White Colored pencils: Some ways to use it!

hello this is Karia again and I’m going
to talk to you about some of the things that you can do with this amazing white
pencil everybody always ask what do you do with the white colored pencil and
we’re going to talk today about some of the things that you can do with a white
colored pencil but before we get started I want to talk to you about the color
pencil as a medium just really briefly color pencil as a medium is generally
translucent it’s not extremely translucent but it is more translucent
to say like oil paints or something like that so that’s part of how you’re able
to layer the different colors and get special effects so with that in mind you
have some white pencils that are more opaque and some white pencils that are
more translucent than others probably the the most famous of the opaque white
pencils is the luminance white which is this white pencil I’m going to show you
how opaque that is you know when you compare that to one of the more
translucent white pencils which is the fiber castel weight and you’ll see them
next to each other and you can see the difference with the fiber castel of how
you can see more of the toned paper underneath it so I’ve laid out some
different white pencils and give you my opinion as to what they are the Crayola
which I decided was more translucent the soft core prismacolor premier which felt
definitely more opaque the fiber castell polychromos which is the one that I have
which is more translucent the luminance which is more opaque and the KO
corridors I have a hard time pronouncing that the corners Progresso solid I’ll
talk about this pencil very much can I use it but I do have it and at some
point I’ll do a review of it but anyway so there’s many ways that you can use
the white pencil one of my favorite ways to use the white pencil is to keep white
areas white and I’m going to show you what I mean by that so so what I did
here for this is I’d lay down just a little bit of the white pencil I use
the charanraj luminance and I just laid down a little bit of Karen – luminance
and then I worked around it and I just kept going back so as I did the other
layers I laid down the white layers so I just did that in concert with this other
layer and because this paper is not the whitest of white paper you can actually
see the difference and I can use that to my advantage because for some sections
of this I wanted this to be extra shiny and I wanted this to be less shiny so I
was able to create the Shine effect by having this be whiter than this which I
kept almost yellow in tone so you can use the white as a color and you can use
the white to just lay over and to keep white areas white so that’s one of the
the best things that I love to do with white so especially when you have
something like this this is supposed to be a gold egg so especially something
like this is supposed to be a gold egg it’s very easy to just keep going on
there and just keep adding that white pencil and maintain the whiteness of
this and so that’s one of the one of my favorite uses for the white pencil so is
to keep white areas white so we’re going to set this aside so then I can talk to
you about the next use of the white pencil and for the the keeping of the
white areas white I really I don’t think it really matters all that much if you
use a translucent or an opaque white but I do prefer to use the Karen docs
luminance for that and these run about three dollars and eighty cents a piece
on Dick Blick comm which seems expensive for an individual pencil but this you
know this holds a point for quite a while and you really do get you know all
of your money’s worth with with a single white pencil and I actually you know
have like four or five of these because I like to keep these around and make
sure that I always have one of these nearby so the other thing that you can
do with a white pencil and one of the things that a lot of people do with a
white pencil is they use a white pencil in lieu of a blender pencil and for this
you definitely want to have a more translucent white pencil
if you saw my video on dry blending methods you’ll see my opinion of using
white to blend is not I know you can use the white to blend but I personally
prefer the blender pencil but that’s a matter of personal opinion and you can
totally use the white to blend and in fact if you choose to use the white to
blend you can lighten areas and that’s another thing that you can do is you
know I’ve loaded you can do this with the more opaque whites but with
something with you know with a translucent weight like this you can use
it to blend but it does lighten up these these areas in a way that a blender
pencil doesn’t so you can use this to your advantage if you want to blend so
if you see for example using this is a specific blender pencil which has no
pigment on it and you see the difference between using that and using the white
but there are people who prefer to use the white as a blender pencil and there
are times when I use the white as a blender pencil too like I used it to
blend when I was doing the Steampunk coloring book because there was a lot of
steel and there was a you know it’s steampunk so there’s a lot of steel
there’s a lot of gear and there’s a lot of all sorts of other things so because
of that I ended up using the white to blend a lot because it gives it a more
metallic glow and I especially since I was using a lot of Gray’s because I
wanted to give it the more kind of that glow so anyway but back to using the
blender pencil and you can use you can mix the blender pencil and the white and
you see that when you mix both of them together it doesn’t light in it as much
but you can use a seegar advantage that’s another way of using the white is
if you have so I can talk about it here if you have created a space let’s say
you made this and you made this darker than you wanted it to be so you can use
the white to your advantage and if you go in like lightly with the light
pressure you can go in with the white and you can lighten what you’ve done so
that it’s not as dark as before so you can use that but this is you know you
have to proceed with caution and then the other thing that you can do to not
have it so to look so great is you can then go
back over with the color that you want to lighten again that you so that your
lightening it but you’re not you know having like a white shadow over it so
that’s one thing that you can do with this white and I’ll show you with the
different ways so also different brands of whites will produce different effects
so this is the coronor white so you’ll see that this you know depending on the
white pencil you you know you’ll get different effects so for example this
was not as this was not as strong like a white presence as say the Karen –
luminance produced here so you can use that to your advantage by trying
different whites and seeing how they’ll work on on your scrap sheet on your
piece of scrap paper so the other way that you can but what I what I do prefer
for lightning is I end up using a mix of erasing and the white pencil so let me
show you here so and so I end up I erase and I pulled out a little bit and I’ll
show you in one of the pictures that I have how how that works by using a mix
so I lighten that elope so I pulled out a little bit of color sorry I raised to
hello that’s baby Stewie who’s probably hungry again and then I went back in
with a little bit of weight just a really light dab of weight and then just
go back in with a color again and then you know maybe erase it once more and
then add the weight again and I’ll show you what effect that I was able to
produce doing that so I use this effect for something that I want it to not
necessarily have such a strong shine so that’s what I did here was the mix of
the erasing and the white color but that’s just some of the uses that you
have for the white pencil and you know different people will have
we’ll have more than you know we’ll have a lot of uses I know some people who use
who don’t even have blender pencils who use the white exclusively for blending
and you can see here that you know people will have their especially people
who are using weights for blending they’ll have their specific whites that
they prefer this is the Crayola white held on the machine this is the Crayola
white and you’ll see that day and you’ll see that it produces a different effect
then say the charanraj white or the fiber castel white so so that’s
something to keep in mind but I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you will
consider subscribing because I do have contests all the time as a matter of
fact right now I’m giving away a copy of the lost ocean buy join of Bransford so
subscribe and comment on that video for a chance to win but if you have any
questions or if there’s anything that you want to see let me know and I will
certainly do my best to get it to you but I hope you enjoyed this video and
have a great day bye


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