Why These 3 Graphic Design Portfolios Are AWESOME!

today I have three awesome graphic
design portfolios for you to take a look at I’m going to explain exactly why
they’re so awesome so you can apply the same techniques and
the tips to your very important area of work so I suggest you take some notes or
bookmark today’s video if you want to really improve your graphic design
portfolio because let’s face it it might be the single most important thing to
you as a graphic designer and obtaining new clients will say the three design
failures are linked down below so the first portfolio today is by
design that dot works this is an awesome graph a design portfolio for many
different reasons but firstly notice the huge amount of negative space around the
main focal points this is the landing page as you can toggle over the next
project listed but negative space allows the design content to breathe and it’s
an easy way to add professionalism to your display of work over crowding your
designs and portfolio is going to turn off viewers less is in fact more so
taking a deeper look we can see contrast in the typefaces
with thick and thin typography which is another way to add sophistication to
your designs now totaling two the next section you
can see the same layout has been used as the previous one with objects the same
size and location as well as typography being the same too
and this is seen throughout this entire section of the portfolio I repetition
ties everything together neatly you can also see a vague faint design in the
negative space too which is a nice and clever touch now let’s take a dive into
one of the projects on this portfolio now the very top is a brief background
of the project and it’s displayed cleanly and neatly but I thought it
could be a little more thought-out to be honest but moving down this designer has
added a process of the design itself which solidifies a designer’s skills and
talents and it’s something I always do on my own portfolio of work you know
showing the process of a design as we scroll down some more you can again see
a running theme of repetition of design which simply makes the entire page look
awesome and professional design principles of layout negative space
contrasts etc all apply when designing your portfolio of work
now let’s check out one last project in this portfolio before heading to the
second one so again in this project the color purple has been used on the
landing page of the project but also into the actual project itself these
small details subconsciously reach viewers and they
tell the designers that lists in fact a professional portfolio of work so onto
the second graph example of earlier today which is created by Alex covin in
his landing page he’s made use of a very clever gimmick that sets him apart from
the rest he has three main skills in graphic
design coding and typography and he’s displayed these three skills in a clever
way he has three different hats for three
different mindsets and heads of design a gimmick like this is something very
different and memorable to the viewer moving into the portfolio itself that’s
again a great use of negative space much like the previous folio and also in the
bottom left you’ll notice a typography is neatly done and the same style is
carried out through an entire page the use of repetition went and correctly is
very effective indeed also there aspects of the design of each project which are
faint in the background adding a nice and a unique hatch now if we click onto one of these
projects we’re met with a neat display and a
brief description of the project everything is open plan so to speak and
it’s not crowded it’s very clean and very crisp also notice that there are
two key typefaces used one for headings and one firming body text which is
another key sign of a professional design you know just very uniform and
well made so lastly on this portfolio the style and the color is United
together with a kind of bold pastels use the routes now for your portfolio of
work have a set theme color in mind and also a style that represents your work
and then build your portfolio around that style and that theme the third and
the final portfolio today is built by Buffalo now right off the bat
notice how the toolbar at the top is nicely balanced with three buttons
either side of the logo that’s a very nice touch indeed now it’s again an
open-plan style of website which uses negative space if there’s one thing that
you should take away from today’s video it’s that less is more and design needs
room to breathe the designer has chosen to showcase their projects with knee
Texican thumbnails which is quite unique and a nice touch when you roll your
cursor over a thumbnail there is a different color and a layer which shares
a similar style throughout each one scrolling down is another amazing
technique for gaining jobs and instilling confidence in potential
clients and that is to have testimonials from previous clients this really helps
to solidify yourself as a successful designer and it’s something I have used
on my portfolio website too now let’s head into one of the projects
and just a quick note I personally feel it might be too cramped visually but
that’s just my personal taste and my opinion it stood in awesome portfolio
this design has utilized mock-ups and I suggest you do this for yours too
because it’s a very professional and high-end way to really express your
projects and your skills there are so many free and awesome mock-ups for you
to use online with just a quick Google search let’s take one last quick look at
this project and again he’s use mock-ups with a new description and layout for
the project itself so I hope you took some notes and I hope
you had some inspiration today looking at these different portfolios again the
link down description box below and if you want to see more videos on
portfolios or more videos like this just let me in the comment section below
subscribe to tutorial graphics for weekly graph design content and until
next time guys design your future today peace


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