Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens – Q&A

Hello and welcome. This is Jennifer McGuire.
Recently I have shared two videos that give a close look at the Zig Clean Color Real Brush
Pens and how to use them. Well I’ve gotten a lot of questions since putting out those
videos. So I thought I would do another that addresses some of those questions. Now if
you haven’t seen my first two videos I encourage you to watch those first before watching this
one. You can click here on this screen if you are on your computer. If you’re on a mobile
device you’ll have to click the links below in the YouTube description. Now on the left
is my first video. It gives some details about the Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens. What
their like and kind of how they work. On the right is my second video which gives six specific
ways to use the pens and it just shows you how versatile they are. Now in this video
I’m going to share additional information based on the questions that I have received.
So forgive me if the video is a little bit long and if it jumps around a bit. I just
want to make sure that everything is included. Since filming those last two videos I did
purchase all 80 of the Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens. Now you do not need all 80 pens,
by any means. A lot of these colors blend so easily that you can just have a few and
a few will go a long way. However, I wanted to get all of the colors so that I could do
a color comparison. Over on my blog I will have photos of all these ink charts here.
So you can kind of pick what colors you might want to try. Because you can buy these pens
individually or in sets. I’ll also have a download for this ink chart if you want to
create your own. Be sure to head to my blog. I’ll talk more about that later. Before we
move on to some specific detailed information. Let’s just review the basics quickly. These
pens are a water based dye ink. So they have a water based dye ink in it with a brush tip.
When you get the pens they are individually wrapped with a very tight wrapper. You can
barely see in here because it is so tight. It’s tricky to remove unless you do this trick
that I’m going to share here. You twist the cap to break the wrapper then you pull the
bottom half off and then the top half. Then that will save you a ton of time. Thespians
can be used with or without water. My little ink charts there the left hand column is the
marker without water and the right hand column is the marker with some water kind of blending
it out. So I can see how the color looks with or without water. What really sets these pens
apart from other watercolor markers is the tip. The tip is an actual brush. Many watercolor
markers say they have a brush tip but it’d kind of a firm point. This actually has bristles.
So I’m going to pull the tip apart here so you can see the bristles. So when you take
this to the paper you can go down lightly and have a very fine stroke. Or you can press
more firmly and get a broad stroke and I like that you can have the options. If you like
hand lettering these would be great for that. So keep in mind with your coloring. This is
a brush tip so it will feel different then other markers you have. I actually like it,
because I feel like I’m painting, but I have a lot of control over the color. There are
many other advantages to the brush tip. One is you can color on top of another color without
worrying about contaminating the tip of the marker, because it is a brush and you can
just kind of scribble the extra color off. So there I went over the red with a yellow
and was able to blend the colors together without water and I don’t have to worry about
damaging the tip. Now I am just putting the color down. I’m going to blend the two colors
with some water. So I like having the brush tip because you can quickly apply a lot of
color and you don’t see like the scribble lines. It goes down pretty solid. Then you
can blend it with water if you want to. Another advantage of the brush tip is you can do tip-to-tip
techniques. So I’m taking my yellow tip and touching it to the blue tip to pick up some
of that color. When I bring it to the paper it starts out green, the mix of the two colors,
and then I can fade back off into yellow. I will not damage the tip of my marker. With
some other markers that I have that are for watercolor you would damage the tip. So you
want to be careful with other markers, but with these you don’t have to worry about it.
You can also scribble the colors right onto a craft sheet or a piece of plastic. Mix them
together with water and create new colors. So that bold yellow and that bold blue I mix
together with some water to create these different shades here. You can also overlap the colors
right onto your paper. You don’t have to worry about it. Even if your paper is wet you can
take the brush tip to the paper at any time and you don’t have to worry about any kind
of damage. Now as I kind of play around a little bit more I did want to answer one question
that I was asked probably the most and that is if these pens were refillable. They are
not refillable. I did ask Zig. I did talk to a few different artists who have actually
been using these pens for a long time and using them often and they said they hadn’t
had the pens run out yet. So it seems like there’s a lot of ink in there and they will
last awhile. Another question that I keep hearing is about creating backgrounds. Can
you use these markers to create those gorgeous water backgrounds that are popular in card
making right now? Wanted to show you how easy it is with these pens. I’m just quickly scribbling
some color down on to some watercolor paper. You can see the brush tip in action there.
If you want these lines to be solid you could press down a little bot and go a little bit
slower. Now to blend this I’m just using a water brush, but you can use a brush with
water if you prefer. I’m just going back and forth and you can see how they blend very
effortlessly together. You can just go back and forth and you get a great blend. You could
use more water if you want more of a water colorey look, but when this dries it will
give you the look of a traditional water color background. But you have more control over
the color, because it’s in that pen form. So you can see the beautiful results you get
there. Here’s just another example. I put down some quick purple and a little bit of
pink next to it going back and forth here. If you want darker colors just put more color
down first and you could skip the water if you wanted to. You could also add tons of
water to this and splotches of water and mists of water to get really funky backgrounds,
which are popular in water coloring. So here I’m just going to take a water bottle and
just spray the living daylights out of this. So there’s lots of color in there. You can
see the watercolor kind of reacting with each other. When this dries you get a really kind
of fun background. So you can vary the amounts of water to get more of a water colorey look
if you want to. Another question that I’ve been getting a lot is the paper I use. As
I mentioned I always use watercolor paper with these pens because I think they blend
better on watercolor paper. Even if I’m not using water. Now you can get watercolor paper
anywhere. Even inexpensive watercolor paper would work. Throughout this video I use watercolor
paper on all of my examples except here I just wanted to show you on regular white card
stock. You can still get some blending without water on it, but I think the results are always
better on water color paper so that’s what I recommend. Many people also asked if you
can use the Zig Clean Color Real Brush Pens with the Dover Blender Pen. I wish I would
have included this in my first videos because it really works well. So Dove Blender Pen
is just like a clear ink that helps with blending. It’s refillable and very inexpensive. It works
with colored pencils and watercolor and it works great with these pens. So here I’m on
watercolor paper again. I just put down some color with my Real Brush Pen and now I’m using
my Dove Blender Pen to kind of fade it out. So if you want that faded blended look out
into a lighter color but don’t want to use water you can use the Dove Blender Pen. Remember
you can also use the brushes themselves to blend colors without water. Now, another thing
that you can do with the Dove Blender Pen is get super soft color. So here I just put
down a line of color and I can blend that out to be soft. So if you feel like you struggle
with using water with watercolor markers you can use the Dove Blender Pen and you have
a lot more control. The Dove Blender Pen will allow you to get softer colors. So here I’m
going to put down one line of red, one line of yellow blend it together with my blender
pen and you can get a softer orange color. If you would have used the marker fill of
that you would have had a more bold color. So yes these pens work really well with the
Dove Blender Pen. It’s nice to have yet another way of using these pens. Yet another product
that you can use to blend your markers is the Wink of Stella Shimmer Pen. I showed this
in one of my previous videos about these Real Brush markers, but I wanted to mention this
because I got a lot of questions. The Wink of Stella Shimmer pen is somewhat like a water
brush but it has a shimmery liquid inside that you can scribble on the top of anything
that you have made. You can also use it to blend your markers together because there’s
a liquid in there. You get beautiful shimmer. Now some people expressed concerned because
of eventually this liquid runs out. What I recommend is you unscrew the top, take off
the little black piece and refill it with some more water. That will revive any of the
shimmer that kind of settled in the pen and you can get a second life out of it. So you
can see there’s still plenty of shimmer there. Not as much as originally, but its a great
way to extend the life of this product. Okay so stamping. Many people asked if you can
use these Real Brush Pens for stamping. Like coloring the color on the stamp and stamping
with it. Now I wouldn’t really recommend this. I think you’ll get better results for stamping,
if you use an inkpad. However if you want to mix colors or get a different look, you
can use this. You’re not going to get a super solid result. You don’t with many watercolor
markers anyways, but you do get pretty good results. You can blend two colors together
this way. So here I’m going to scribble on a little bit of dark pink and then also scribble
on some yellow. Again since this is a brush tip I can overlap those colors without damaging
the tip. So I kind of let those colors overlap a bit. Now I’m going to stamp that again and
you can get that variation of color. Like that ombre look. Now, here’s a trick. If you
do want to stamp these images with this ink what you can do is take that Dove Blender
pen to scribble over it and it blends it together. Then you get really good results. I plan to
do a video on this in the future, because I think this is a great trick. When you stamp
with any kind of markers and it looks a little splotchy just use a Dove Blender pen over
it and that will help blend it and smooth it out so that you get solid results. But
yes the answer is you can use these brush tip pens for stamping, but keep in mind its
kind of hard to apply ink evenly with a brush tip on a stamp. Here I’m doing it with a details
sentiment stamp and it takes me a little bit of time, because I’m not really sure if I’m
doing a good job applying it. But it does work. When I stamp it I’m pleasantly surprised
to see that I get pretty good results. So if you do want to stamp with these it is possible.
So this brings me to the most difficult question of all. I’m going to have a hard time answering
this. That is how these Clean Color Real Brush markers compare to other markers out there.
The fact is they’re very different then other markers out there. It’s hard to compare.
It’s apples to oranges. This is the only real brush tip marker that I have found in a lot
of colors that I like. So I have watercolors I have Copic marker, but this is a different
ball game. I mean this is completely different so it’s hard to compare. But I am going to
give it my best shot here. One marker that a lot of people asked about is how does this
compare to Distress Markers. I really love Distress Markers. I like the kind of muted
tones of these markers. I like how well they blend with water. This is a Distress Marker
here. It’s got the bigger tip and then a fine tip. They work the same way with water on
watercolor paper. Very similar. In fact the two color pallets together would be very nice.
So if you have Distress Markers and you’re looking for something that you want to use
with water I think you’re set. You don’t really need the Clean Color Real Brush. However if
you want to blend them dry, like I’m doing here, you can see the Distress Markers don’t
blend without water as well as the Clean Color Real Brush, because they Distress Markers
were meant for other things. They were meant for unique techniques like you get with Distress
Inks. So it depends on what you’re looking for. I will still use my Distress Markers
often and I will still use my Clean Color Brush Real Brush. But if you are just looking
for a marker to use with water and you have the Distress Markers I think you’re set. But
again, the Real Brush Markers have that brush tip which set them apart. I wanted to show
you how Distress Markers stamp. These stamp pretty well also. You can also use the Dove
Blender Pen to kind of make the image more solid like I did with examples I showed you
earlier. You can also use two markers here. You don’t really damage the tip of these markers
when you touch two colors together. So you can get similar results for stamping with
these also. Now one thing that I wanted to say is some people talk about their Distress
Markers drying out very quickly. I can tell you that isn’t a problem if you do this. You
have to push the cap on really hard so you don’t see that black line along the bottom
of the cap. If you snap it on it will last a long time. Okay, so another watercolor marker
that I really like is the Spectrum Aqua marker. These are kind of newer. Now these feel like
they go on very similar to the Clean Color Real Brush Pens. This has a blunt tip. It
doesn’t have the brush tip once again. But you can blend these a little bit without water.
You can see that there’s a little bit of blending going on there. With water these blend beautifully.
I like these just like I like the Distress Markers. Now I usually don’t do tip to tip
with these, because worry about staining the tips, but you can do it by all means. You
can do it and scribble off the excess. I don’t think you get as good of results as picking
up another color ad you do with the Real Brush Pens, but you are able to do it. Again, these
blend beautifully with water. So I really like the Spectrum Aqua for watercolor techniques
also. But again it has the solid tip; it has actually this big tip and the fine tip on
the other end, which makes them very different then the Real Brush Markers that I’ve been
showing you. So that was a quick comparison, but basically in summary these markers can
give you similar water color results that you get from water color marker. It’s just
the pen itself is very different from other watercolor markers. It has that brush tip
and can be used without water too. So that makes it a little bit different. So in the
end I’m not sure. If you have watercolor markers and you’re happy with them, you may not need
these. Another question that I have been asked a lot is how the blending without water with
these markers compares to that of Copic Markers. Now Copic Markers are completely different.
It’s a different ball game and a different ball park in a different part of town. It’s
an amazing ball park, but it is very different. You can get good blending with these markers
with most of the colors without water. I wouldn’t say they replace Copics, but if you kind of
want that blended look of Copic, but are afraid to get into the Copic world these could be
fun for you to play with. I know that’s not exactly a straight forward answer but I hope
you believe that I’m trying my best to show you how these pens are similar and different
and hopefully you can decide what is best for you. Okay, now I just wanted to talk a
little bit about how I organize these pens and how I store them. I got questions about
that too. One thing that I have found extremely helpful is to put a little swatch of what
the color inside each marker looks like on the top of the pen cap itself. This is the
way I go about doing that. I scribble some of the color on watercolor paper and then
I add a little bit of water. So I have a little swatch of that color. Now I do this for all
the colors and I let them dry. Now the reason I’m adding these color swatches to the top
of my pens id because I grab these markers and I take them with me to baseball games
and to kids practices and such and I do coloring while I’m on the go. This way I can just see
the color right on top of the pen and now quickly what color it is I’m reaching for.
Once I have all of my little color swatches done I just take a little hole punch and just
punch a tiny little circle from this. Then I glue this on the top of the pen lid. You
could get little white stickers to do this but I wanted the color to be what it looks
like exactly on the paper I use. That watercolor paper that I always use. So I’m putting down
some Multi Medium. It’s a strong liquid adhesive. A little dot of that on the cap and then I
glue the little swatch on there. Then I let that dry. So I’ve done this for all of my
pens. Once that adhesive is dry I do go back and I do one more thing. Now remember these
marks you can use with or without water. So I want the sample on the top of the cap to
show what it looks like without the water and with the water. So on the left it’s what
it’s like with the water on the right it is the color that it is without the water. So
I have both of those colors shown on the top of each cap. I have found this very helpful.
It took some time, of course to do, but I’ve found it extremely helpful in kind of getting
use to the colors that each of these markers offer. Next I just wanted to talk about the
storage unit that I have my markers in. One of my readers told me about this piece a while
ago and I’m really happy that I got it. It’s a square unit with four compartments. If you’re
going to get all 80 pens this is a great container for all 80 pens. If you aren’t going to get
all 80, which I don’t recommend, you could also get a smaller container or you could
put other markers in here with it. The reason I like this container is I can slide my ink
swatches into it. Also I can pre-stamp a bunch of watercolor paper and slide that into it.
I can keep my water brush so that I’m ready to go with that. I can put my Wink of Stella
and then I can pick up my container and take it with me to baseball practice or dance class.
So that I have some coloring to do on the go. Now here’s the great thing about Zig Markers.
These Clean Color Real Brush Pens can be stored horizontally or vertically. So it’s totally
up to you. The company said that it doesn’t matter. I actually store these horizontally,
but when I take them to go I lift them up vertically. It’s nice that it really doesn’t
matter whatever storage option is best for you. If you’re only going to get a handful
of these, you could put these in one compartment in this container and some other markers in
another compartment and put them all together. Now one crazy thing I decided to do while
filming this what to put a coat of Glossy Accents on the top of each of my swatches
just to protect them and make sure they stay there. Kind of give it a finished look. I’m
glad I did this. It only took me a few minutes. I don’t know. Call me crazy, but I thought
it kind of looked cool. So now I have some dry Glossy Accents on top of each of my caps.
I really like having the colors on the caps. It really saves a lot of time. Now for the
last question that I’ve been asked quite a bit and it’s another tough one to answer.
And that is what colors I would suggest starting with. I mentioned you don’t need all of them.
You just need a handful, but this is a tough question. Because some people like bright
colors, some people like muted. So what I did is I put all 80 colors up on my blog so
you can compare and choose what you think you might like. I will list the ones that
I reach for often, but keep in mind I like bright colors. Now I do recommend getting
some super light colors. It’s unusual to have water col or pens to have light colors and
I love that, because you can do soft backgrounds or halos very easily without much effort.
So I recommend getting some of the light colors. Like that flesh color on the bottom is perfect
for skin tones. Now I will say that I really like the lights and the brights in this collection.
I really do. I struggle most with the browns, in finding a brown that I really am drawn
to all the time. You’ll notice there are quite a few here. Just pick one and I think you’re
probably good to go with the browns. There are also quite a few grays in this collection.
I would pick maybe a light and a dark and you would be good with that too. But again
it just depends on what you reach for often. Usually for brown colors I like to reach for
the Distress Markers because I find that there are great colors in the collection. You can
use these markers along with other markers that you already have. As I mentioned you
can get some of these markers in packs. There’s a 12 pack, 24, 36, 48 and 60. However there
are 80 markers available so if you want all of them you’re going to have to buy some individually
also. Now you could do the packs. The 12 pack is a pretty good one. Or you can just buy
these all individually and I’ll list some sources for that. So it’s totally up to you
how you try out these markers. You could always try out a few of them and see if you like
them. Again over on my blog I’ll have much more information for you including a download
of these ink swatches. All you have to do is print it onto watercolor paper. Add in
your colors, trim it down and you are good to go. So that’s it you’re questions answered
on the Clean Color Real Brush Pens. I hope you found this helpful. I’m sorry that it’s
a little bit longer I just wanted to make sure to squeeze everything in. If you have
any questions you can leave them below in my YouTube comment area or over at my blog
and I’ll be sure to answer them. If you’re interested in the products that I talk about
here they are linked to multiple sources in my YouTube description below. As always, be
sure to head over to my blog where I’ll have a whole lot more information for you. Thanks
so much for watching and I hope you’ll come back again soon.


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