Why Enter the DDA Decorating and Design Competition?

hi I’m Laura Collins I’m Andrea Callum all know in 2017 I won two Design Awards I won kitchens over 50,000 this was the first time I applied for this competition I provided photos of the space the floor plan that I did for the clients and I had high-level budget information in 2017 it was the first time I applied for the awards and I was really tentative but I’m so glad I did it I went for it because I really wanted to test myself winning silver in the kitchen category has catapulted my business I wanted to be able to say that I was an award-winning designer sometimes it’s designers we need that affirmation it’s totally impacted positively my credibility with my suppliers customers and in the small community where I work [Music] it has reassured my existing clients and it has made me a lot more appealing to new ones now when planning a project I consider the awards right off the bat if you have an inkling that you’ve got a good project on your hands take a leap of faith and go for it [Music] you [Music]

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