Workshop design thinker – Get out of the building

When running a design sprint to develop solutions to your users’ needs, in fact this is highly critical, this is to get out of the building. If you don’t get out of the building, it’s just an ideation workshop
but it is not design thinking. So why do you need to go out? In fact you need to talk to your users. You need to do it because from your office,
you will never understand what they are facing. You will fake it, but you will not get it. So you do it twice. You do it at the beginning during the observation
phase to understand their pain, what they need. And it enables you to define the critical need. And you do it again in the solution phase
when you want to test your solution and get the feedback, and to know what does
work for them and what needs to be improved. If you don’t do any interviews at
the beginning and testing at the end, your design sprint is just an ideation workshop and is not going to bring the value you are hoping.

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