Where to start with Colored Pencils – Project tips for Beginners w/ Lachri

today I’m going to give you a little bit of advice on where I think is a great place to start when you are new to colored pencils [Music] hi I’m Lisa the artist behind block refine our cumulus I just received my very first artist colored pencil ever the polychromos set of 36 I have been drawing in graphite for a short while but since your videos are so great I would love to explore colored pencils I just don’t know where to get started what to draw it’s not too difficult since I’ve never painted before I was wondering if you had any tips on starting up if it’s a good idea to start with only a few colors or just go all in from the beginning thank you so very much for sharing all your knowledge both on patreon and YouTube congratulations on your new pencils are so fun and that’s also a great set to start with so with the colored pencil normally the project that I would have beginners to colored pencil start off with are roses roses are just so great because you’ve got areas that have tight detail you’ve got areas where you’ll work on blending and layering you’ve got areas where you’re going to be working on your shading in order to create something that looks three-dimensional like we’re a petal bent over or folds over but the thing was working on a rose versus say a portrait you’re also working on a subject matter that is fairly forgiving so you’re not having to stress out about oh my gosh I think I rounded the nose off a little too much here oh my gosh this little thing seems a little off that’s not such a big deal for you right now on those first projects what you’re really working on is getting a feel for the medium understanding how to blend and layer how to get fine detail versus soft edges and so a rose I think it’s just so perfect for that because it is so forgiving you’re definitely setting yourself up for success versus the failure that you might have on your first colored pencil piece trying to jump into a portrait or even fur I mean fur gets really hectic and crazy and I would say hold off until you’ve done a couple of more simple pieces like roses before you jump into portraits and fur now if you absolutely hate roses you’re just not interested in still lifes and fish may be a good way to go because that they’re pretty forgiving too and that your skin tends to be a lot smoother you may have scales and such but it’s not quite as overwhelming as drawing fur on other animals now I could go ahead and look up a row that I think is perfect to start with this one comes from pixabay and they have tons of roses royalty free roses that you can use there in your own artwork but this one I’ll put a link in the video description to where you can get the specific one over at pixabay but this Rose is great you’ve got light and dark you can blend several color reds and browns and burgandy’s and you’ve got a lot of different tones in there along with your pinks so this is a great great start you can do this first project with or without the background but the background on here is a great way to practice blending through the background so it’s got that benefit – this is just such a great starter project I think and again if you screw something up if you you’re not having to worry about things like pedals being exactly perfect as the shapes are alright it’s good practice to try to make them as accurate as possible but it’s not something you have to worry that much about in order to create a very beautiful finished project so you’re going to feel that much more encouraged to keep on with colored pencils if you are setting yourself up for the success I was talking about before now as to the colors I don’t personally overthink this especially with colored pencils one of the easiest things you can do is look at I’ve got a video on color matching apps one for your phone and then using Photoshop to do the same I will have cards pop up and then I’ll have links in the video description but check those out and that’s basically how I kind of choose what color I need because sometimes things will be gray when you thought they were actually purple things like that it makes it easy to tell what color you’re going for now I do recommend have a piece of scratch paper next to you all the time when you are working because you want to test out okay I know that this pink isn’t quite right so I need to mix another color with it if you mix a little bit of a light blue first and then put pink on top of that that’s going to look very different than if you put pink down first and blue on top of that you want to find that out first on a scratch piece of paper before you find that out on your actual project but don’t stress yourself out too much about the colors the thing that matters the most are going to be your values get your life light enough your darks dark enough and then when starting with colored pencil really focus on trying to get the really smooth smooth blending also I would work on clean edges inside detail just kind of focus on those being your main goals but when you start out with any medium really it doesn’t have to be colored pencil when you’re first starting out with a medium give yourself permission to fail give yourself permission to create a very ugly piece your goal at this point is really not going to be to create the best piece of art work you’ve ever done your goal is to start learning the medium start getting a feel for how it layers how it blends your end result on those first few projects aren’t honestly that big of a deal so make sure just in your head have this idea I’m doing this for practice but don’t beat yourself up if it’s not perfect to start with don’t give up on the medium it’s going to take a little bit of getting used to you’ll find the whole process of learning colored pencils and getting used to them much more enjoyable if you’re not expecting too much too soon from yourself they hope that helps you out and getting started and if you do draw this rose or whatever you draw tag me on in social media I would love to see it I have a frequently asked questions page over my website you cannot find the answer to your questions there is a section where you can submit a question to be featured in one of these videos I will have a car pop up here so you can check that out hey are you an artist have you subscribed yet if not at a handy button right there it’s orange no it’s round the arrows orange so subscribe can’t miss it if I described it right you can’t miss it anyway if you click on that that will let you to keep up to date with all five of my no art videos every single week I’ll see you guys on Saturday


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    Im from ecuador, help me please with great advice I have saved a money from my work and I am going to buy myself a box of faber castell the set of 120 and the caran d'ache luminance The set of 76, I just saw on the caran d'ache pablo colored pencils it is necessary to buy them, I want you to help me if you guide me in this if they are really different pencils to all that I am going to acquire, or they have some similarity with some mark , Because I want to invest in colored pencils and I would like you to help me in this thank you very much have a great night until soon thanks

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    I bought Inktense blocks about a year ago but only recently got the nerve to use them. Do you find they go down streaky? I've attempted to use them exactly as I do my watercolours and acrylic inks, but they dry so fast the colour is never even.
    It might not be an issue in your work because you layer for texture a lot, but my technique is almost graphic- the flat and matte nature of gouache is more my style.
    I've had some success by using a lot more ink/water mix than I normally would and saturating the paper, but I'm not sure if it's worth continuing the effort.

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    Hi Lisa.

    More of these beginner techniques, please!

    I started using Prismacolor colored pencils about 5 months ago. Previously, I did pen-and-ink and graphite many years ago. My artwork has improved markedly the past 5 months, but still no where near your hawk speed video for realism. I've subscribed to your channel and have been watching your older videos for about 3 month now. I like the speed drawings, slowed down to 1/4 speed so I can watch you change pencils.

    What you don't seem to cover is choosing the very first couple of pencils–why? Are you using an underpainting for shading? It doesn't seem so for most of your drawings, though you did use a gray underpainting for the cloudy night sky in the owl drawing (but you didn't explain what your were doing or why). You use so many different colors and I seem to see very few when I look at my reference photo. And I still look at the reference photo over several days to try to see the different value levels. It's very hard for me to determine the paler highlight colors under the major darker colors. I can now choose and blend colors to get the major color, but smooth, not with all the detailed variation that you do.

    I'm still doing something wrong with the odorless mineral spirits (using Gamasol). I can't get smooth backgrounds, such as for sky. It is always blotchy, pigments seem to clump like curdled milk in coffee. When trying to color two adjacent colors (like your feathers on the hawk) the darker colors spread over and cover up the pale colors. The paler colors tend toward wax bloom with only a layer or two. I can't get details. The OMS blends and obscures the detail. I know you say more layers, but after 4 times with OMS my drawings look like block woodcuts rather than varied detail.

    So, while I have reached a point of frustration, as you can see–I can imagine something better that I just can't quite figure out–I hope this means I'm ready to break through to the next level soon!

    I hope that this may give you an idea of where I'd like some of your videos to go… I see the edges of my subject, but need a little more help seeing value, seeing color and shading, using OMS, and especially, slow down and explain the early part of your drawings in a bit more detail. How you choose the first colors and where to apply them. I feel like maybe my first pencil is the wrong choice and I'm sabotaging the work from the start somehow.

    Thanks! Your videos are wonderful.


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