World’s first hybrid touch-up system

from his earliest preschool many of us learn our colors with paint using brushes we paint with our fingers spraying paints create the fastest perfect finish the prevail touch-up technology the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s most economical disposable touch-up system the pre Val sprayer is proud to use its inventive imagination to design the vfan the world’s first paint touch-up system that sprays all colors with incredible precision delivering professional detail from 1/16 of an inch to a perfect three inch fan pattern finish each pressurized compressor can fit in your tool belt or be placed into our energy disbursement units creat valves vfan airbrush works great with our ultra light electric compressor as well as most shop compressors finally a touch up where you can match any custom color with ease just select your paint and use the V fan portable airbrush system every time you have a job whether you’re using any type of paint color or finish touching up shadowing fading feathering or simply resurfacing refining or restoring the vfan airbrush is the machine for you you

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