill in or if I’m
trying to make those detailed shading cell shading sections or trying to
create little sections of color I needed the bullet nib and if I wanted to fill
in larger sections I was switching to the chisel nib and I also noticed which
I’ve mentioned in a previous video that the bullet nib tends to be on the drier
side and the chisel nib tends to have a lot more ink so if I want it like blend
things out I’m switching to the chisel nib even if it’s a smaller
section of the drawing and if I’m adding in tiny blocks of color that I don’t
want to blend too much I can use the bullet nib and I can even blend with the
bullet nib if I don’t want it to blend out quite as smoothly as it would with
the chisel nib that might not make a whole lot of sense but if you’ve ever
used markers and you’ve blended these things out I think it does the
difference is that with Copic markers I was basically just using the brush nib
the entire time so I was using it to block down colors and I was also using
it to blend out these colors and it might have saved like a tiny bit of time
between switching between the one nib and the other but it really wasn’t a
significant difference I think I filled in sections a lot faster just because I
was using a brush nib which is a lot wider than the bullet nib is with the
ohoo this doesn’t really have anything to do with comparing the two markers but
it’s a tip that like once I learned it like absolutely saved my life so thank
you Renee Violet ♥ I’ll have a link in the description to her, she told me about this so if
you want to color something and you don’t want it to look yellow or orange you
want it to look ‘gold’ try and shade it with the color green oh my gosh look at
the difference that makes instead of her just having like bright yellow jewelry
now it has that sort of gold shine to it isn’t that pretty cool? anyway I think
it’s cool – now I’m finally fixing the skin on the Copic one going over the
entire thing with another color I don’t remember which one this was it was
probably like E16 or something and I’m just creating a soft layer over the
whole thing to basically fill in any of the patches of white that were still
showing through that I didn’t want to be there there are some sections that I
kind of messed up earlier because I used that basically the shading color on like
the tips of her fingers and I got a little too dark there and especially
with beginners I think the darker colors can be a
little scary because you can’t you know you can only lift so much Copic and I
tried my best and I really wasn’t able to lift any more than that so I have a
little bit of those patchy mistakes but going over the entire skin with just
another marker that actually had ink in it really helped even out the skin tone
and I like it a lot better now I think that was the biggest like major mistake
that was my-that was on my part instead of just the markers and I wanted to
point that out because like if not you might like look at the two and like say
oh well I think the Ohuhu just looks cleaner so I’m going
buy Ohuhu and honestly I think I just did a better job shading the face on the Ohuhu one, so the one on the right um I just I think I put like the shadows in
the right spots where is with the Copic one I went a little too crazy in the
center of her face with the shading but that probably comes down to the fact
that I wasn’t able to draw these at the exact same time so I learned stuff that
I when I was drawing the Copic one that I applied to the one with the Ohuhu
markers which I mean that kinda there’s a lesson in there somewhere look at the
progress I made from left to right like that seems pretty good don’t you think?
like my improvement I’m drawing the exact same picture the second time huh
see there’s always a bright side then with that it was just coming down to
adding in the final little details since this was printed out because I scanned
it in and printed out the line art so that I would have two identical line
arts the colors were a little bit off like they weren’t a very solid black
line art so I went over like the eyes which I’d like to be big and bold so I
went over that with a fineliner on both of the drawings and added some like
eyelashes and things like that just kind of like added a little bit more pizazz I
also used a white gel pen in this case the Sakura Decorese pen and added little
highlights here and there to add a little pop and a little fresh Boop’s of
white, I don’t know… I just remember this was like a thing that like every artist
did on deviantART back in the day and I still haven’t given it up
maybe I need to grow up and stop doing it but it’s fun I just like going ‘boop!’
with little white gel pen it’s just I don’t know it’s one of my favorite
things – one day, one day I’ll stop but not today!
oh my gosh I totally forgot that I did this but I used the white gel pen after doing
the little highlights on the skin I used to add details to both the shawl and her
veil scarf thing so I added polka dots to her shawl and I don’t know what to
call it and I added stripes to her scarf and I
really like the way and the texture that that adds and I just I think that
drawing just has a lot more character to it when you add some kind of texture
it’s not just those flat colors there’s a little something extra and I’m really
happy with that and I love adding patterns especially simple ones that
don’t take too much brainpower you know so these are the two finished drawings
for the Copic on the left and the Ohuhu on the right I think the biggest
difference comes down to whether or not you’re willing just take the little
extra time to blend out the colors with Ohuhu and switching to the chisel nib and
it takes a little bit more extra effort to blend and create smooth gradients
whereas with the Copic markers you just use that brush nib all the time and like
everything just blends pretty smoothly unless you’re trying to not make it
blend smoothly and then the color option so with Ohuhu you’re limited to the
colors that they have and with Copic there’s a lot of colors I don’t really
know how many I’m gonna guess that there’s over I don’t know 400 colors
maybe but there’s a lot of colors to pick and it can be a little overwhelming
picking your color so that’s another cool thing about Ohuhu that it’s just a
mix of colors you pick it up and that’s what you got you got to work with it – I
actually filmed this video once before this one and you can see the results
that I had and I thought I just didn’t do a good job picking the colors with
the Ohuhu because for the longest time I was just trying to copy the colors that
I had picked with the Copic and I just wasn’t able to find the ones that were
very similar with the Ohuhu so my first attempt didn’t turn out as well which is
why I gave it another go and I decided to do them both over again just because
I really wanted to redo the Copic one as well I wasn’t happy with it so these are
the two second ones I think it’s pretty important to show both of them just that
you can see the differences that you can get with the exact same markers and like
what happens when your markers not dried out and what happens when you pick the
wrong colors so like those are the two Ohuhu ones and those are the two Copic
marker ones and I think the most frustrating thing with the Ohuhu markers
is that I wasn’t able to find a color that closely matched the Copic marker
that I used for the skintone and you’ll see with you who those two skin tones
are very different from each other but those were the two closest colors I
could find that were similar to the one that I used for the Copic marker and you
can see how different on which side of the spectrum these two are and it’s kind
of annoying that I wasn’t able to find the color that I was looking for so yeah
color choices is definitely the biggest setback with Ohuhu markers while I love
love my Copic markers I really thankful that there’s an option
like Ohuhu out there that you can make very similar results for a tenth of the
price and maybe it’s not as convenient but that price is pretty darn convenient
so I think we can all make some pretty good exceptions for that and I I’m gonna
stand by what I’ve said in most of my Ohuhu review and that is that
Ohuhu is just a really good stepping stone to see if alcohol-based markers
are something that you want to pursue and at the price that they come in like
it’s really not you can’t really mess up I don’t think and if you learn that you
love them then you can start slowly investing in the colors that you use the
most with Copic markers and I think that’s what I’m gonna stand by it’s
pretty much right down the middle answer I suppose it’s not gonna pick which
one’s the best but I think that they each have their benefits and I’ve said
that through the whole video since I went through all the trouble to scan in
the lineart for this I’m gonna have it available for you to color if you’d like
to I’ll have it linked in the description and you can check it out for
yourself and color it with whatever colors you want maybe you want her to
wear a bright pink that’s up to you you can do whatever you want!
and yeah I want to just thank you guys for watching and I hope you all have a
delicious evening full of WAFFLES! ♪ ♪ BYE! ♪ ♪


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    Edit:In my opinion i prefer copic markers.

  • Skittles skitty

    .i think the copic is for more realistic. And the ohuhu id for a Anime, cartoony, stuff

  • Madison Her

    I’d say quality over quantity: copic markers. Get ohuhu if copic doesnt have that color


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