You Look Like… Your Blood Type Is Trash

coming to you from the P&H cafe in
Memphis Tennessee you look like shirt I got off we got two comedians locked in a battle
of insults but the only rule is you got to start when you look like you like you
can find Waldo fashion you can find your daddy
you look like the spokesperson for IBS will take home the crown losers go to
the mirror are y’all ready to meet our contenders I’m Halloween a comic from Louisville
Kentucky black folks don’t prepare for like this
we take you head-on I know buddy’s off limits your mama your granny you your
uncle I see you like I don’t know I might let some folks have it tonight I’m
trying to make friends bangs Amanda Walker I’ve got 27 keys it
started out as 10 now there’s 27 I’ve got two possums and one right curtain
other raccoons name is Brandon he likes bananas
that’s know don’t pet him ready to start the first round Amanda looking like the
side the Frankenstein you ready to start this first round Holly I’m ready I’m
gonna looking like t.j.maxx Jennifer Hudson all right y’all ready let’s count
this tank down 3-1 you look like you’ve got a t-shirt with a dead relatives face
airbrush doughnut you look like a side you like you think
double dutch is three-way with European man you look like you eat cat food you
like you think Jim Crow is a bourbon you look like coyote ugly mixed with
Waffle House ugly you look you named your daughter bukkake and tell people
Swahili you look like you keep ringworms as pets you will like your bad and
douchey you look like your blood type is trash okay so y’all think Holly should
move on to the next round y’all make some noise but highlight alright but if
y’all think Amanda should walk into the next round
y’all make some noise and Amanda you’re walking into the mirror of shame you like you stole money from the
collection plate you like the black sheep in the white supremist family you
like your best joke is about being a teapot you like your two drinks away
from cirrhosis y’all thought their buzz round was crazy the second round by the
right on the wall my name is Stan Tolson I’ve been doing comedy for about three
years so I run a communist comedy show it’s weird because you always have to
win the audience a little bit like if you arguing with a Democrat it’s like
explaining to your 15 year old how to do algebra but arguing with like a
Republican is like trying to keep us three-year-old from Steven a fork out of
electrical socket well my name is Ozzie Jackson I’m from Houston Texas but I
live in little right now I’m god-fearing but I’m I feel like I’m gonna help
anyway so I just don’t really pay attention today I am semi-attractive I’m
Greg and dad and I will have sex like in the barter system kind of way to get
ahead or do get some tacos Rick into the second round
Ozzy would choke Wanda Sykes looking ready to stick around Stan would show
van full of candy looking I’m hot y’all go ahead and shake hands
all right let’s get the clock going in three you look like you hug before Ali
Tito prints on them you look like somebody made a terrible
mistake at the build-a-bear workshop you look like you the Vietnam vet and caught
PTSD look like your barber has one short leg you look like your toenails look
like oyster channels and Pringles you look like your pimp take CD T you look
like these print your butt cheeks it sounds like velcro ripping you look like
Willy Wonka in the crack package you look like a Little League coach who hits
the showers with the kids you look like if Rocky Horror was a spike Lee joint we look like you almost became a white
supremacist but you couldn’t finally get it you’re better than man let’s get down
to business so if y’all think I should go to the next round
y’all make some noise okay but if you think Stan should go to
the next round y’all make some noise graduation man I see when it looks like
you did good but not bad enough now you’re going to the mirror of shame
let’s do it shame shame shame shame I see he looked
like your name ain’t Toby it’s come to Conte
you look like you’re come inches you look like you have a dad that’s not too
proud of you you look like you don’t have come socks you have some stockings finally you ready for this final round
I’m ready thank you ready for this final round I’m ready
all right y’all shake hands all right let’s count it down y’all three two one
you look like you always ask for a manager you look like the manager I
always have to talk to you look like you make jerky not on purpose just because
you’re too lazy to put your food away look like the Grinch Stole Kwanzaa you
look like your prime 2 3 5 7 because those are the beats that you clap on you
look like once your boyfriend’s go black they turn right to you look like you
thought Don Rickles was a black disease look like when eat you good you take a
darkness you look like you thought parvo was a
dip you look like you shop it forever 39 you look right here the reason make
girls just wanna give up crazy zero in the job but somebody’s
going home with a crown on their head so if y’all think Stan should get that
crown y’all make some noise okay okay but if y’all think Holly should get the
crown make some noise or thought I’ve been an amazing crowd
tonight I’m so weary because you look like good night everybody you look like somebody threw up in the
kool-aid man you look like you crawled out of the thawing glacier you look like
the Mumford son they keep in the basement you look like you Huff Fox
you’re in


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  • Därk Søul

    The forst one like

  • princessxjanelle

    hi welcome to the comment section !

  • B3TR4Y41

    You look like you took the kids

  • Junrix Abad

    Yeah ! LOL ? ??Here

  • Peyton Bell

    This lady have every animal in the woods living in her house.

  • Haitianbelike

    Hey everyone how are guys doing

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  • CrazyLikeChris

    Teapot joke is funny

  • artamice harrison

    Heyy ppl

  • faiza sultana

    When did comments actually become. Not commenting about videos but a like grabber!?!!

    So odd ☺?

  • anes souadda

    this game is all about having a black and a white contestant

  • Da Kaos

    You look like your pimp takes ebt ?????

  • sydandtaytum

    in the first round, the white girls' disses were better cause they were more specific. the other girl seemed like she had come up with some generalized ones ahead of time

  • Jay Smith

    What is this? roast battle meets wild n out of the closet…

  • Ray Axelrod

    Lame…. she wasn’t that funny

  • Amir Sameer

    the white girl in the first round looks alcoholic, and sad

  • Anointed I.Q. aka Gnocchi

    Ooooooooh God lmfao

  • ItsRochelle

    This was all a mess ?

  • David Mays

    YOU know who is awesome, read the first word in this sentence.

  • dabgun

    Yo WTF… the white girl in round 1 should have won! The Crowd was louder bruh

  • Mr. Youtube

    Wild n out would kill them in a roast battle???

  • Faceless

    this be getting worse and worse each episode? which paradoxically means it's getting better and better?? …………..damn

  • Emmett Rego

    Nope. Mines B+

  • Tru 2 Thycelf

    How u gonna let em disrespect us like dat

  • TastyFanpop

    Omg Tut Weezy doing big boy things. I love that. Been a fan and a supporter since 2015

  • Vierel Thongni

    I think the white dude should've won.

  • WestWard Pomona Gyrl

    The white broad was funnier, Ozzy tf was he?? Aborigine,black,white,1/2 breed of what??‍♀️. Strange look’n trangender of sorts

  • Trey R

    That first chick is definitely single, surprised no one threw any cat jokes at her.

  • True Black Knight


  • Big Bam

    Ozzy got cheated

  • Jayeda Springs

    I thought the first white girl was low key too comfortable with the racist jokes…idk made me uncomfortable and wasnt funny to me.


    Is this getting big in USA ?
    If please stay there, no hate.

  • J.C. XPERT

    This show is trash ?

  • Blind Superman

    I told you the women would win every time. One,You can tell he held back he didn’t want the people to think he was racist. For two, he didn’t want to get disrespectful to her and he shouldn’t.

  • Tommy Spitz

    The black girl lost round 1 that was wack

  • Keith Hodges

    that isnt funny

  • RenaParatene Broughton

    I think the pakeha was better ??

  • Honeey Beez

    ???? it started off with Terry Crews and Kevin Hart WTF. And I found this ?????

  • James Morris

    I hate to sound racist but…they have all the winners wrong. You can clearly hear the crowd picking the white comics…smh

  • William Burke

    That first round was bullshit!

  • Anthony Jackson

    Yooooooooooo I watched every single episode and it look like this show is boooooty lol they not even funny yo. I’m tryna give this show a chance but it’s pretty wack ??

  • sarah

    Ozzy was nice!

  • rolando mota

    The champion wasn't funny .
    White guy and girl made laugh more

  • The k channel



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