Where did Tilley’s Moose go? – Crane sculpture in Toronto

Meet Tilley Endurables famous Bull Moose sculpture designed and
created by talented Hillary Clark Cole. The plaza that Tilley’s Endurables is located in at 900 Don Mills
Rd. in Toronto is under renovations by the plaza owners. For this renovation they required the sculpture to be moved and stored, so
they brought in Braymore Crane Service to assist with the move. This particular truck was requested because of its flatbed moving ability. The first part of the project was to move the
information plaque attached to this heavy stone. This stone is so heavy, it is what I consider it a back braker. . It was so heavy they required the crane to help lift it onto the
skid, so they could have the stone in a more shippable manor. Once it is on the skid any warehouse can handle it. Here Greg — Braymore’s Crane operator does a test lift and re-rig
the strapping before craning it onto the truck. This is one of the main reasons why the sculpture designer Hilary
likes using Braymore for this particular type of work. Hilary knows that Braymore will handle her work carefully and
safely. Not taking any unnecessary risks. Another reason why, is Braymore’s wireless remote control for the crane. Besides it being really cool. With it, the crane
operator can follow along the item being moved. In this case the stone and make sure that it
is precisely placed the way he wants it. He can walk around and see the item being craned from any
angle to make sure it is done to his satisfaction. Once the stone is placed onto the truck, it is time to move onto
the main event and the reason why we are here: The Tilley’s famous Bull Moose sculpture. The first thing is to bring the crane
back around to the sculpture. The next thing is to figure out where the best
place is to crane and rig the moose. This is a particularly difficult thing to do, because when
the crane operator gives it that first lift, , if it is done correctly, it could cause the
moose to go head first into the ground. . This is not a quick process and requires a
delicate touch and fine tuning before that first lift. On this particular job, before Braymore can lift this sculpture, the sculpture
needs to be unbolted from the concrete block in the ground. So we are actually going to use the crane as a safety
harness for the workers that are unbolting the sculpture. Hilary herself is here to do the cutting
of the bolts along with Paul, Alex Tilley’s right hand man for jobs like this. . Once Greg at Braymore has the Moose rigged to
his satisfaction, the bolt cutting begins. This is one part of the job that
is definitely not for me. There are over 20 bolts attaching this sculpture to the concrete base. . It literally took them over an hour to cut heads of
all these bolts off so we could lift this sculpture. This Moose has special place in Hilary’s heart has
she gives it a farewell hug, by where she believes is the Moose’s heart in her sculpture. Time to crane this Moose onto the truck for transport. Alex Tilley is here in person to make sure
everything is done to his satisfaction, while Hilary the designer watches it slowly be lifted onto the crane truck. They are not worried, because they have used Braymore’s crane service before on other jobs
and know what level of care to expect. Paul assists Greg in guiding it gently onto the truck. As you can tell the Moose, Greg has
done this type of craning before and moves the sculpture with a delicate hand as
he slowly moves it onto the truck. This move is not about speed, but caring and
understanding that this is an irreplaceable item. Let’s just take a moment to watch this. When strapping this moose onto the truck, it is about knowing the fine line or difference of securing
it safely and over strapping it and breaking the statue. In this job both Greg and Paul check each of the
straps to make sure it is done right. Each one of those straps can hold 5000 pounds. This is a delicate process that requires constant adjustments to
make sure it is done right. The last thing anyone wants to see is the
Moose legs break from over strapping. Or the Moose fall over as the truck makes a turn while
they are driving from not being strapped tight enough. When they are satisfied that it is done right, they then proceed
to disconnect the sculpture from the crane and clean up. Being one of Hilary’s older and famous creations, she is watching to make sure that it
is done to her satisfaction as well and answer any questions Paul or Greg might
have about the moose for securing it. Now while we were doing this job, we constantly had people coming
over asking what we were doing with the sculpture and received offers from a number of individuals that were willing to take the Bull
Moose if we did not know what to do with it. It has been a local landmark in this
area for about 25 years. At this point it has not been determined whether it is
coming back or not when the renovation is complete. . If you want to see it come
back, I recommend you pop into Tilley’s Endurables, see what they have and let them know and the plaza owners
that you would like to see the Moose returned. But for now it is time for this moose
to begin the next leg of its journey.

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