Women Try Pole Dancing For The First Time

(title jingle) – I teach S Factor. On the surface S Factor is pole dancing but really it’s so much more. I teach women to uncover their full feminine expression through dance. – I think pole dancing is
for like sensual sexy women. I’m not that. I feel like I’m the pole. – It looks like a lotta fun and I just wanna have that kind of fun. – I am a confident person so
I’m not worried about that but I will be shocked if my ass actually gets off the ground. – I feel like we’re a fun group. I’m hoping for like a routine or something like in Mean Girls. – [Voiceover] I feel like the best way to explain what S Factor
is is just to show you. So I’m gonna dance for you. – [Voiceover] Yay! (flirty music with French lyrics) (applause) – So that was my dance. – [Voiceover] Uh, yeah. I connected with your
confidence and your strength. – It was clear that you
were feeling yourself. – [Voiceover] It was
just really emotional, like almost cathartic. – Now is the point in the class where I’m going to lead you
through an hour workout. When you see a woman push into her curves society has taught us,
“Uh oh, she’s seeking “some kind of attention.” But just because you’re acting
sexy and feeling sensual doesn’t mean that you want sex. Here is a space to give
your body the vocabulary to push into your femininity
and see what happens. So now that we’ve finished
our first workout, I’m gonna teach you
something called the S Walk. What we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna walk around in a circle. Let’s just start walking
at our normal gait. You’re gonna start to
slow that down by half. Cross one leg in front of the other. You start to feel this
natural sway out of your hips. Okay y’all, let’s take
this into our first trick. The firefly looks like this. – [Voiceover] Uh oh. – Okay. – You let gravity take
you all the way down. (laughs) Bend your knees ever so slightly and just let yourself go. Go! Yes! – I feel like I just turned into a wizard. – Then this is the most
important part, yeah? Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass. (laughs) (EDM music) – So from here? – [Voiceover] Come all the way up. – [Voiceover] Ass. Wait, no, there’s no ass in this one. – You need a little bit of ass. (laughs) Branson, you’re trying to avoid it. – Alright, well that’s class gals. (applause) They were so good. Tricks just start coming
out of their bodies. They just started having
so much fun in their dance. – I don’t always feel like my sexiest but in that moment I realized that everything about me is sexy. – My favorite part was reaching
that sexy part of myself and really believing it. – I did have a lot of fun. Pole dancing did not feel sexy for me. Although it was nice to get in touch with my feminine side. – I’ve never experienced tapping into my feminine sexuality in
just a feminine space. So that was really cool because it wasn’t like I was putting on
a show for a boyfriend, we’re all these women and
just getting primal and raw. (groovy music)


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