YouDraw: How To Draw a Cat With Color Pencils

its Merrill and today I’m gonna teach you how to
draw cat using colored pencils so we’re going to start out by simply doing the head which is just a circle. Lets keep the shapes nice and
simple keep the shapes loose for the beginning and we can refine them later. For the body Im gonna do an oval simple basic shapes I might change this a little bit but for now im gonna make a little tail right over there once again, keep the shape simple We want the tail to be in the background The body is the shape of a jar. And from here we are going to add simple triangles to the original circle shapes. These triangles for the ears are about 1/5 of the size of the cats face We will keep doing this step by step and as we draw we will go from the
simple to the complex and now that we have the basic shapes in, we are gonna try to make them a little bit more complex There is a trapezoid that happens right over in here (between the eyes) and the cats eyes are gonna go on the
outer side of the trapezoid and the cats eyes are very oval shaped To have some great expression you need to observe cats or some great pictures of cats. Have fun and be creative. I’m trying to make sure that the two sides are symmetrical and so far, they are. Use the trapezoid to assist you. Cats don’t have eyebrows On the inside of the eye, there are ovals for the pupils. And for the nose; The nose is very triangular. it’s almost like home plate if you’re a baseball fan. And then we have to give shape to the nostrils. So let’s try to do the
same thing on the other side. The nostrils are a teardrop shape. My analogy will make sense with baseball plans. Let me make sure that the two sides are very symmetrical. For the mouth there’s a line that goes
straight down. and then there’s a triangle. I’m gonna make dots for the origins of the whiskers and now we have this region in here
filled in so let’s start to worry about the shape of the head and then we can go from there so I’m
gonna create a line up here right in between the ears and
it’s usually a soft line right over in here I’m gonna make the years a little bit
fuller when you draw me kitten around the ears are kinda
disproportional to the size of the head. If you want, make a kitten. there’s the kitty and again making sure everything is
symmetrical to put a collar on him if you want sometimes not symmetrical your choice For this step, dont make a straight line down the body. I decided to have the cat lean a bit (like its drunk) so the shoulders gonna come out and we’re gonna make a line for a paw
rate over in here know when you draw and um cat’s paws ’em the younger the cat the more
disproportional that it would seem to the size of the
body so we’re gonna give them some pretty big
paws I’m just filling in the shape Im gonna put the details in a little bit later and the other paw is going to be starting
right about here we’re going to have them close together other line goes right about here but even in size to make slight adjustments
if you want and I’m actually gonna have the body
stop here I’m just gonna start doing the texture
of for gonna make them a little fatter This cat seems to be pretty well
fed so as will make this guy little bit fatter.
Fatter is cuter I think. Dont you think? I decided that I’m just gonna actually go a
little bit further out is over here we’re gonna put another
paw. yes so it’s gonna abruptly stop right about here and can
have a little paw sticking out. Sorry if that confuse you
but I had to erase. and this will continue over here and the tail such move that up a little bit and move
this down here The cat tail is going to be higher right about there. and further back so it might seem a
little bit small for the body that’s okay alright so we have cat shape here let’s just do some simple
adjustments before we get into the colored pencil gonna do the kept fingers there may actually have 5 I mean the fifth one
is a little bit further up but almost like five fingers Cats have much cooler nails than us
though okay so this is a girl cat Lets refine the drawing. I am using a HB pencil. I’m gonna move it up a little bit more
it’ll make more sense once I start using the color pencils (colored pencil) um It is still okay to leave it loose at this point All I’m gonna do is
put in some random patterns for the fur. These shapes will help guide me when I use the Prismacolor pencils to add color. Male cats have more distinct pattern. Easy to see stripes. I think this is gonna be a female cat (girl cat)
I’m just doing guidelines whatever you do, make sure that
you do on the other side So whatever you put here going to try to do the same thing on the
other side. it’s okay if it doesn’t fully work that
way and let’s make a mirror image of that okay to keep these lines loose. Making these shapes are like taking notes. Think of it like leaving yourself notes for the shading later on. The prismacolor pencils will be fun. So now we’re gonna go extreme close up
on the cat and I can use these colors for the last part.
And the colors are black are I’m going to use the green is a
yellow-green yellow ochre, sap green its not the only Prismacolors colors Lake blue which kinda looks like a
tinted ultramarine blue a more a painter and the call great and
this is an awake but you know for the highlights of the I
so first let’s take a look and I think it’s very very dark in the com pupils the caps I am gonna go right in with the
black and I’m gonna fill in the ovals alright so those are I’m a pretty even on both sides now I’m gonna look at the
outside and I’m gonna make sure that these art symmetrical you want to have the shape of the eye
correct I’m gonna do the inside because there’s a different edge
on the inside than there is on the outside this is
really important when doing the cat eyes the color line the inside gets in on the outside you not gonna press Assad that’s not something that I learned in
school thats just observation when the most important skills you can
have as an artist arm okay so gonna go in with that blue gonna do a late hatching blue they relate XO down gonna go in with the green and again if you’re comparing the
pressures between the two home I’m pressing a lot harder with the black and I’m gonna go in with the graying start marking out those
high late areas and I could go back in are absolutely inside is done now gonna take my racer on I’m going or race
the lines around it just on top in right from the block gonna use some pink this colour is it’s called the Rose to prismacolor public pension colored pencil color same
thing on the third and I’m gonna use that same color on the
nose gonna go back in with that black but only in the nostril area fill in the nostrils with black make sure whatever you do on one side
you do the same thing on the other side and for the mouth going to race my pencil lines I’m gonna go straight down with the pink and this goes further out its gonna get
later and the area around the mouth is also a
little bit pink so the cats come get it the Joker thing going on might be an
easy way to remember it and I could go back in but that black okay are now going to start to put the color in and this is a little bit tricky at an
orange cat grown up so kinda want to get to be orange from
Canada mix on the colors orange and some altera this Sienna on earth Sienna if you will and I’m gonna start of appear actually
no I’m gonna start off by racing you don’t want to raise all the
way but you know just so that you can see and I’m gonna put some nice late lines
with those stripes were replace them in here just gonna mix this in this is gonna be
my main color: the yom Sienna brown gonna go in a little bit but the orange
but basically are in in brown and I’m going to go back in with the
gray color actually I’m gonna take warm grey 20 and go in the waiter areas in here as we don’t want it to be wait we wanted to be the late great so let me zoom out now we’re going to take a look at the
years can call rate in with the pink do some hatch in with the pink whatever I do 11 said I’m gonna do on
the im gonna use these too close together
orange and Sienna brown using warm grey 70 I’m gonna keep changing the edge that’s
one of the ways that you can make it seem like the cat is not
outlined I’m going to use this for the show. tone
color black is too dark I’m gonna put this
right on top the pink and together it’s gonna be can have a
reddish color degree in the pink and make it
look crimson life but you wanna make sure that you still
can see the pink on degree can be overpowering what you
merge those two together you getting a shadow color the years and if you notice I’m using this Sienna
brown over and over and over again so this colours going to be a little in
a little bit of everything it’s more that orange even knows and can use a move that Brown and I’m gonna put another layer think right on top in this cool grey 10 been uses a blend in colour up so for this drawing and the warm grey 70
is going to be a very important it’s a color that i’m
gonna use have to define not necessarily outline but to define we don’t want it to just
be a dark mark that in circles we wanted to come to blend in as well
anywhere that there’s a dark area so in the ears here are used to down
here in the neck on two separate at this bold up for arm that separates the head from the body if the cat arm also gon do indications love arm for on the edge but again we’re trying not
to outline we wanted to be connected and we wanted
to give it extra for but were not outlining we outline we
lose the effect as they get to the chest I am out well get my cat some chest hair there we
go i’m following the direction that the for does part in the middle and it sweeps out to I’m where at the Marquee asians for the stripes
were and you could leave this is a stylized point and I’m gonna take and the color that we were used in to
make the stripes and for so it’s not going to be a
perfect straight line you know what I’m gonna do now some can
fill in the rest to the stripes the edge for the for I’m gonna redefine I’m
not gonna make it straight anywhere that I like the lines that it
could I’m gonna keep them not going to change them but I’m going
for line quality here and the degree the warm grey seventy we
can do some real arm texturizing if that makes sense we can put the
individual Tom hairs in so that’s what I’m been in use for that and around at the head by putting some
love the yom the reddish color in around the neck neck to press very hard gonna do the
same thing down here national press too hard
because eventually I’m gonna put some white back in if you wanna darken it arm or a change the contrast you could use this gray 7d is well yes on strengthening these a straight
pipes on this said and on this service some people I know the gray 71st and then I’m gonna put the ASEAN a brown color to me the truth is always slowly
building up tones are until you’re satisfied you really
make sure the placement is rate if that’s not the change it and then you
slowly develop it anytime you rusher go to too quick soundbite things happen Tom want to talk to you but the
properties of color pencil and once you go down hard one to press
forward there’s little you can do you can go
over it with paint home you know if you really wanna make a
change but in terms that makes ability what you press down really hard arm you know it’s tough to make those
changes see gotta do some planning I suppose more planning than you would
I’m see if you painted but up you know you are able to be really
accurate with this medium so it has its pros and
it has its cons as does every artistic medium but Tom you know you choose the tools
that you think will help you and you you evolve your techniques with them and colored pencils definitely om a very fun
want to do my recommendation if you can invest in
the city’s definitely prismacolor arm you know but you know there’s other options out there
of course down but my set our pres McCullers arm %uh put a link in
the description i’m happy with them round the lake some
gonna do some shading here’s where it gets dark group put some additional stripes on
legs put some hints at the color here the richer aren’t a good hint it if I didn’t own it down this color would
be to braid the Sarge sounds like construction
worker orange no cat is construction worker orange just saying
so i tone it down with the graying gonna put some whiskers on the guy gonna
take it or the side are put the whiskers on last you know only after on pretty much done with the face when I’m doing with the black colored
pencils and outlined the whiskers color pencil black is the color of a
definition so if you really wanted to find
something to use black but you can also use those grays and I’m using a color babyish gonna be the year poor color for the cats I’m going to another layer beige on over this area here to tie it in and
also over here and over here me colored pencils
different than paint in that you do the mixing rate on the surface you have to have some knowledge up the materials up meaning that you
have to have used them before arm while I mean you have to use them
for first time of course but um the more you use them the more you
get to know their tendencies and you see I have some here that’s blended in in here some here that’s arm you know really separate I kinda
wanna go through both extremes this site and used more black on this
side I kinda want to redefine these are called prismacolor art 68 use
them to do some blending and you could also get some yeah nice strong color from them to legal right on top or they can go under I like using them on top P wanna latenan area you can do that up so many in the Highlands back in in some
areas me and I really like these for blend in go to redefine the lake a little bit
more also darken the stripe one give one more stroke so put a little
bit of gray in then I’m going to take the a burnt OCR color brown put it in discontinue this trip a little
bit more just for styling I am adding some ultramarine blue onto the right hand side that’s one of the cool things you could
do with colored pencils I’m putting kinda a reflection of the
sky into the side that into this side that is and just gives it a little bit more
depth experiment you have fun that’s what it’s
all about can you some red underneath the foot
here to create a shadow I’m gonna take that same blue and take the warm grey 7d I’m mixing the
three of them together your soft shadow go over with the blender can take the black try to redefine give the edges some for like texture
this for like a word again want those edges but we don’t want
outlines that’s where this blending tool comes in can try to add some more that blew in
here gunnery works it here’s a little bit so
from the age now I’m putting on the finishing touches little more blending redefined troublesome foot misses the point where we’re trying to
bring things forward to push it back wanna read to find some love the stripes but keep that blew in I’m liking the blue and we’re gonna call that done hope you
like this video if you did please hit the like button um also let
me know if you want me to do more videos in this format thank you for


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