Xanthe the Space Girl • Custom Doll Tutorial

Hi I’m Barb and I’m Alex and we’re Enchanterium In today’s video we’ll be making Xanthe, as
a part of the Galaxy Glamour doll swap hosted by RetroDolls US. First, let’s start with the doll we received
from HU Dolls. There’s some cards, and sweeties, and Hanna
was kind enough to pick up some vegan treats for Alex as well! She included a doll stand, some shiny foil,
accessories for doll making, galaxy and space themed knick knacks, and the doll itself! She is absolutely gorgeous, and has this amazing
retro-but-futuristic, partially metal outfit that we love! She has a lot of details and is just beautiful. We love her! Thanks Hanna! We’ll be using a Monster High doll, Spectra
Vondergeist. Barb already removed her hair off screen so
I’m starting with cleaning her factory paint with acetone, cotton pads and q-tips. To reroot this doll I’m using Andromeda
Nylon from Retrodolls UK. I’m taking a small strand of hair, wrap
it up around my finger, thread the rerooting needle and then poke it to an existing hole
in the head. And repeat it a million times. After it’s done I’m pouring some heat
resistant glue and making sure it covers all the area inside the head, so the hair won’t
fall out. I leave it overnight for the glue to dry. Moving on to the faceup, I’m starting with
some peach and pink blushing on the cheekbones, eyes, forehead and lips. Then I’m switching to watercolour pencils
to make a sketch of eyes and eyebrows. After one layer of MSC and 30 minutes of waiting
I’m drawing the outline of the eyes and some basic shape of the eyebrows with a black
pencil. I decided to make her a smokey eye makeup
with a fade from purple to pink using chalk pastels. I’m drawing a bold cat eyeliner with a black
pencil and the eyebrows need a little bit more colour. At this point I decided to cover the inside
of the eye with white acrylic paint and draw the pupil again with a blue pencil. I didn’t want the brows to be too dark but
they needed some more detailing. When you’re not sure if the face is symmetrical
use a mirror or take a picture and flip it to see the face with a fresh eye. I couldn’t stop myself from making darker
brows so I added more black. At first I wanted her to have some vibrant
accents in fuchsia and I started to paint her lips in this colour but then I changed
my mind and painted them silver. She needs more sparkle on the eyeshadow area
and some silver decorations. I really like to paint tiny dots on the cheeks
to diversify a skin texture. As almost always I’m painting white lashes
next to black lashes and the face up is done! In a series of unfortunate events, a.k.a.
me getting frustrated at resawing this piece and redoing the pattern a million times, I’m
not going to show you how this bodysuit was made, but I’ll include a link to the pattern
in the description below. To make it lay flat on the doll I’m not adding
any closures, just sewing it shut on the doll. I like making my clothes removable, but this
time I sacrificed that for a better visual result. Next, I’m gonna make some accessories out
of iridescent pvc foil. You can’t see much on the original footage,
because the foil is transparent, so I’ll recreate it with some paper. The patterns for these are also included in
the link below. For the skirt, I’m simply threading the
belt through the panels that I cut out, starting with the short one, threading both of the
longer ones, and ending with the other short panel. Because the foil grabs onto itself, I’m
simply tying it through a hole in the belt. The shoes are a little bit more complicated
and require a bit of superglue to make. First, I’m making the heel part by threading
the respective tabs through the holes in the back of the shoe. I’m securing that with superglue. The straps are actually also the sole part
of the shoe. They go over the foot into the inside of the
shoe, under the foot to the other side, and out of the heel. The last strap just goes around the ankle
of the doll. I love the floating effect of the shoes and
they actually let the doll stand by herself! Let’s make her hair and accessories. First I’m removing the protecting cloth. We decided to decorate her hair with some
silver threads and beads. Using a needle, I’m going in from inside
the head and poking the thread through, since the reroot glue up was already done. We later added some beads to the thread as
well. Then I’m moving on to painting the gloves. I like their design but the colour doesn’t
match our doll so I’m painting them silver and black to look like mechanic hand. I’m going to make some earrings from this
iridescent foil. I cut these diamond shapes off screen and
now I’m glueing them to each other. They look a little bit plain so I’m adding
small rhinestones for more sparkle. The last step is to attach earrings to the
head with pins. They look like elven ears, right? I’m painting some more mechanical features
and making a collar from iridescent foil and the doll is finished! This is how she turned out! We had fun experimenting with this futuristic,
science fiction concept of a character. Xanthe is now in her new happy home with @aprilroseooak. Her name was actually chosen by one of our
followers in an instagram poll, so if you want to participate in such things, make sure
to follow us there too! Do you like science fiction? Or maybe you’re a fantasy fan? What type of dolls would you like to see in
the future, fantasy or sci-fi? Tell us in the comments down below! Make sure to Follow us on Instagram for some
sneak peaks and subscribe for future videos! Have an enchanted day, and we’ll see you next
time! Baii *excited in Polish*


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