Word sketch – analyse collocations in a corpus

Hello, I’m Ondřej from Sktech Engine and in this video I will show you how to use the word sketch to analyse collocations in the Sketch Engine corpus query system Start by logging in and switch to the new
interface. Select a large corpus in the language
you’re interested in. Type a word and the word sketch will identify the most important (or strongest) collocates and will display them sorted by grammatical
relations. You can check the frequency of each one, the typicality score or sort them by frequency instead of typicality. You can also close the relations you do not
need to see, change the order of columns or focus on only one and hide the others. The phrase in black shows the most frequent representation of the collocation exactly as it appears in the corpus. Use the local menu to go to the concordance. This icon will open the concordance in a new
tab. This screen shows that the word sketch is not just statistics of the words appearing
before or after the keyword but can identify collocations correctly even if the collocate appears at a certain
distance. Use this menu to display collocations for
the whole phrase. Remove the collocate to go back to the original
word sketch. The last options takes you directly to the
thesaurus for the collocate. If your search word has more than one part
of speech, you can switch between them. You can also search for a phrase by including the keyword and its collocate and then either study the collocations or go to a concordance. Generating a concordance this way might be easier than using the advanced concordance
search. Use the top menu to change the search criteria
instead of starting a new search download the results change how you see the results access visualisations check the search criteria used for this search and save the search to your favourites for
easy access next time. To try Sketch Engine, register for a free
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  • Tahbert Nguyen

    Hi. I'm a big fan of Sketch Engine. I'm trying to find out a good tool to study Collocation. But I'm wonder which copora is the standard one for every English leaner ?


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