Yinzers | Casual Sketch

[MUSIC]>>Live from Pittsburgh, it’s our first ever Kosh Family
Check In, where me and Woody, say hi, Woody.>>Love you guys. Go Steelers, whoo!>>Where me and Woody do a video
for our family, you guys. We thought it would be a good
way for us to keep in touch, keep you in the loop on what’s
happening, plus it’s fun.>>Even though you talk to your sisters every ten
minutes on the phone.>>My god, not my fault he
thinks high fiving his brother every six months is sufficient.>>You’re going to end
up Internet famous, like one of them Chewbacca Moms.>>My, god, how cute is she
though, laughing and stuff? But no baby,
that’s not what this is.>>[NOISE]
>>This is just for our family. First order of business,
my pierogi recipe.>>Whoa, hey, no! Absolutely not. No, that is a secret recipe,
and it stays secret.>>What are you talking about,
Woody? I got strep throat last week, I realize I’m not going to
be around forever, okay? I need to pass this
down to the family. So the recipe-
>>Missy, get down here.>>For the dough,
go ahead in a large mixing bowl->>Missy, your mom’s gone crazy.>>Combine that sour cream and
flour and butter, you know what I mean? Two whole eggs, and then the egg
yolks, two teaspoons of salt and olive oil. When you’re done, go ahead, and knead that mixture
into a soft dough.>>Aah!
[NOISE]>>Hey, Bev here. Which one of you dumbasses
down-thumbed our first video? That’s rude as hell, okay? And we got 7,000 views. We only got 42 people
in our family. And I’ve been hearing,
by the way, that it’s because Dora tackled
me over my pierogi recipe. These videos are for
our family only, okay? All you other jack-offs,
watch something else, okay? You want to go ahead and
down-thumb me? Down-thumb me to my face,
see what happens to you.>>Baby?>>I got you something.>>You got scratchers. Woody, baby,
I love you, thank you.>>I love you, too, baby.>>My, god. My, god, Woody, no.>>What’s that now?>>Woody, no,
we won on a scratcher. Wait, let me see
the instructions here. Match my pot of gold to there.>>You’ve gotta match
your pot of gold.>>And then, that’s a pot
of gold right there.>>Where’s your pot of gold?>>My, god, that’s $400.
>>What’s that?>>That’s $400!
>>I need a phone.>>$400,
you’re not getting a new phone. What are you talking about? We’re going big shopping! [LAUGH] See that? That’s a loop video
with my face in it. Make a video about
my weird laugh, you guys have a weird laugh. 50,000 subscribers? Go get a job. You’re such big fans of mine. Why don’t you come down here,
and help me with the chores? Okay, you know what? Family, this is going to be
a completely normal video. We’re not going to do anything
here that’s going to be cause for the local news to
keep calling me at night, asking me to laugh and shit. I ain’t a celebrity.>>Chewbacca Mom.>>Cool it, Woodrow! Perfectly normal video.>>Ma, the kitchen’s on fire.>>Like real fire, Miss?>>Kind of.
>>This day is getting better and better.>>I’ll grab the hose.>>Yeah,
don’t hurt yourself, babe.>>[SOUND]>>Jeez, Louise,
how did that even happen? What is this?>>I don’t know,
the oven’s on fire!>>What have you done?>>I didn’t do anything!>>[SOUND]>>Woody, honey,
shut down the camera.>>Yeah, yeah, yeah, you got it. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>22 years of marriage, and
that’s how you treat me.>>I said I was sorry, Bev. [NOISE]>>Now, you’re sorry. Now that we’ve got
9.3 million views, because of your weird dancing.>>What can I say? People love the Woody Wiggle.>>Jesus Christ, Woody. Now we’ve got people
calling the house, saying they want to sponsor us,
okay, sending us free shit. I can’t be a part of that,
all right? I don’t want to be a part
of some corporate machine. Okay, so immediate family only,
it’s the Koshes. We’ve got big news. We’re getting
an above ground pool!>>Splish splash, kids.>>Splish splash.>>Mom, Dad,
there’s a delivery guy here.>>Okay, babe,
just have your dad sign for it.>>Did you order this Youth?>>What was that?>>Hold on,
we’ve got a card here. Hope you guys mention us
on one of your Check Ins. We’re real big fans of yours. Youth, a registered trademark. No.
>>Uh-oh. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>It’s happened,
much to my dismay. We got famous, and we were
asked to come out to L.A. to be on a talk show. I don’t want to be famous,
I don’t like money, I’m a family values woman.>>You sure are, Bevy.>>I really am. But Hollywood is
persistent as hell. I said no, they said yes. I said no, they said, listen. Come on out, and
enjoy the sights. Have palm trees on our dime.>>We’re going to treat it like a timeshare,
you know what I mean?>>Exactly, babe.
We’re going to hear him out. We’re going to be polite, okay? We’re going to sleep in first
class, hang out at the hotel.>>Hit up Disneyland. Get wined and
dined on Hollywood’s dime, then back to the Burgh.>>Back to the Burgh, baby.>>Bevy, if we’re going to
make the airport by 9:00 PM, we’ve gotta leave by 6:00.>>What time is it now?>>It’s 11:00 AM.>>We should head on out then.>>Probably better to be
safe than sorry, yeah.>>[SOUND]>>Mom,
does the hotel have a pool? Mom? Dad? My, god, they left without me! Aah! I’m going to throw
the biggest party! You’ll be sorry!


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