You can now get 3D printed sculpture of yourself at this Kansas City shop

We’re at Doob 3D in Kansas City and we
take a 3D scan of people, pets, families, pretty much anything you can fit inside
the scanner behind me and then we create a file from that and we turn it into a
3D figurine. People will come in, they’ll scan their families. Maybe as a family
portrait. They’ll bring their kids in. maybe to capture that perfect moment.
during basketball or baseball or any sport like that.
We’ll have couples come in and get a wedding cake topper just to really
commemorate the day of their wedding. Pretty much anything you can fit in the
machine we can capture that moment. This is some handsome gentleman that I like
to call myself. So you can really see the detail here with the hair, with the
watch, the logo on the bowling ball itself and really our goal is to just
capture more action moments like this. You know sports they just give more
fervor than just a stationary pose. We’re going to step right over here. This is
really where the magic happens. This big tall 10-foot-wide, eight-foot-tall machine is what we like to call the Dooblicator. This is where we duplicate the moment.
We’ll come on inside here. There’s 66 individual cameras here and really the
bread and butter of the technology is all of the cameras fire at once and then
that file gets stitched together through photogrammetry. So I’m going to go right
here and I’m going to pose and I’m going to take my own photo. From the scan that we
just took of myself all sixty-six pictures will pop up here on the screen
and we will get to go through, double check, look over, you know, we can make
sure the hair looks right the smile looks right. These are our standard sizes
right here. We have four inches which is $95, six inches $195, eight inches is $295,
ten inches is $395,14 inches is $695. After we pick the scan that you like, we go
ahead and send that off. It takes about two and a half weeks to get it and then we give you a call. You can come into the store right here and you can pick up your
finished product.

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