Zoo Sketching with Aaron Blaise – Drawing Lions, Tigers and Bonobos

Hey, everybody, Aaron Blaise here, and I’m
with Prokopiko. And we are in… It’s Prokopiko. Prokopiko, no, we’ll go with that. No, start over, start over. Hey, everybody, welcome to Proko. My name is Stan Prokopenko. Oh *bleep* I’m with Aaron Blaise. Hey, how are you doing? We’re here at the San Diego Zoo. We’re gonna do some animal drawing, just have
some fun. And, Aaron, I actually have three ideas. Okay. So, first one, telephone. So we both start drawings… Like the old telephone game. Yeah, but it’s only two, two rounds. But we had to… So we swap, and then we finish each other’s
drawings. Okay, that sounds good. Option two, police sketches. I’ll describe an animal. You don’t know what I’m describing. Okay. And at the very end, I’m like, “And it has
a trunk.” And you’re like, “Oh, crap, I drew a penguin.” And now you gotta add a trunk to it, right? That’s pretty cool. So, okay, that one, and then the other one…you
animated “Pocahontas.” I did. So I can dress up as sexy Pocahontas, and
then you can draw me as Proko hot *beep* Okay let’s do that. We’ll do that one. That one sounds good. I like that one. All right. Yeah, that’s exactly… All right, now I gotta take a leak… Oh we’re
on camera. Hey, what’s up buddy? Look at that. He wants to eat us. Wow. No! I’m no Aaron Blaise. I can’t draw you moving. See, I like when they repeat like this because
then you can just keep…you wait until they come back, and then you get another little
piece of the drawing. Alright. Move on? Yeah. I can not do cats. That’s okay. What, you gonna draw this now? That’s an awesome pose, man. You can’t pass up this pose, and I know how
much you love drawing cats. I love cats. Nice. Get it? Yeah. Man, he’s such an… I love his… Aaron, what if I started telling everyone
that you animated “Lion King”? Don’t. Don’t. Look at this guy. Is that the snow leopard? No. The thing I think about when I’m drawing a
cat’s face. All right. I’ve never drawn a cat’s face. Oh, that’s gonna be good. All media… Let’s go over here. How do I… Be ready. Delete, delete, yes. A little anatomy lesson going on right here. Wait, hold on. Oh, yes. There, I’m all set up now. Oh, look at that, like it was nothing. Holy crap. All right, show me how to draw a cat’s face. Okay, all right. Okay, so, a cat’s skull comes down, and we
have the big cheekbones, big, big cheekbones that come out here. And the jaw comes up. Yeah, so, for… So, I think about what’s…well, I do think
about the cheekbones and the eye sockets and all that. Just, like, as a curve through there? Yeah, if you’re drawing a lion, lions tend
to be, if you looked at them in profile, tend to be here and a bit of a break here, as far as their
profile goes, like this. Oh, right. Other cats are… Dogs are more like this. These are parallel, so that’s a cat trait
right here. So, that’s one thing that… Yeah, it looks more aerodynamic, huh? Yeah, that’s one thing that makes a cat a
cat is that, and a dog is this. Like that, okay, so… My dog has no snout. Yes, exactly. He’s a shih tzu. It’s just… There she is. Oh, look. Oh, looking. Wait, where’s the meat? See that forehead she has? Yeah, it goes down. Snow leopards have a forehead, so they have
this break right here. That makes it more snow leopard. Like, if we did this, like, the silhouette
over… Yeah. That’s cool. You get that shape, the cheekbones coming
back, and then they’ve a lot of muscle right in there. Put the eye in. Right…you gotta make sure it stays right
about the bridge of the nose, coming in like that. Awesome. So, I’ve seen a cat’s head simplified like
this. Tell me if I’m wrong. I’ll make it really, really simple for people. Sure. You get a block, and then from here something
like that. And then is that a good three-dimensional
shape to think about? Somewhat. Mine looks more like a bear for some reason. Yeah, what happened… What did I do wrong? You have a little bit of a break, but it really
does have to… This is too low, huh? I was gonna say you don’t want, on the nose,
this kind of thing you’ve got. You’ve got this, and then coming up like that,
kind of break. Got it. You want it to come down like so. So, once again, I just think of this, and
then a little break, and then you just wanna make sure you get that kind of thing in three
dimensions. Pointed at me? What? What’s up, Aaron? How are you doing over here? All right. Look at his butt. I know. That’s great. I hope he stays there for a while. Oh, he’s done. Oh, there goes the pose. Well, that’s good. Yeah, Aaron, come here. I wanna get that eagle, too. They’re posing right now like crazy. Look at this. Are you kidding? Are you kidding? Oh my gosh, he’s showing the picture. That was so cute. Just knock down the glass. Oh, look, he’s trying to get you back. Oh my god. Look at that. She’s walking closer. She wants to see what we’re doing. Really? Yeah. She likes the beard, huh? Yeah, she’s interested. Wow, what a good job. Thank you. Is this Karen? That’s Karen. Oh, I’ll make sure to write that down. This is Karen. Okay, I’m gonna put this here, let her look
at that. 25 minutes or so? It was a long time. Yeah, she was sitting there forever just staring
at us. Yeah, she likes it. You know, she does some drawing. She draws? Yeah, she…we had another one, Janey, and
they used to give her chalk and things, like… That is amazing. …stuff to draw. So she’s just studying. Uh-huh, she’s saying, “Okay let me see if
I can draw them.” That’s great. Oh, man. That makes it so much better. That’s awesome. Karen. All right. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. You’re the policeman. I’m just a lost, innocent bystander to this
crime. Yeah, you just witnessed it. Yeah, I just witnessed this, and I don’t even
know what just happened. Let’s do this. Okay, well, it’s got a tail. It does have a tail? It does. Okay. There’s the tail. And I guess while you’re at it, it’s kind
of a round body. A round body? Yeah, it’s not a long, skinny body. It’s more of… So you’re talking like the trunk and rib? Yeah, the whole…the rib cage to belly area
is kinda round. It’s got a long face. You’re taking me down the road. Does it really have a long face or you’re
just leading me down a false path? No, it’s got a long face, for sure. We’re going from the body to the face. What’s connecting the body to the face? I don’t remember yet. And, actually, I’ve moved…I’ve put the head
way too close to the body but… Even for a horse. Yes, way too close, but that’s okay. Well, you’ve got the body right so far. So, yeah, it’s got, you know… It’s got the arms or scapulas? It’s got long legs like a horse. It does? Not…well, longer than a horse, longer legs
than a horse. Oh, I know what it is. If that’s the tail, and if it’s longer than
a horse…I gotta start over. No ,you don’t. You’re gonna have to make it work. I can’t fit it all in here. Just keep going. I’m gonna draw it right off the page then. Okay, yeah, that’s fine. Man, you know, I thought this was gonna be
funny. It’s sad. You drew exactly… Come on. Come on, man. I thought we were gonna get some Frankenstein. You threw it down. You drew the exact animal. It’s like… See, man. Hey, I do this for a living. Okay, it’s got a long neck. All right. I’m a pro. I’m all disappointed actually. Here you go. Thanks. Someone go arrest a giraffe. Yeah, right. Yeah, all right. Hey, let’s go draw some animals. Yeah, let’s… He’s not stressed. He just done have the insidious case of diarrhea. Going nyeeeahh Twisted my ankle. You scared the *beep* out of me. Overdramatic. I’m suing. Giraffes? Yeah, let’s do something we haven’t done yet. Well the giraffes are right there. Giraffes. They don’t like me. Every time I go up to one, it moves. Come on, are you kidding me? I pick the wrong one every time. Again. Oh, she’s coming back here. All right, let me draw you. Perfect, buddy, stay right there. That is exactly where I want you- nooo you little! Oh, see you later, alligator. Ah, see that? There’s your ending. There’s your pun right there for the end of
the show. I like it. What kind of dog is that?


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