Xcite Airmix® Spray Gun: The Cell Manager at Pellerin Milnor (USA) | SAMES KREMLIN

I’m Kirk Aymond, I’m a cell manager for the Pellerin Milnor corporation. We build commercial laundry equipment & we’re a worldwide provider of that type of commodity. We were introduced to the Kremlin equipment, which utilizes an automated mixturing and delivery system of liquid paints. And that has really brought us to a new level of painting in our facility. It has improved our efficiency tremendously, decreased our paint usage considerably as well. Also our quality has improved, whereas the paint is ensured to be mixed to the proper ratios between the catalyst and the base paints. We can just look at our paint finishes now
compared to what we were doing years back. You can see a consistency between all our paints. As mentioned, our efficiency has improved dramatically. We paint more than one color in two paint
booth systems we have. So our clean-up time between color changes has been drastically reduced. I have to give a lot of credit to SAMES KREMLIN for their efforts in this venture. The played a great role in helping us to achieve this.

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